Managing Millennials Will Coz 1 This era of

Managing Millennials Will Coz 1 This era of

Managing Millennials Will Coz 1 This era of healthcare reform and public demands for more transparent and patient centered care behooves healthcare leaders to strengthen its workforce -Llewellyn Piper, PhD, FACHE 2 What is a millenn ial?

Why shoul d you care? Anyone born betwee n 19811996 Current25% of workforce 2020-33% of Workforce How to manag e? generations-demographic-trends-populationand-workforce 3 er n Ge M ill o i t a

en ni Tr op hy K t x e N n h c E

al s 4 o B o id s r e om s Millennials vs. Generation X 5

Similarities to Generation X Desire for respect, flexibility, fairness, and ability to do interesting rewarding work. Technologically Advanced Techreliant Entering the workforce under severe global economic and political turmoil and Global view Different from Generation X Reliant on coaching, direction, and feedback Consistent Job Changes

Thrive in multicultural and diverse work environments Democratic and nonhierarchical work environment Fly up the ladder Leading Millennials 6 Trust, Transparency, and Ethics 7 Millennials were raised in a household or social culture that valued open dialoged, they expect to be closely informed.

Distribute written status reports on the team/division -Invite questions provide straight forward answers -Share information- both positive and negative about future conditions initiatives and activities -Distribute Material, such as budgets and reports -Seek feedback and help from staff members

Manage Expectations with any and all information disseminated World events have shaped millennials importance on Transparency and ethics Coaching and Mentoring 8 The word boss has proven to have negative connotations amongst the Millennials Boss Implies a set period of time, Mentor implies a long lasting professional relationship Millennials do not want Bosss they want Coaches

and Mentors Desire for coaches comes from; years of private tutoring, competitive sports, and numerous extra curricular activities Strength Based Leadership s 360 Degree Feedback 9 What is it? 360 Degree Feedback is a system in which employees receive confidential feedback from those who work around them Feedback from a nonsuperior can come across as more genuine and

actionable How to implement it Can it backfire? Technology 10 The technological world seamlessly intertwines with the physical one Technological advances can increase interest in overall work Deficient technology in the workplace can cause retention issues Find a way to integrate

social media and technology into the everyday work 3 Rs 11 Remember Remembering the small things can make a difference Come up with a system Reward Have physical and/or tangible rewards It is not enough to simply reward Recognize Once an individual is rewarded recognize it amongst the whole team

Steve Wolfe EVP of Ops & Admin at Addison The Next Generation 12 Generation Z What is in store for the next generation? Thought Leaders and Readings 13 Simon Sinek Llewellyn E. Piper PHD

Neil Howe Questions 14 Will Coz Branch Manager 617-426-6300 [email protected]

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