Welcome to Year 9 Information Evening t s

Welcome to Year 9 Information Evening t s

Welcome to Year 9 Information Evening t s e t a l e h s t e t t a d Ge p u , s s r

e w d ne n i h m g i e r Hil.l H d n a Carrday l o y r o eveSchoorlHillSch r a

C @ Results Andrew Waller Headteacher 2018 results highlights Maths improved by 6% to 68% and was very close to national average of 70% Science results showed massive improvement and 65% left with 2 sciences which is above national average 17 grade 9s in Biology, Chemistry, Physics RS improved by 13% and so 54% of students left with an RS GCSE Art, Computing, Photography, Textiles, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, PE results on or above national average at grade 4+ 100% pass rate in Dance, Performing Arts and Sport Ebacc (Maths, English, Science, MFL, Humanity) up from 9% to 20% at grade 4+ Girls pass rate nationally was 71%. We were 70% 2018 areas to work on We are still not where we need to be in English so our basics figure wont change much on 2017 History took a dip in 2018 after good results in 2017 as did Business Studies Boys need to do better overall but especially in English - so our P8 figure is not likely to change much on 2017!

The gender gap Carr Hill Maths (NA 71%) Carr Hill Language (NA 70%) Carr Hill Literature (NA 73%) English best Male 66% (69%) 47% (50%) 48% (50%) 55% (58%)

female 71% 66% 70% 71% Year 11 results vocational courses BTEC DMP L1-2 (Att8 Points) Name L2D* % L2D* - L2D L%2D* - L2M %L2D* - L2P % L2D* - L1D c%ohort BTEC Dance 30 40 90 100 100 BTEC Perf Arts

35.3 41.2 52.9 100 100 BTEC Sport 4.8 14.3 81 100 100 BTEC Workskills 0 0 0 100 100 Summary 17.2 24.1 60.3 100 100

OCR DMP L1-2 (Att8 Points) Name L2D* % iMedia OCR Engineering OCR Health & Social Summary 10 17 21 10 58 L2D* - L2D L%2D* - L2M %L2D* - L2P % L2D* - L1D L%2D* - L1ML2D* % - L1P c%ohort 0 7.7 53.8 100 100 100

100 0 0 0 0 20 20 60 0 0 4.3 30.4 56.5 78.3 100 0 2.4 19.5 48.8 65.9 78 95.1

13 5 23 41 Year 11 results reformed GCSE courses Name Art Biology Chemistry Computing English Language English Literature Food & Nutrition French Geography History Maths Music PE Full Course Photography Physics RS Full Course

Spanish Summary 9% 9 - 8 % 9 - 7 % 9 - 6 % 9 - 5 % 9 - 4 % 9 - 3 % 9 - 2 % 9 - 1 % Total Grades 8.3 12.5 25 29.2 45.8 79.2 95.8 100 100 24 6.8 16.9 32.2 61 79.6 96.6 93.5

98.4 98.4 59 8.5 13.5 32.2 50.8 79.6 93.2 93.5 96.8 96.8 59 0 4.5 13.6 22.7 36.4 63.6 86.4 90.9 95.5 22

1.6 3.2 9.7 22.6 37.6 55.4 82.8 94.1 97.3 186 1.6 4.9 12 20.2 40.4 57.9 77 90.7 97.8 183 0 7.7 15.4

23.1 23.1 23.1 69.2 84.6 100 13 0 4 8 26 46 60 80 96 100 50 5.3 8.8 14 29.8 36.8 56.1

73.7 87.7 98.2 57 1.9 7.5 16.8 23.4 31.8 40.2 55.1 72.9 91.6 107 2.7 7.5 12.9 28.5 46.8 68.3 80.6 89.8 96.2

186 0 0 0 0 33.3 66.7 100 100 100 3 25 46.4 71.4 85.7 89.3 92.9 96.4 100 100 28 9.1 18.2

36.4 54.5 90.9 100 100 100 100 11 13.6 22 37.3 57.6 83.1 94.9 98.3 98.3 98.3 59 1.7 5.6 14.4 25 37.8

52.8 73.3 91.7 97.8 180 8.7 13 26.1 39.1 47.8 56.5 78.3 87 95.7 23 3.8 8.6 17.6 30.7 46.9 63.1 79.8 91.2

97.1 1256 Year 11 Results unreformed courses GCSE A*-G (Att8 Points) Name A* % A* - A % A* - B % A* - C % A* - D % A* - E % cohort Business Studies 0 4.3 21.3 31.9 61.7 85.1 Chinese 100 100 100 100 100

100 Engineering 0 0 15.8 42.1 94.7 94.7 Resistant Mat 0 14.3 14.3 28.6 57.1 85.7 Russian 100 100 100 100 100 100 Textil es

11.1 22.2 44.4 88.9 100 100 Summary 3.6 8.3 23.8 41.7 73.8 89.3 47 1 19 7 1 9 84 High performers top 10

Grade 9 Grade 8 Grade 7 total JW (f) 8 2 10 JM (f) 6 3 9

AL (f) 5 2 2 9 MO (m) 4 4 1 9 LB (f)

3 2 3 8 HH (f) 4 1 3 8 NW (f) 2 3

4 9 AC (f) 1 4 5 10 AF (m) 2 3 3

8 JT (m) 2 3 2 7 GCSEs have begun The next three years are crucial Assessments will now be graded with GCSE grades and we have three years to focus on how to improve and get the best grades possible. It will take time to develop GCSE skills. We need to adopt a growth mindset. Aim for the highest grades possible. 10 hours extra learning per week

(every week) Resilience and grit Attendance above 96% Ingredients for success Behaviour for learning Looking after your physical and mental health Homework and classwork completed to best of ability I cant do Maths. Im rubbish at it. I only gotEveryone a grade 2 else

on my assessment. Theres is doing better than me. Im nojust wayno Illgood be able to reachI my target of a any at Biology. cant remember 5. Iofgive up Im Imgoing not going to try.

My teacher spends ateacher lot of time planning lessons it and Im finding to fail. this My Maths difficult. isown I need put Everyone learns at their pace. to

Its My teacher needs toabout give me more support because for me and marking my work. I need read always banging more on

time into how it. Im to going do better to speak I toto my his taking me a bit longer to get to my target Imwant not doing well in English. I need more extra classes

feedback carefully so I know how to improve. to beteacher able to to get find my out target how grade to improve now! and

Im grade that my friends, but thats okay. If I I after school and I need my teacher toget spend more need to attend all the extra support offered going to try really hard

to a 3 in my next keep trying hard, I will get there eventually. time withassessment. me helpingthe meget to to get better. Its my throughout year and not wait the last Ill that

5 if I keep I need to focus on this subject tountil gettrying better. teachers fault Im to notseek doing as well as I shouldinbe. minute help. Im struggling English, so I My teacher gives me loads of advice on how need to to improve

read oversomy spend if Inotes keep and doing whatmore she time on mysuggests, homework. I put effort in, I will get sheIfwill getmore me to my target up to mygrade. target grade. How much work? We recommend that Year 11 students spend a minimum of 10 hours per week on school

work. This should include homework, reading over notes and revising for assessments. Behaviour For Learning Consequences of not following instructions: Lesson Time: Stage 1 - Formal Warning Stage 2 Demerit & Move Stage 3 Time Out Break/Lunch: Detentions by Faculty or pastoral staff After school Pastoral Head detentions (Thursday till 3.50pm) Serious Defiance detentions (Tuesday Friday till 4.10pm) Headteachers Detention (Friday till 4.30pm)

Exclusion Internal exclusion from 8.55am till 4pm Fixed term exclusion out of school We want to all students to have access to a happy and safe learning environment where they can thrive to achieve great success in the future. Homework policy 3 pieces of homework missed in a week - mentor will contact home STAGE ONE - 6 homework demerits. Homework report with mentors STAGE TWO - 9 homework demerits. Homework report with Miss Coulthard. Parents attend school for a meeting. Compulsory attendance at Homework Club for one week. STAGE THREE - 16 homework demeritsHomework report with Ms Allan. Parents attend school for a meeting. Compulsory attendance at Homework Club for two weeks. STAGE FOUR - 22 homework demerits Homework report with Mr Waller. Parents attend school for meeting.

Compulsory attendance at Homework Club. Show my Homework Show my Homework Using Chrome access the Carr Hill Website and at the bottom under Useful Links click Show my Homework Click here Log in Click here Click here - Use the Red Office 365 button to log in DO NOT USE THIS SECTION TO LOGIN USE THE ABOVE RED OFFICE 365 BUTTON

Log in with their full school email address and password They now have access to their account on Show My Homework You can also track student homework through an app on your phone. GCSEPod A fantastic new resource Revision in short bursts Accessible via PCs, tablets and smart phones revision on-the-go Can be used to consolidate learning after each topic Can be used to examine topics not yet covered to get ahead of the game Can be used alongside other revision techniques to boost progress and

performance. English Kathryn Gardner Assistant Head of Faculty English There are actually two qualifications: GCSE English Language (AQA) GCSE English Literature (AQA) ALL pupils at Carr Hill will follow a joint programme of study in Y10/Y11 and the vast majority will be entered for both qualifications at the end of two years. They are exam only no coursework or controlled assessments. This reliance on exam performance combined with a higher level of challenge across both specifications means that we must utilise Year 9 to prepare pupils for the demands of the course. Preparing Y9 for the challenges ahead Y9 schemes of work have been re written to follow the same pattern as Y10 schemes. This combines literature and language teaching so that pupils see all skills as transferrable. We are studying texts such as, Of Mice and Men in Y9. As a former GCSE text, this provides a good foundation and challenge. The text is used to

teach both language analyse and literature skills. In addition, pupils will study a range of associated non-fiction materials to embed understand of the social, historical and cultural influences. This will enable further preparation for GCSE English Language Paper 2 assessment objectives. Assessments will be carried out in the same conditions as Y10 assessments. For example, as we are working towards closed book examinations, pupils will have to learn quotes and not be able to use a plan. They will of course, be guided step by step so that they can accomplish this. Y9 will become very familiar with the exam assessment criteria for both language and literature. By the time they get to Y10, they will have a good understanding of different assessment objectives and what skills and techniques are required. Pupils will be expected to identify assessment objectives and foci just by reading the wording of the question Pupils will be encouraged to work far more independently- both in class and for homework. There is an additional spoken language component that will be listed on students certificates. To prepare for this, a range of spoken language activities will be threaded through English lessons in Y9. Mathematics James Myers Assistant Head of Faculty

Mathematics in Year 9 Algebra, number, ratio, geometry and statistics building on the work in year 8. Learn the skills to enable problem solving. Each fortnight, one lesson will be used for students to spend time preparing a revision sheet before completing a knowledge check. Differentiated target classwork and homework will be given to students from these results. If a student still appears to have gaps in knowledge they will be asked to attend intervention at lunch or after school to catch them up immediately. The revision sheets will be returned to students each year before the relevant topic for revision. How can parents/carers help? Be positive Encourage your child to be positive Encourage your child to be resilient

Encourage your child to ask for help Ensure your child has the correct equipment for lessons Reminders Your Maths book should be backed. On your desks should be: Your pens: Blue/Black, Red and Purple. Maths Book (backed). Planner. Calculator. Geometry Equipment: Ruler, Compass and Protractor. At the start of each lesson: Rule off from the previous lesson. Always write cwk and the date and underline both. What is Mathswatch? Mathswatch For all students, you need to log on to vle.mathswatch.com

Login details for Isaac Newton would be: The password is numbers User name: [email protected] To watch a video: Click video Select GCSE Search for the clip number Select the one you want to watch What support is available? Their classroom teacher (at the appropriate time). Tuesday and Thursday lunchtime room 4. The Maths office. Their mentor. Web based resources.

Revision Guides Revision Guides - 3.00 Workbook and Answers - 4.00 Exam Practice Workbook - 3.00 Targeted Grade 9 Exam Practice Workbook - 3.00 Maths Buster and Mock Exam Papers - 8.00 Maths Tutor and Exam Practice Book - 6.50 All available to buy from the Maths office. Revision Guides Extra-Curricular Activities Maths Club (Wednesday Lunch Time) Science

Cathy North Head of Science In Science lessons students will: Do practical work where possible. Extend and develop Maths skills so will need a calculator. Meet new words that they will have to remember the meanings of. Explore the 10 Big ideas about Science through investigation and research. Experience the kind of questions found in AQA GCSEs. Over the year student will: Work on a rota system- to ensure expert teachers for each subject- 12 lessons per subject- 3 rota cycles per year. Undertake Assessment by Test and AWL (Assessment Without Levels) task- allows student to reach higher grades. Undertake work that will be tested on GCSE (so dont lose your books- you need them next year). Will be assessed throughout the year for the ability to undertake Triple Examinations in Year 11 (separate Biology, Chemistry and Physics). Use Moodle to find out how well they are doing and use Intervention sheets to improve their work.

Triple Biology Trilogy Science Enrichment Activities Faraday Challenge STEM clubs Looking after your health and wellbeing Work hard, but do the things you love too. Get involved with activities in and out of school Get some exercise Eat healthily Talk to someone if you need help Be kind to each other Parents please monitor social media accounts to help us prevent cyber bullying

Parents please contact your son/daughters mentor if you have any concerns at all. They are your fist port of call for all school issues.

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