Ethical and Moral Leadership in the Military Saving

Ethical and Moral Leadership in the Military Saving

Ethical and Moral Leadership in the Military Saving Private Ryan Case Study Part 1 From the Beachhead to

the Village Leadership Authority and Responsibility Were the Orders by Capt Miller:

Ethical? Within the Limits of Authority? Related to Military Duty? Clear and Unequivocal? Received and Understood?

Article 1 of the Geneva Convention states: Persons taking no active part in hostilities, including members of armed forces who have laid down their arms and those placed hors de combat by sickness, wounds, detention, or any other cause, shall in all circumstances be treated humanely, without any adverse distinction founded on race, color, religion or faith, sex, birth or wealth, or any other similar criteria.

The Law of Armed Conflict states: NONCOMBATANTS -- These people include medical personnel, chaplains, POWs, wounded and sick, shipwrecked, parachutists escaping disabled aircraft, and civilians. NONCOMBATANTS are NOT legal targets. A noncombatant poses no military threat to us. Therefore, there is no military necessity (principle I) in targeting them.

Explain the math of this one to me whats the sense of risking the lives of the eight of us for just one guy? -- Pvt. Reiban Military Priorities

1st Mission 2nd Higher HQ 3rd Collateral Units

4th Unit Welfare 5th Individuals 6th Yourself 7th To Act Decisively 8th -- Community Mission vs. People Capt Miller (in response to Pvt. Reiban): Theres a duty as soldiers. We

have orders, we have to follow them and that supersedes everything else. A Leaders Decision: for the People or for the Mission Group Egoism (to group) -- acts are judged according to

a. whether their consequences are beneficial or harmful for the entire group (family, tribe, nation) to which they belong. Under any form of egoism, the costs and benefits to others, outside of the group, or the leader are given subordinate status or are ignored entirely. b. Deontological (to duty) -- comes from the Greek word deon, or duty, since it emphasizes foundational duties or obligations. A moral obligation that a person has towards

another person. Duties are actions that are due to someone else, such as paying money that one owes to a creditor. Right vs. Right -- Right vs. Wrong Many of the decisions made in combat are made on the basis of consequencesweighing the costs and benefits of various alternatives. -- Dr. Larry Hinman

Part 2 From the Village to the Glider The decent thing to do?

Military Priorities

Mission Higher HQ Collateral Units Unit Welfare Individuals Yourself To Act Decisively Community

A Leaders Rationalization Capt Miller: When one of your men is killed, you tell yourself it happened to save the lives of 2, 3, 10 maybe 100 othersWeve lost 94 menIve saved the lives of maybe 10 times that. Thats how simple it isthats how you rationalize b/w mission and the man. 1st Sgt. Horvath: Sir, sometimes the mission is the

man! Capt Miller: Well, this Ryan better be worth ithe better go home and cure some disease or invent a longer lasting light bulb or something. Chaplain (Col.) Maloneys 3 Ethical Pressures Faced by Military Professionals 1) Rule-Oriented

2) Goal-Oriented 3) Situation-Oriented Part 3 Moving out from the Glider to the Decision at Balancing Considerations

An Unnecessary Risk? To The Mission? To The People? Balancing Considerations Sir, are you gonna let them kill him? Sir, this isnt right!

Cpl. Upham Balancing Considerations An added twist with the decision: we later see the freed soldier returns to fight against them again Balancing Considerations

Disobeying Orders/ Dissention When do you fire on your fellow soldier? Summary Officers Provide Sanity Check

Leadership Authority and Responsibility Principle, Purpose, People Blind Obedience is Dangerous Illegal, Immoral, Unethical Orders Dissention/Disobeying Orders The End does not Always Justify the Means Ethical Pressures

Balancing Considerations Right vs. Right or Right vs. Wrong APPENDIX OF CHARACTERS

Captain Miller Private Ryan Sergeant Horvath Private Reiban Private Jackson

Medic Wade Corporal Upham Private Melish Private Caparzo

Captain John Miller Actor: Tom Hanks Private James F. Ryan Actor: Matt Damon Sergeant First Class Horvath Actor: Tom Sizemore

Private Reiban Actor: Ed Burns Threatens to walk away from mission after letting the POW go. Private Jackson Actor: Barry Pepper

Competent Sniper T/4 Medic Wade Actor: Giovanni Ribisi Killed in attack on radar station Corporal Upham Actor: Jeremy Davies

Private Melish Actor: Adam Goldberg Private Caparzo Actor: Vin Diesel Killed by sniper in the village trying to save the girl.

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