Nano Product Preview March 2009 the applause.. This

Nano Product Preview March 2009 the applause..  This

Nano Product Preview March 2009 the applause.. This is a fantastic effort - Dr. Norbert Reithofer, Chairman, BMW This is a spacious car, Not really a small car This is really fantastic. This is what we should try and achieve - Tadashi Arashima, President & CEO, Toyota Motors, Europe NV/SA - Carlos Ghosn, CEO- Renault- Nissan This is a benchmark kind of model. You Indians always make us think We like this car - Jean Todt, CEO- Ferrari - Rick Wagoner, CEO- General Motors Tata nano humble beginnings..

the gap.. the brief.. Vision Safe & Comfortable means of transport for the masses. Low cost products can be effectively designed and developed in India Low cost is a universal challenge Product Brief Cost of Acquisition Rs 1 Lakh To carry four Adults Intracity transport Weather proof Comply all Indian Safety Norms the drawing board.. The proposal A Promise is a Promise The product Tata

nano ready..? Tata nano engineering lectures Highlights.. Stylish looks Mono volume design Powertrain at rear Rear wheel drive Roomy passenger compartment Best in class leg space and head room Comfortably seats four persons Minimum weight in its class High fuel efficiency Meets all safety regulations Environment friendly - Low on emissions (CO2 <= 110gms/km) mechanical engineering.. Engine, Clutch

Nano is a rear engine rear wheel drive car This layout helps in having maximum passenger space in smaller overall vehicle dimensions This layout also helps in reducing NVH at driver seat All Aluminium Two-cylinder 624 cc Gasoline unit Making it light weight and high performance engine Max Power of [email protected] Max Torque of [email protected] Combined with the low weight gives a benchmark power to weight ratio of 0.058 which is more than any entry level car CLUTCH Hydraulic clutch system for reduced effort Zero vibration Pedal mechanical engineering.. Transmission, Suspension

TRANSMISSION: Gear Box 4 forward speed & 1 reverse All forward gears are synchro-mesh for smooth gear engagement. Cable operated Gear Shift for smooth gear shifting The gear ratios are a perfect combination of city and highway driving Gear ratios: 1st gear: 3.45 2nd: 1.95 3rd: 1.26 4th: 0.838 reverse: 3.08 Gear 1st10 2nd Speed (km/h) 20-30 Gear Speed (km/h) 3rd 30-50 4th50-70 SUSPENSION

Suspension is assembly of spring & damper mounted between body & axle to control vertical vehicle oscillations Absorb road shocks & give comfort (Ride quality) Safe maneuvering (handling quality) Nano rides on Mc pherson strut at front and semi-trailing arm susp. at rear. mechanical engineering.. Brakes/ Performance BRAKES Braking is through drum brakes at front & rear. Parallel split, vacuum (booster) assisted hydraulic brake system. PERFORMANCE Acceleration 0-60 km/h 8 seconds Emissions BS III/ BS II Top Speed 105 km/h the competition? Tata Nano Maruti 800

Alto 2 cylinder in line , 624 cc 3 cylinder inline, 796 cc 3 cylinder inline, 796 cc Petrol MPFI BS-III, II Petrol MPFI BS-III, II Petrol MPFI BS-III, II 35 PS @ 5500 rpm 37 PS @ 5000 rpm 47 ps @ 6200 rpm 59 Nm at 2500 rpm 62 Nm @ 3000 rpm Engine Engine type

Max Engine Output Max Torque Output 48 Nm @ 3000 RPM Transmission Drive Rear-wheel drive Front-wheel drive Front-wheel drive Gearbox 4+R-speed manual 4+R-speed manual 4+R-speed manual Front McPherson strut (Gas filled) & coil spring McPherson strut (Gas McPherson Strut with filled) & coil spring torsion type roll control device

Rear Coil spring with gas filled shock absorbers Coil spring with gas Coil spring gas filled shock filled shock absorbers absorbers with three link rigid axle and isolated trailing arms Suspension mechanical engineering.. Wheels & Tyres Specification Front : 135/70 R12 Pressure Front :26 psi Spare tyre Front : 135/70 R12 Rear : 155/65R12

Rear: 28 psi These specifications ensure optimum vehicle performance Incase of a flat tyre following instructions and caution must be strictly followed: - It is recommended to drive vehicle with spare tyre at a speed limit of 40-60 km/hr - Drive cautiously while running on spare wheel, especially on sharp turns on ghat - It is recommended to replace the spare tyre with standard tyre at the nearest service service station the competition? Tata Nano Maruti 800 Alto Steering type Mechanical rack & Pinion Mechanical rack & Pinion Mechanical rack & Pinion Turning circle diameter (m)

8.0 8.8 9.2m Tubeless tyres Front: 135/70 R12 Rear: 155/65 R12 Front & rear: 145/70 R12 Front & rear:145 / Front & Rear: 4B x 12 Front & Rear: 4B x 12 STEERING WHEELS & TYRES Tyres Wheel Rims

80 R12 Nano - Lowest Turning Circle diameter- Best in class maneuverability electronic engineering.. MPFI - multi point fuel injection system. ECU - with an internal state of the art EPROM (erasable programmable read only memory) MAPS are Stored after extensive road / dynamometer trials. SENSORS with a a state of the art 32 bit microprocessor. Manifold absolute pressure sensor Air temperature sensor Lambda (oxygen) sensor Throttle position sensor Engine rpm / TDC sensor Vehicle speed sensor Coolant temp. sensor @ the filling station.. 26psi 28psi electronics fuel.. Total capacity of the fuel tank is 15 litres. Each bar indicates 2 Litres of

fuel. E starts blinking when 3 Litres remain in the tank For the safety of the power train, the fuel gets cutoff at 5600rpm at each gear and thus urges the driver to move to a higher gear if he keeps on revving the car in the same gear at high rpm The fuel also gets cut off when speed touched 105 kmph with temp indicator lamp glowing. E: Empty F: Full Customer need to fill fuel when 2 LEDs are glowing When all the LEDs are off, then E starts blinking indicating immediate attention by Customer for fuel filling Battery Checking : 1. Open circuit voltage of fully charged battery : 12.4 to 13.2V 2. Specific gravity of fully charged battery 1.24 +/-0.1 3. Electrolyte level is above specified Min level. The battery need to be checked once in a year at authorized workshop Kindly use only following genuine oils, coolants , lubricants , anti rust & sound deadening coats, windscreen sealant, branded by TATA motors for optimum performance of your car... Engine

Specification Company & Brand Qty Engine Oil SAE 15W40 API-SJ or higher grade Castrol Castrol GTX compact 15W40 API SJ 2.2L Coolant (50:50) Antifreeze agent+ soft water Class 2 Non Amino base/ JIS K2234 Sunstar: Golden cruiser premium 1400 NA HPCL- HP Kool gard P CASTROL- Control long life coolant BASF- Glysantin G3742 Henkel- Frostox SF D-12 IOC- Servo Kool Blue 2L w/0

HVAC 3.6L with HVAC Transaxle EP80 IOCL 1.2L Brake Fluid IS 8654, DOT3 HPCL- Super duty brake fluid DOT-3 CASTROL- Universal Brake Fluid DOT-3 As Req. Antirust treatment & sound deadning DINITROL- Dinitrol, 3M- 3M, WUERTH- Wuerth ---

Wind Screen Sealant WUERTH- Wuerth, 3M-3M, CAR SYSTEM --- Tata nano starring the three leads are nano In BS II and BS III nano CX In BS II and BS III nano LX In BS III features Nano Nano CX Plus - - BS II/ BS III compliant HVAC

3 colour options Metallic Option Seats with slider and recliner New Central Fascia Spoiler Grey bumpers & ORVM Tinted Glasses 2 Tone Door Trims Front Seats with Slider and Recliner

2 Tone Seats Vacuum Booster Parcel Shelf AB Pillar Trims High end headliner features Nano LX Plus - Central Locking Front Power Window Body Colour Bumpers Fog Lamps (Front & Rear) NA in M800

NA in M800 and Alto NA in M800 and Alto NA in M800 and Alto Antiglare IRVM NA in M800 Seats with Fabric 3 Spoke Steering Wheel Floor Console Instr Cluster w Trip-meter Double Stalk Combi-switch

NA in M800 and Alto Tip-tap Body Colour ORVM NA in M800 and Alto Roof Beading Co-driver Lock Gear Shifter Knob Long Reflector Head Lamp Moulded Door Trim NA in M800 and Alto

Tata nano Art design ore m 21% 00 , 8 r i e t t aru hor s M 8% han t e ac p s io r r e t

in Monovolume design Rear engine Wheels at corners the competition? Tata nano Maruti 800 Alto Overall Length 3099 mm 3335 mm 3495 mm Max Width 1495 mm :Over Body, 1440 mm 1620mm: Over ORVM 1475 mm Overall Height

1652 mm 1405 mm 1460 mm Wheelbase 2230 mm 2175 mm 2360 mm Ground Clearance 180 mm 170 mm 160 mm Kerb weight 600 Kg 655 Kg 720 735 Kg

PASSENGER CAPACITY 1 Driver + 3 passengers 1 Driver + 3 passengers 1 Driver + 4 passengers DIMENSIONS WEIGHT front. Large headlamps are set high with turn indicators on top of head lamp unit. They give nano a distinct identity Wraparound bumper which is painted in body colour and houses fog lamps As you stand in the front of the car, the first thing you notice is the sloping bonnet with a spine running in the middle. The Tata Logo sits proudly in the centre of the bonnet in the middle

nano side profile has been called egg shaped This gives tall stance to nano with ample space inside Standing on the side of the car, you can see the mono-volume design with wheels set at four corners. This shape gives very generous passenger compartment with lot of head room and legroom side. Body coloured door handles a touch of class to nano exteriors Front quarter glass adds to overall feel of roominess in the nano Outer rearview mirrors are stylish and placed for easy visibility of traffic following you. Large & wide opening doors help in easy ingress egress fro all passengers

The scoop on the body not only adds to unique style of nano, it helps providing air to cool the engine Another unique style feature is Style-in-steel wheels. The wheels look like alloy wheels and give very sporty look to nano. back. The high mount stop lamp adds to safety At the rear, tall headlamps remind you of Tata Indica, another very successful car from Tata Motors The reflector (brake light /Fog lamp) aids in visibility during night and bad weather The Tata logo sits on the rear section. Unlike conventional hatchbacks, there is no tailgate on nano The engine is mounted at the rear and drives rear wheels Another first on nano is central exhaust the biggies!!!

INNOVATIVE 34 listed PATENTS LIGHT Minimum weight in its class EFFICIENT Delighting fuel efficiency 23.6 kmpl by ARAI SAFE (Meets all Safety regulations) Full Frontal Crash Roof Crush (Roll Over) Side door intrusion for doors etc.

Tata Nano design is also package protected for European safety tests like offset frontal & side impact. GREEN BS III compliant, emissions much less than the requirements FAST Top Speed 105 kmph POWERFUL Gradeability 30% the competition? Nano Nano CX Nano LX Bumpers Grey Grey Wiper 2 speed

Steering wheel w/o wheel covers ORVM Maruti 800 Std Maruti Alto 800 AC Alto LX Alto LXi Body Grey Coloured Grey Grey Grey Body

colour 2 speed 3 speed 3 speed 3 speed 3 speed 3 speed 3 speed Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Yes Yes Black Black Body coloured Black Black Black Black Body Colour EXTERIORS

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