What we do, why we do it, and

What we do, why we do it, and

What we do, why we do it, and how you can help Ashley King www.StreamTeam.net StreamTeam Program The StreamTeam is a volunteer based stream restoration program of Clark Public Utilities

Native trees not only provide wildlife habitat and improve our air but also protect our drinking water! www.StreamTeam.net Volunteer Driven Program

900,000 trees planted since 1992 400+ acres restored 15 miles of stream restored 10,000+ feet of stream bank stabilized 300+ private landowners assisted 1000 team members annually AmeriCorps

80+ events every year 1000 volunteers Where do we work? Salmon Creek Watershed

89 square miles in Clark County Land use: Rural Residential Forest Commercial Industrial

East Fork of the Lewis River www.StreamTeam.net Why Restore Streams? Water is important! www.StreamTeam.net

Why Restore Streams? Water is important! www.StreamTeam.net How do trees help salmon?

www.StreamTeam.net Benefits of Living Trees

Protect air quality Cool stream Roots hold soil in place Provide habitat Slow run off

Filter pollutants And many more! www.StreamTeam.net Benefits of Downed Trees

Create in stream fish habitat Slow water flow Protect stream bank

Protect fish Provide nutrients And many more! www.StreamTeam.net How Can You Help? Join volunteers as we bring salmon back to

Salmon Creek! Native Tree Planting Plant trees that shade the water and control erosion! www.StreamTeam.net

Native Tree Potting Help us get ready for next years planting season! www.StreamTeam.net Maintenance Fight the invasives and nurture the

native plants! www.StreamTeam.net Surveying and Treating Knotweed 17

Monitoring Monitor water quality, tree survival, and wildlife! www.StreamTeam.net Environmental Education

Engage the future with fun activities! www.StreamTeam.net Stream Stewards Program Learn more about our local environment through FREE professional level workshops www.StreamTeam.net

Stream Stewards Program Topics include: Hydrology Geology Wildlife

Mammals Birds Reptiles

Amphibians Salmon and other fishes Macro Invertebrates Water Quality Restoration Native Plants www.StreamTeam.net

Make a Difference Day Earth Day Celebration! Great for Families! www.StreamTeam.net

Community Support Business Support Photo Credit: M. Blackstock Working with the StreamTeam is one of the best employee engagement events we do all

year at Corwin. It ties to our company Core Value of Community as well as the values of our employees. What was intended as a onetime activity to honor our companys 70th anniversary has turned into an annual event for our employees and their families that they all look forward [to]. - Heidi Schultz, Corwin

Photo Credit: R. Kepple Vice President, Administration Photo Credit: R. Kepple Photo Credit: I. Phillipsen

www.StreamTeam.net Upcoming StreamTeam Events! Potting Trees: Saturdays, Mar 4 and Mar 18 Prepare trees for next years planting season! Garlic Mustard Pulls: Saturdays, Mar 11 and May 13

Sunday, March 26 Help remove this pesky invasive weed from Salmon Creek! Earth Day: Saturday, April 22 Plant trees or host a table at the EcoFair! www.StreamTeam.net

And With Your Help www.StreamTeam.net We Can Bring Salmon Back to Salmon Creek! Join the Team! For more information:

Ashley King StreamTeam Coordinator (360) 992-8585 [email protected] www.StreamTeam.net

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