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NorthShore University HealthSystem Highland Park Hospital Adolescent & Young Adult Inpatient Psychiatric Center February 2017 Michelle D. Vance MSN Clinical Nurse Manager NorthShore University HealthSystem (NorthShore) is a comprehensive, fully intergrated, healthcare delivery system that serves the greater North Shore & Illinois communities. NorthShore is committed to earning the loyalty of those who come to us for care and those who play a role in providing that care. Service Values which include: Exceptional Care

Service, Supportive Workplace Interactions and Professional Work Ethic, define the behaviors that each employee demonstrates with co-workers, patients & families, Physicians, and visitors Our program goal is to provide the highest quality of psychiatric care with an excellent therapeutic experience for every adolescent, young adult and their families. - 12 bed crisis stabilization unit - 600+ admissions annually with a LOS of 5.25 days - 12-18 years= Adolescent program - 18-24 years= Young Adult Program - Major insurances contracted Medicaid only for 21-24 year olds

Patients are admitted from the emergency department, as direct admits, and as transfers from within the NorthShore Healthcare System or outside systems. The ACCESS Center assists with triage for admission to the inpatient unit. ADMISSION CRITERIA: Primary diagnosis: such as Major Depression, Bipolar, Psychosis Patient is unable to maintain safety due to the psychiatric condition despite the use of available less intensive levels of care The patient requires continuous skilled psychiatric observation and intervention on a 24-hour basis as a part of treatment The patients condition allows for participation in the facilitys program There is expectation for reasonable improvement in the current condition as a result of inpatient treatment Patient must be admitted by a attending psychiatrist

Evidence Based Treatment - Strategic crisis stabilization counseling - Structured group programming within a CBT/DBT framework - Defined programming 10 hours a day - Skills based curriculum matrixed to daily individualized outcomes - Shared decision making framework - Safe and therapeutic milieu for corrective emotional and social interactions - Multi-disciplinary therapy collaboration for integrated treatment delivery and discharge transition. Therapy Modalities - Animal Assisted Therapy through Rainbow - Art Therapy by licensed art therapists

- Yoga by a LCSW, certified yoga instructor Who We Are - Three board certified psychiatrists, NorthShore Medical group, provide daily patient sessions with family dialogues, medication efficacy & interdisciplinary treatment team rounding. - Two licensed-certified Social Workers provide three family sessions to facilitate a balanced re-entry & recovery process. - An IL State Licensed Educator provides daily supervised study & collaborations with home schools to facilitate academic currency and supported transitions. - All NorthShore hospitals are twice Magnet certified, through the ANA, which maintains excellence in nursing care, transformational leadership, evidence based practice and

shared decision making. - Masters prepared counselors implement a strategic curriculum applied to individual outcome sessions daily. - A Utilization Review nurse coordinates inpatient & outpatient resources for the patient & care management collaboration with the team. Patient Satisfaction Discharge Survey for each patient through McLean Hospital Quarterly results with 90% of the items in the 90th percentile

Common patient comments: Ive had the best experience receiving help & care by wonderful staff & patients here in this unit. Thank you so much for all the help I need to move on with my life & I really appreciate it! I am ready to move forward with my life, This has helped me learn skills & feel more confident going into the world again. Hope one day I can touch lives like all of you have touched mine Helped me a tremendous amount. Never felt so together & in touch with myself. Needed Treatment Resources 1.

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Inpatient psychiatric beds for patients less than 12 year old on the spectrum & active medical care needs Child & adolescent psychiatrists Trained family therapists Specific outpatient services for trauma impact & process impaired patients and their families

Programs for enhancing social skills for patients with specificant anxiety or spectrum disorders Programs for families with patients who have serious behavioral issues Programs for young adults-failure to launch- addressing their specific challenges In-state Residential (locked) Programs NorthShore Outpatient Resources in Lake County Deerfield Behavioral Health Adolescent & Young Adult PHPs & IOPs Psychiatric and Counseling Evaluations & Therapies Highland Park Hospital -Psychiatric and Counseling Evaluations & Therapies Gurnee Ambulatory Care Center

-Psychiatric and Counseling Evaluations & Therapies Contacts Michelle D. Vance, MSN 847.480.3986 -Clinical Nurse Manager, 2W-HPH Benjamin Shain, MD, PhD 847.400.8441 -Medical Director Adolescent Psychiatry Marcella Bicoff. LCSW 847.400.8438

-Outpatient Program Manager at Deerfield Appointments & information: Access Center 847.570.2500

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