SmartPlant Instrumentation - SPI LTUF

SmartPlant Instrumentation - SPI LTUF

SmartPlant Instrumentation Roadmap SPI 2016 Houston SPI LTUF Guy Masin, SmartPlant Instrumentation Product Owner November 17, 2015 Process, Power & Marine Division 2015. Intergraph Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Agenda SPI v2016

Integration Query Builder / EDE Project / As Build (PAB) UDF / UDT Editor SPI v2016 R1

SPI v2018 Integration Enhanced To-Do List (E-TDL), business drives and benefits Improve the readability of retrieved information Enhanced Functionality and user experience Enhanced To-Do List Design Document List Yellow - Create

Color Coded Green - Update Double Click Document List P&IDs Enhanced To-Do List Design P&ID Navigation Floated tab

P&IDs Enhanced To-Do List Design TDL Layout Task properties EDE Actions Drag & Drop for adding a column Enhanced To-Do List Design Inactive Tasks Completed

Deferred Delete Ignored Inactive Tasks Restore Publish Documents User Experience improvements The old UI had a specific un-customizable wizard Need to determine which document

types to publish Choosing for each of the chosen document types which documents to publish Very limited scroll area for selecting the document for publish Publish Documents User Experience improvements

The Old Wizard is replace by a single flexible search window Free search + highlight Any customized query can be used Incl. all UDFs (document, revision) All document types

Publish Documents User Experience improvements Define the EDEs Document type upon Creation Publish Document type Publish Cable to S3D via SPF OOTB SPI S3D Cable integration

Auto-route Instrumentation and Control (I&C) cables in S3D. Improve the design accuracy by retrieve the routed cable length and path from the S3D model. Harmonization - similar to SPEL S3D integration but for I&C cables Updated information in the Cable properties Visible but un-editable in the EDE Inter Company Collaboration (ICC) Phase II Extension to current supported ICC1 supporting Publish / Retrieve capabilities of As Build information by.

The functionality extension consists of: Enable Projects to be integrated with SPF Publish and Compare is supported (not able to retrieve data) on project level Query Builder & Engineering Data Editor (EDE) Query Builder, business drives and benefits Allows users to create instantly flexible queries within SPI Knowledge of SPI is required but not data model Simple to use and provides engineering and design context

Replace the need for 3rd party tools as Infomaker etc Query Builder - main screen Relationship definition Sort Type Selection Browser Columns Item Properties

Query Builder Data Preview Floating Preview SPI main window Query Builder SQL Editor View Only EDE Open Has Reporting/ Filtering /Sorting capabilities SQL Editor nly O

Create a NewViSQL ew Of for SQL Actions Import a PSR/SQL Con vert Covert to an editable EDE using the QB. User will need to relate each item type couple 18 Out of the Box (OOTB) Queries

SPI 2016 will contain OOTB queries based on the previous delivered browsers. These Queires will be accessable in QBF format from the installation foltder as well. Installation Folder Reference Explorer Query Builder & Engineering Data Editor (EDE) Engineering Data Editor, business drives and benefits Improve usability Ease of use

Intuitive, no need for training (like MS Excel) Enhanced Functionality Engineering Data Editor Main Windows Search Cross Column Filter Layout History EDEExplorer Actions EDE

Click to add column Double Click to open Click to open report Engineering Data Editor Layout Control Float window Column Filter Edit the EDE Definition Grouped EDE

Engineering Data Editor Compare User has the ability to compare between any two EDE revisions (Does not have to be the SAME EDE) Current to previous Mark Changes Report Delta Report between 2 different EDEs Engineering Data Editor - Default view Setting My I.I EDE to be a specific users default EDE.

Each time the user will click on the EDE module button, this EDE and its view actions will be opened . Note: If no default is selected, only the EDE explorer will be opened Engineering Data Editor - Expression The Expression command in the EDE Action pane. Create your Expression column

Exp. Projects/ As Build Project / As Build, Business drives and benefits Improve visibility of the scoped when claiming or merging Part of SPI (not Admin) to get most of SPI tasks benefits as reports like ESL etc Improve the robustness of supported workflows Recommending to view the following Webinar Harmonize the process with the below operations Claim Merge Remove the constraint of multi users operations when data is claimed or merged Predictability

Project To-Do List Graphic view Domain Explorer Scope Table view Scope Tree view UDF/UDT Editor UDF / UDT Editor, Business drives and benefits

Harmonize the definitions of UDF* / UDT captions across the domain Allow to build custom select lists Expose the use of select list for UDF fields for EDE use * Caution not yet supporting Specs UDF UDF/UDT Editor Admin SPI UDT

Admin Admin UDF Query EDE Admin Builder SPI Fisher Interface The SPI-Fisher interface was updated: A new Fisher specification sheet will be introduced (Spec # 90). New Fisher compatible links have been updated.

DDP support SPI v2016 R1 Tentatively scheduled for 4Q2016 / 1Q2017 Master Tag Registry (MTR) - phase I support ESL fully converted to Disconnected Workshare (overhaul- previous Import Project) Expose Web Services to support vendor integration as well as SmartPlant Enterprise Portal (SPEP) SmartPlant Explorers (SPEx) Replacement Other Syste m

SPI Vendor Interface - Phase 1 Issue for purchase Refine Spec information Required mods Compare / validate device

selection SPI Mail with related URL Receive / populate relevant PD & piping connection info Preliminary Spec sheet creation

Send notification with available Specs (tags) ready for sizing (1) Pushing the sizing / selection to SPI TdL (to-do-list) Vendor RESTful API

Receive notification (1) Pulling / Retrieving the relevant preliminary Specs data from SPI (2) Sizing Push Instruments (tags) ready after sizing (3)

OK Pushing the relevant tags information to SPI (3) SPI - Next Major Release Introduce replacement technology to Infomaker forms for: Flexible Process Data module functionality Control Logic Diagram Engineering dashboard

Discontinue INtools 6 INtools version 6 and versions before that will be discontinued by December 31, 2015 The software will no longer be in delivery from the product center order desk after that date. Reasoning is the technical platform is no longer available for these versions & very low usages Support can help with any upgrade questions/services Contact support or product Center if you have an questions or concerns 01/16/2020 34

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