SmartPrim: Critical Thinking

SmartPrim: Critical Thinking

SmartPrim: Critical Thinking Presented by B. W. Duldt-Battey, Ph.D., R.N. 02/09/20 B.W.Duldt-Battey 1 Critical Thinking Describing Phenomena Defining Concepts

Logic Argumentation Dissemination Implementation 02/09/20 Persuasion: A Leader without followers is not a leader. B.W.Duldt-Battey Reasoning Speaking

Writing Influence 2 Role of Faculty Preparing Leaders for this new century. Leaders identify needs, change. Leaders use logic. Leaders persuade followers. Leaders have an influence. Leaders make a difference.

02/09/20 B.W.Duldt-Battey 3 Defining Concepts Dictionary Derivation Synonym

Antonym Operational Scope Exceptions Accomplishment 02/09/20 Metaphor Analogies Authority Quotes Set of Elements

B.W.Duldt-Battey Static Process Theories Research 4 02/09/20 B.W.Duldt-Battey 5 Defining, continued Level of Abstraction Level of

Measurement 02/09/20 Nominal Ordinal Interval Ratio B.W.Duldt-Battey 6 Logical forms Disjunctive either A or B

Conjunctive both A and B Conditional if A, then B (causal) 02/09/20 B.W.Duldt-Battey 7 Correlational Forms Direct ^ A, ^ B v A, v B ~ A, ~ B

Inverse 02/09/20 ^ A, v B or v A, ^ B B.W.Duldt-Battey 8 Deterministic Forms 02/09/20 Given conditions C1Cn, if A, then B B.W.Duldt-Battey 9

Probabilities Form Given conditions C1Cn, if A, then B With probability of X 02/09/20 B.W.Duldt-Battey 10 Relationship Between Concepts Theories Research

Statements of hypothesis Principles A system of relationship statements Relates two or more concepts Law 02/09/20 Structure of arguments & debate B.W.Duldt-Battey

11 Structure of Paper Introduction Body Purpose & Position statement Outline of body Three supporting aspects Counter-argument & rebuttal Conclusion

02/09/20 B.W.Duldt-Battey 12 Evaluation of Paper Conceptual vs. Position paper. Objective criteria; Item present or not. Weighted factors.

Reasoning. Opposition, reservations, qualifiers. Organization, clarity. Style manual. 02/09/20 B.W.Duldt-Battey 13 02/09/20 B.W.Duldt-Battey 14 02/09/20 B.W.Duldt-Battey 15

Position Statement Definitive whether something is, was, or will be. Designative answers questions of fact. Evaluative what value something is, was, or will be. Activative what should be accepted or be done. 02/09/20 B.W.Duldt-Battey

16 Warrant Justification of act or belief. Bridges claim and evidence; Causes them to be associated with probability. Authoritative expert statements. Motivational why support it. Substantive arguments arising from the substance itself. 02/09/20 B.W.Duldt-Battey

17 Evidence Must be germane. Eager/ reluctant Must be believable. Preappointed or Real/personal casual 02/09/20

B.W.Duldt-Battey Original/hearsay Direct/ circumstantial Positive/negative Written/unwritten 18 Escape Hatches Reservations Unless vs. Always or never 02/09/20

B.W.Duldt-Battey Qualifier Probability Presumably 19 Assessing Thinking Criteria Its true because I believe it or innate egocentrism. Its true because we believe it or innate sociocentrism. Its true because I want to believe it or innate wish fulfillment.

02/09/20 B.W.Duldt-Battey 20 Assessing Thinking Criteria,cont Its true because I have always believed it or innate selfvalidation. Its true because it is in my vested interest to believe it or innate selfishness. 02/09/20 B.W.Duldt-Battey

21 Wisdom & Decisions Is my thinking: 02/09/20 Clear? Accurate? As precise as it needs to be? Relevant to the issue? Too narrow or one-sided? B.W.Duldt-Battey 22

Wisdom & Decisions, Cont. Is my thinking? 02/09/20 Dealing with the complexities of this issue or problem? Too narrow or one-sided? Logical? Focusing on what is most significant? Taking into account the multiple perspectives I need to consider? B.W.Duldt-Battey

23 Scholarship Discovery 1st to know, see, to be aware of what is happening. Integration New analysis of parts for new perspective, insights. Application Use of intervention in clinical practice, remedy. Dissemination Publish, teach, lead. 02/09/20 B.W.Duldt-Battey

24 SmartPrim Documents Computer Assisted Instruction Disk/CD Student Computer Tutor Handbook TX 4-830-169 Instructors Manual

TX 4-938-004 TX 4-901-047 Available from ASK Data Systems 1-800-292-7211 02/09/20 B.W.Duldt-Battey 25

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