Snímek 1 -

Snímek 1 -

VY_32_INOVACE_15-10 Family Food Sport Religion Festivals American family Nuclear family media, series, politics nucleus = father, mother, children: close-knit another meaning: work, care History: colonialism separated fam. X extended war, Great Depression 1960s baby boom Hippies, Vietnam War family decline Today:

postponed marriges co-habitation interracial marrig. , divorces, unmarried mums (1999 - 1/3) people live alone Fam. Organizations Types of families Married parents - minority Single parent: the fastest growing (1/2 chil.) Grandparent: common Guy or lesbian: different laws in differ. states ( Florida no adoption) Commuter slowly growing Created: adopted children (after WWII Japanese, EUnow S. Am., Russia, China)

Food typically American beverages: coke, 7-up, lemonade, iced tea, tequila, whisky fast food / burgers, hot dogs, pizza, fried chicken, pancakes, good breakfast: fried bread or dough + maple syrup, coffee, cookies international: Chinese chop suey Indian corn, barbecue Mexican corn, chili, European barbecue, African beans, watermelon Creole seafood in a hot sauce

Thanksgiving Day / Christmas mashed potatoes, roast turkey, gravy, fresh and cooked vegetables, breads, pumpkin pie Table manners Invitation: What can I bring? Pray before eating. homes, restaurants Enjoy your meal. Napkin in the lap. Second serving accept, then no more.

Help with dishes. Making sounds / speaking, belching Leaning on the table with elbows. Putting anything that will leave a mark. Reaching for food,Please could you pass me the? Sport hectic social life - spend energy, money and time playing sports at any age X watching live or on TV, univers. clubs, senior leagues Sports: American football Baseball

Basketball / NBA Ice hockey / NHL Other popular sports: Moto sports / Indianapolis Tennis / US Open Track and field Golf, gymnastics, boxing, martial arts, skiing, swimming, climbing, joggying, cycling Olympic Games:

nearly 3,000 medals: athletics, swimming, Michael Phelps Salt Lake City, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Lake Placid, St. Louis the most number of gold medals in summer OG American football Autor: Cpl. Michelle M. Dickson, Nzev: 2006 Pro Bowl tackle.jpg Zdroj: File:2006_Pro_Bowl_tackle.jpg Lacrosse Autor: dcJohn, Nzev: Lacrosse women.jpg Zdroj: File:Lacrosse_women.jpg Free time bowling, walking, pool, fishing, camping, volunteer work, music

lessons, pets, painting, woodworking, after-school activities, collecting: (Teddy bears, Indian arrowheads, baseball cards, dumpster diving containers, beneath L.A. - graves ) parties, eating out, barbecuing, surfing the net, going to the beach / bar, cards, board games, puzzles, concerts, theatregoing Gardening food growing wild in nature, protecting environment Travelling and recreation shopping, commuting to work Camping, hiking, biking recreation activities Mexico, Canada, United Kingdom adrenalin activities (1/3): rafting, scuba diving, mountain biking Religion about 80% believers

tolerant main streams: Catholics and Protestants - Christians Jewish, Muslims, Buddhists God bless America Four s`s : self-improvement smiling service security Official festivals 10 official holidays for all US government workers, offices, banks, schools closed some permanent date, some Monday holidays

New Year`s Day M. L. King Day 3rd Mond. in January Presidents` Day 3rd Mon. in February Memorial Day last M. in May Independence Day 4 July parade: marching bands, fire trucks, horseback riders, clowns, antique cars politicians, King, Queen barbecue, picnics, fireworks Labor Day 1st M. in September Columbus Day - 2nd M. in October Veterans` Day 2nd M. in November Thanksgiving Day 4th Thur. in November

gather with families, share large feast Christmas Day 25th December Independence Day a parade Autor: Ensign Joe Keiley, Nzev: US Navy 110704-N-GA722-593 Sailors march through downtown Eastport during the Independence Day Parade.jpg Zdroj: Other holidays everything`s open celebrated more enthusiastically and actively: Commercial holidays:

Ethnic and religious holidays: Valentine`s Day Groundhog Day 2nd February (den, shadow, spring) St Patrick`s Day April Fool`s Day Secretary`s Day Mother`s, Father`s, Grandparents` Day Flag Day June 14th Halloween costumes, decorations, parties Chinese New Year Jan. 21st Feb. 19th Cinco de Mayo - Mexican

Pow-wows Indian Christmas, Easter and other special days of each religion Special holidays: Church social Picnics and Pot Luck Dinners Block parties - neighbors, Slumber parties - girls Autor DUM: Mgr. Darina Sikorov

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    Snímek 1 - Úvod

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