Social Media - Tool for Communication

Social Media - Tool for Communication

Social Media Tool for Communication Marija Lugari, MP Croatian Parliament IPU&ASGP conference - Strengthening links between parliaments and citizens Geneva, 7 October 2010

Social media? What is web 2.0? websites/internet applications which

empower people to share information work together usability and accessibility are key to web 2.0

How to get people to invest in your products or services when they

have never heard of you dont have any affinity to you

dont live near you have no reason to listen to you when you speak have other, more familiar options offering similar products or services?


Social media empowered by web 2.0 one to many communication changing into many to many communication everyone, every voter becomes online broadcaster

Politics 2.0 the idea that social media and e-participation allow voters to follow, support and influence politics and political campaigns like never before

Starting with social media register an account dont start with politics! connect with your family, friends, colleagues

add people you know to your network your first days on a new network, just observe the community. Watch and learn how people connect (etiquette) after a few days or weeks, you will have to built your own

network try some new things share interesting stories, behind the scenes photos or videos and observe which kind of information receives response connect with community: give comment or two on content other

people shared Social media = be social! engage your network (ask questions, receive proposals) after a while, when you start talking politics, people will

react/comment connect with your network, they will reward you by doing a lot of campaigning for you expect negative response. Just stay calm and polite. create an account on sites that seem interesting, see what

works for you theres no point in joining a whole lot of sites, if you or your staff are never connecting with community you dont have to create new content for each one of your networks use your networks as distribution platforms (new blogpost? share it on FB, TW)

How social media. improves your work? policies proposals

questions affects political accountability? affects your recognition?



According to the law of aerodynamics, the bumblebee cannot fly. Apparently no one bothered to tell the bee that. So, it keeps on flying. [email protected]

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