Soviet Russia: Part 1 - Weebly

Soviet Russia: Part 1 - Weebly

Soviet Russia: Part 1 Lenin National Collapse Backwardness of Russia Tsar Nicholas II took control of Army Empress Alexandra/ Rasputin and Alexei.

End of the Tsarist Regime 1917, Petrograd Strikes eruptedprotests over war, shortage of food, runaway inflation and distrust of the Tsars govt. Nicholas II ordered suppression of demonstrations/ Troops joined the demonstrations Tsar Abdicates March 15

February Revolution The Provisional Government Duma becomes Provisional Government Headed by liberals Alexander Kerensky P.G.- promised reforms including plans for a constituent assembly

and new democratic constitution The Provisional Government Their goal was to move the nation toward democracy and continue the war as a loyal western ally. The Provisional Government was made up of middle-class and intellectual leaders and had little

contact or sympathy with the problems or concerns of the workers or peasants. Creation of Soviets workers, soldiers, and sailors in Petrograd, responding to a call issued by socialist leaders, elected the Soviet of Workers and Soldiers Deputies

Soviets took control of Petrograd city government Initially supported the Provisional Government Bolshevik Program Vladimir I. Lenin April Theses All power to the Soviets

World Revolution against capitalism Nationalize factories and banks Peace, Land and Bread Policies of Provisional Government P.G. conflicted in how to help peasants while recognizing private property

Continue war effort against Central Powers Failed major offensive in 1917 Russian soldiers running from Germans The July Days July Days- Revolts against Lvov and P.G.s failures

Lvov stepped down as Prime Minister over the land question. Alexander Kerensky became the Prime Minister Bolsheviks and Lenin go underground The Kornilov Affair Bolsheviks orchestrate a general

strike while Kerensky form a constituent assembly Many conservatives turn to the PG commander in chief, General Kornilov, as their leader Kerensky dismisses Kornilov Kornilov Affair The November Revolution

Provisional government continued to be unproductive Bolsheviks saw their opportunity Creation of a Politburo Red Guard/ Leon Trotsky The November Revolution Kerensky moved to late against Bolsheviks

Kerensky attempted to form a 2nd constitutional assembly Failed because moderates new Bolsheviks would dominate despite not being the majority. Moderates walked out leaving power with Bolsheviks New Regime

November Revolution Council of Peoples Commissars Lenin- Chairman Trotsky-commissar of foreign affairs Stalin- commissar for nationalities

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