WAJ 3105 LITERASI NOMBOR BIJAK RUANG Spatial Sense Download lecture slides at: sub/ln Dr. Lee Wai Heng & Dr. Ng Kok Fu 1 Bentuk-bentuk 2D Sekitar Kita

Segitiga (triangle) Segiempat tepat (rectangle) Segiempat sama (square) Bulatan (circle) dan banyak lagi 2 Pepejal-pepejal 3D Sekitar Kita

Kuib/kuboid cube/ cuboids Prisma prisms Piramid pyramid Selinder cylinder Kon cone Hemisfera hemisphere Sfera sphere 3

ISL minggu ini Dalam kumpulan kecil, kenalpasti dan kumpulkan contoh-contoh bentuk 2D dan pepejal 3D yang wujud di dalam persekitaran kita Persembahkan hasil koleksi dalam kelas tutorial anda 4 Exploring 2D & 3D Shapes ks2/maths/3d/index.htm 5 Polygon (special 2D shapes) A polygon is a closed figure in a plane whose sides are formed by 3 or more straight lines 6 Names of Polygon

triangle or trigon heptagon (7 sides) octagon (8 sides) nonagon / enneagon (3 sides)

quadrilateral or tetragon (4 sides) (9 sides) pentagon (5 sides) hexagon (6 sides) decagon (10 sides) 7

Names of Polygon 1 monogon 2 digon 3 trigon, triangle 4 tetragon, quadrilateral 5 pentagon 6 hexagon 7 heptagon 8 octagon 9 enneagon 20 icosagon 21 icosikaihenagon, icosihenagon 22 icosikaidigon 23 icosikaitrigon 24 icosikaitetragon

25 icosikaipentagon 10 decagon 11 hendecagon 12 dodecagon 13 triskaidecagon 14 tetrakaidecagon, tetradecagon 15 pentakaidecagon, pentadecagon 16 hexakaidecagon, hexadecagon 17 heptakaidecagon 18 octakaidecagon 19 enneakaidecagon 26 icosikaihexagon 27 icosikaiheptagon 28 icosikaioctagon 29 icosikaienneagon

40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 tetracontagon tetracontakai tetracontakai tetracontakai tetracontakai

tetracontakai tetracontakai tetracontakai tetracontakai tetracontakai 50 60 70 80 90 100 1000 10000 pentacontago hexacontago

heptacontago octacontagon enneacontag hectogon, he chiliagon myriagon 30 triacontagon 31 triacontakaihenagon 32 triacontakaidigon 8 3D Solids Solids are 3-dimensional figures which

are made up of flat or curved surfaces. Solids are classified in terms of their various properties. number and shape of faces number of vertices number of edges 9 Exploring 3D Solids Properties 10

Mystery in Mathematics Euler's formula states, the number of faces (F) and vertices (V) added together is exactly two more than the number of edges (E) This can be written as F+V-E=2 or F + V - 2 = E. 11

Testing Eulers Formula 12 2D Shapes from 3D Solids Explore 2D faces from prisms at: 13 Nets of Polyhedron In geometry, the net of a polyhedron (solid with flat faces and straight edges) is an

arrangement of edge-joined polygons in the plane which can be folded (along edges) to become the faces of the polyhedron 14 3D Solids from Nets 15 Practical Task: Constructing a pull-up cube Source: The Maths Coordinator's File - issue 21

16 TUTORIAL 4.1 17

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