SRI Assessment- Electronic (Online) Format

SRI Assessment- Electronic (Online) Format

SRI AssessmentElectronic (Online) Format What will my students experience and how do I prepare them? Background Purpose of the SRI Assessment Screening , placement, and progress-monitoring Identify students reading level on the Lexile scale Match students to appropriate instructional materials and independent reading materials within their Lexile range The Lexile measure is a reading ability or text difficulty score followed by an L (e.g., 850L). The developmental Lexile scale for texts ranges from

0-100L for beginning readers (BR) to above 1500L for advanced readers. Lexile measures are the most widely adopted reading measures in use today. Tens of thousands of books and tens of millions of articles have Lexile measures. Using Lexiles, teachers can match students to texts for both their interest level and reading ability Detailed information on Lexiles can be found at: Access and Login for Students The electronic format of SRI is accessed online through a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome)

Elementary - Middle & K-8 - http://ousd-read180-ms.ousdnet:55880/slms/StudentAccess High Schools - http://ousd-read180-es.ousdnet:55880/slms/StudentAccess

http://ousd-read180-hs.ousdnet:55880/slms/StudentAccess Students log in using their 6 digit district ID as their username and their password Example Student: Suzy Sample Username: 265987 Password: 265987 Background- SAM The Scholastic Achievement Manager (SAM), at the Educator Access

website, can be used by Administrators, SRI coordinators, and teachers to access students Lexile scores and run reports http://ousd-read180-es.ousdnet:55880/slms/EducatorAccess http://ousd-read180-ms.ousdnet:55880/slms/EducatorAccess

http://ousd-read180-hs.ousdnet:55880/slms/EducatorAccess Each school site will have two initial Site Level Administrator accounts in SAM. Usernames & passwords will be sent to sites. Preparing students for the SRI Assessment Familiarizing students with the Lexile Framework helps them understand the purpose of the SRI.

Tell students that it is important for them to do their best so the test can correctly determine their Lexile Level. That will help them, their teachers, and their parents find books that match their reading level. Students will take the test on the computer and each one gets a different test with different questions. The test is not for a grade and is not timed. Students cannot go back and review or change their answers. They should take their time and read carefully.

If they do not finish before the period is over, they will be able to log back in later and continue the test. What will students experience? You may use one of the OUSD Test Student accounts to: Get an idea of how the test works and see what students will experience Check that the website link is correct and that you can successfully log in. (Please Bookmark the link on the computers that will be

used for testing.) Do a practice run of the test to ensure that your computers can run the application smoothly Note- The Test Student accounts are ONLY to be used by Administrators, SRI Coordinators, teachers, and technicians. They are NOT for student use. Test Student Accounts Elementary http://ousd-read180-es.ousdnet:55880/slms/StudentAccess

Middle School & K-8 http://ousd-read180-ms.ousdnet:55880/slms/StudentAccess High School http://ousd-read180-hs.ousdnet:55880/slms/StudentAccess Server Username Password

Elementary Test-ES1 0akland (first digit is a zero) Elementary Test-ES2 0akland

Middle and K-8 Test-MS 0akland Middle and K-8 Test-MS2 0akland High School

Test-HS1 0akland High School Test-HS2 0akland The following slides show screenshots of the actual online

SRI Assessment. Student Access Websites Elementary http://ousd-read180-es.ousdnet:55880/slms/StudentAccess Middle School & K-8 http://ousd-read180-ms.ousdnet:55880/slms/StudentAccess High School

http://ousd-read180-hs.ousdnet:55880/slms/StudentAccess Click on the icon for the SRI Scholastic Reading Inventory SRI Login Screen 351228 351228 Students log in using their 6 Digit District ID (not school ID) For younger students, you may want to print out slips of paper with their ID number Students will select 3 favorite genres

Teachers may elect to guide students through the introduction and practice part together. Directions to students Students may skip up to 3 questions per test without affecting results. The directions will be read aloud. Teachers/Testing Coordinators may have students use

headphones (optional) and independently listen to the directions and/or or may wish to listen and go over this together as a class. Practice Test There will be a short practice test that precedes the actual assessment. This helps students become familiar with the interface and navigation and allows teachers to determine who needs assistance prior to the test. Practice Test Students who have difficulty with the practice questions will be prompted to check with the teacher (or testing coordinator) before continuing.

After the Practice Test is completed, the actual test begins. SKIPS- Students are allowed to skip up to 3 questions per test. These skips are designed to reduce test bias due to unfamiliar topics/terms; they do not affect a students Lexile

score. If a student has used up all 3 skips, s/he must select an answer to move to the next question. After reading each passage, students answer a cloze question using one of the multiple-choice answers provided. Students select an answer and click the Next button. To change an answer, students select another answer choice before clicking Next. Students may not return to a question after clicking the Next button. Lexile scores will be shown immediately after

students finish the SRI test Students can also print out a reading list that is based upon their score and the interests (genres) they selected at the beginning of the assessment. Post-test Activity (optional) Have students who finish go to the Lexile website ( ) and search for books that are in their Lexile range

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