State of the Residency - S W I M E D

State of the Residency - S W I M E D

State of the Residency WARN IN G IN T E N TIO N AL OVE R US E OF M E M E S C O MI N G

Objectives Milestones Annual Survey Meals Travel

STACP QI Abstracts/Scholars Day Retreats Verbals and Epic, M-Modal Show up to work

Upcoming Dates Internal Medicine Reception 4/4. Hors doeuvres and drinks. We will send out an RSVP Residency Retreat date TBA

5/3 Scholars Day STACP will be in Temple, date TBA, call for abstracts soon 6/3-6/7 PGY-3 board review Sid Rich 6/13 Graduation Dinner 6/14 Graduation

Milestones Required by the ACGME to be completed semiannually Incorporated into evaluations by faculty Weekly evals

Used in semiannual evaluations Core Competency Committees Implications of milestones Annual ACGME Survey

Coming out soon All residents complete Anonymous Some results from last years and clarification

Fatigue and Wellness Ultrasound Curriculum Starting soon and will be in many routes

Meals Subway

Travel GME still has one grant to give me The process is important Submit to GME when you submit Go through Barbara for booking anything

Process QI abstracts and Scholars Day Who has submitted?

Please submit ASAP QI needs to submit STAT Other info

STACP We will need lots of submissions We will host Late May

Epic stuff and charting Verbal order and finishing notes Document events M-modal

Responsibility VA clinics You are a doctor You are at work

Badge location Not on your groin Retreats

Thoughts? Questions?

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