State Supt. of Public Instruction - Monroe County

State Supt. of Public Instruction - Monroe County

K-12 STATE LEGISLATION AFFECTING YOUR PUBLIC SCHOOLS Indiana Coalition for Public Education Annual Membership Meeting August 24, 2019 State Supt. of Public Instruction HB 1005 Rep. Brian Bosma (R) Moves up the date to 1-11-2021 when Governor can appoint a Secretary of Education. Eliminates the publicly elected office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (an office that has been elected since 1852).

Does NOT require any K-12 education experience to be appointed. Has passed both House & Senate Signed by Governor Holcomb 4/4/19. SCHOOL BUS SAFETY SB 2 Sen. Head * Increases penalty from Class A Infraction to Class C Misdemeanor for failing to stop for school bus stop arm & drivers license suspension of 90 days up to 1 year if prior. * Increases to A misdemeanor if prior * Increases to Level 6 Felony if injury * Increases to Level 5 Felony if death * Requires schools to review bus routes & bus policies to improve safety * Prohibits load/unload of students that require student to cross a highway

SCHOOL SAFETY BILLS HB 1004 Rep. McNamara School Safety Grants Available to all public, charter & accredited non-public schools Requires Active Shooter Drills Provides opportunity to participate in CDC Prevention Youth Risk Behavior Survey but only with parental consent Schools may enter MOU with mental health service providers to provide services to students Civics Test Requirement SB 132 Sen. Dennis Kruse (R) Provides that as part of the United States government credit awarded for the general, Core 40, Core 40 with academic honors, and Core 40 with technical honors designation, each high school shall administer the naturalization examination provided by the United States Citizenship and Immigration

Services. Requires an enhanced study of the Holocaust in each high school United States history course. Originally required students to take & pass same Civics Test required for immigrants to become US Citizens for HS graduation After amendments, requires Citizenship Civics Test to be included within the high school Civics/US Government class curriculum. Education Deregulation HB 1400 Rep. T. Cook (R) Originally would have placed a sunset numerous laws/regulations for K-12 education

After amendments, requires summer study committees to study deregulation/sunsetting of various K-12 laws/regulations over next 5 years. ICPE authored an amendment to remove from the study elimination of certain curriculum requirements for civics education ICPEs amendment passed and is included within the final version of the bill that became law. This is the FIRST piece of legislation to become law authored in part by ICPE! Voucher School Expansion

HB 1629 Various Education Matters Rep. R. Behning (R) Changes the definition of an elementary school to include those schools that only offer Kindergarten and Pre-K programs. Impact is that hundreds of current private Pre-K programs already offer a Kindergarten class as well, thereby making them eligible to receive school vouchers. Could include even proprietary schools if they become accredited. ICPE lobbied for an amendment to take out change in definition of elementary school but amendment was not offered. Teacher Pay

HB 1003 School Corporation Expenditure Targets Authored by Rep. D. DeVon (R) Govs plan to increase teacher pay. Provides a school must specify in its budget if it will transfer more than 15% from its education fund to its operations fund. If so, IDOE must notify the state Office of Management & Budget (OMB) starting in 2020 Also requires school district to explain its reasons for exceeding 15% expenditures on operations to IDOE & Fiscal & Qualitative Indicators

Committee at a public meeting. Does NOT require any increase teacher pay. School safety, school bus safety, utilities, insurance custodians & central office administration all part of the operations fund. School Finance HB 1001 Budget Bill Authored by Rep. T. Huston (R) Increases overall state spending on K-12 education by 2.5% each year.

Fails to keep up with inflation rate Increases the Tax Credit Scholarship Cap from $14M to $15M in FY2019, then to $16M in FY 2020. Does NOT include the automatic escalator of 120% annually for SGOs. Increases the teacher classroom supply tax credit from $100 - $500. Creates a new 70% voucher for more middle income families House adds $47M to Charter Schools Grant

Total of $70M new money for CHOICE programs $0 for teacher pay School Finance Even though the budget bill increases overall state spending on K-12 education by 2.5% each year. About one in five public school districts will see their base state funding cut in one, or both, of the next two years. Most are rural districts with declining enrollment. School Matters School Finance HB 1021 Education Finance Authored by Rep. J. Thompson (R)

Attempts to wean school corps off circuit breaker credits The bill extends (through 2023) the ability in current law for a school corporation to allocate tax cap credits proportionately (without taking protected taxes into account) under certain circumstances. It provides that a school corporation is eligible to allocate credits proportionately if the school corporation's percentage amount of credits granted against the school corporation's operations fund levy is at least a certain percentage. Debt service levies for some school corporations could increase in CY 2021 through CY 2024, to replenish operating balances if it becomes necessary to use those balances to make debt payments in CY 2020 through CY 2023. If debt service levies rise, then all taxing units that intersect the school corporation could be subject to higher tax cap losses.

The increase in debt levies under this provision depends on actions taken by qualifying school corporations. What may come up in 2020 Not a budget year, short session Accountability measures, including post secondary ILEARN Expanding counselor responsibilities for career counseling

Diploma pathways Complexity index More accountability for virtual charter schools A cap or pause for new charter schools More transparency for voucher/charter funding & management School safety/weapons Teacher pay/teacher shortages

Education Savings Accounts How you can help support public education? Join ICPE in support of public education in the Statehouse Questions? CONTACT INFORMATION: Joel D. Hand [email protected] 317-608-6621

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