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Status of Thailands Geospatial Data Infrastructure and Systems (National Ge o-informatics Infrastructure Service: NGIS P ortal ) Tatiya Chuentragun, Chuthamart Panklin, Duranee Promchote Geo-informatics Products Office, GISTDA Under Secretariat Team of National Committee on Geo-information Contents 1.Background on Thailands Geo-spatial Data Infrastructure/Services 1.1 Geo-spatial data and mapping related organizations in Thailand 1.2 National Committee on Geo-Information and other information related (NCGI) 1.3 Thailands Fundamental Geographic/Geo-spatial Data Set (FGDS) 2.NCGI and Geo-spatial Data Infrastructure/Services 2.1 NCGI meeting resolution 1/2017 30th March 2017 (2nd meeting) 2.2 3.Development of National Geo-spatial Data/Infrastructure/Services in Thailand 3.1 NGIS Portal: National Geo-informatics Infrastructure System) 3.2 GNSS CORS & Services 3.3 Land Information System Development & National Land Parcel Information Center Project Background on Thailands geo-spatial Data Infrastructure/Services (National Geo-informatics Infrastructure System: NGIS Portal) 1.1 Geo-spatial data and mapping related organizations in Thailand More than 20 organizations / agencies, > 130 years Public services/Governme ntThai offices

Royal Survey TheDepartment Department of Lands The Hydrographic Local Administration Department: Navy Land Development Authorities: Department - Bangkok Metropolitan Administration - Sub-district The Royal Forest Administration Department Authorities More. State enterprises Metropolitan Electricity Authority Provincial Water Work Industrial Authority Estate Authority of Thailand More.

Public organization s GISTDA HAII More. More than 200 Layers/Datasets Examples of Thai Government Mapping related Agencies/Geo-spatial data makers Small Scale Medium Scale (<1:50k) (1:10k-50k) Topographic maps Royal Thai Survey Department Large Scale (> 1:10k) Topographic maps Geodetic reference Nautical charts The Hydrographic Department Cadastral maps/ Aerial photos The Department of Lands The Department of Public Works and Town & Country Planning The Land Development Department GISTDA Principle City Plan

Land use / Building use Land use Aerial photos - Satellite/Aerial/UAV image maps - Thematic & line maps from satellite images by order National forest The Royal Forest Department Current Data Services Laws Rules/Regulations 1 Req Agency 1 uest Public/ Private Co. Rules/Regulations 2 Req Agency 2 uest Rules/Regulations 3 Req Agency 3 uest Rules/Regulations 4 Agency 4 Req uest Other governme

ntal Org. App Add value for business / public safety App Response to policies/cr isis/situati ons/serve public Collaborations approaches for government Bilateral / organizations Multi-lateral entities cooperation MOU: MICT, DOL, CSRS MOU: GISTDA, RID, DOAE ,RD, OAE MOU: GISTDA, KU MOU: MWA, GISTDA Cooperation/Collaboration under laws/regulations/committees National Committee on Geo-information (NCGI)

Steering committee on Master Governmental Data Integration (Digital government plan) Fundamen Fundamental Fundamental tal data data on data on Natural on citizen National and resources and Fundamental and public security governmental data on water governme and weather infrastructure ntal administration Commission on MAP Readjusting state andONE climate services and public lands boundary. Committee on Surveying Standards Development of Thailand National Spatial Data Infrastructure/Service

More than a decade (since 2003) under National Committee on Geo-information (NCGI) Master plan / 14 NCGI Activities (2011Standards 2015) - Meeting / Seminar / Pilot projects / Capability building / Promotion Thai SDI (Clearinghouse & Gateway) SW/Script/ Handbook Partne rships LawsMOU / Regulations / WG / Laws / Regulations FGDS (13 Groups) Thailands Fundamental Geographic Data Set (FGDS) Layer Groups Main custodian 1 Ortho-Aerial Photos Royal Thai Survey Department (RTSD)

2 Ortho Satellite Images GISTDA 3 Geodetic Control Marks and other Control Points RTSD 4 Digital Elevation Models RTSD / Land Development Department (LDD) 5 Administration Boundaries Department of Provincial Administration 6 Transportations Ministry of Transport 7 Water body Department of Water Resources (DWR) 8

Built-up and Urban related data Department of Civil Works and Town and Country Planning 9 Land use / Land cover LDD 1 0 Forest The Royal Forest Department NCGI and Geo-spatial Data Infrastructure/Services National Committee on Geo-Information Chairman: 1st Vice Chairman: 2nd Vice Chairman: Members: Member: Prime Minister / Deputy Prime Minister Minister of Science & Technology Minister of Digital Economy 6 Permanent Secretaries of Ministries, Director of Bureau of Budget, Secretary General of The Office of NESDB, 5 DirectorsMember & General of Departments, <= 10 Secretary: professionals advisors Member & Permanent Secretary of Minister of Science & Assistance

Technology 1. Suggesting to the cabinet for approval and imposing policies on Secretary: Executive of Director of geo-information GISTDA - Management and administration national Total 18-28 members (Appointed infrastructure system and services, and geo-spatial data.on 13 September, 2015) operation for related - Protocols for geo-spatial data and services bodies. These include laws, and regulations 2. Monitor and suggest on integration of government geo-spatial data and geo-information projects NCGI meeting resolutions on GI Policy & Geospatial Data Infrastructure/Services NCGI Meeting 1/2017 30th March 2017 (2nd Meeting) National GI Master Plan NGIS Portal GI Standards Administration boundary: Village boundary GNSS CORS Data Center

Sub-committee Integration of GI Related Budget GI Position in Government org. Development Plans and National Geo-information Master Plan (Draft) Administration Drivers - Draft of Constitution of The Kingdom of Thailand IoT / Web2.0 / Data storage / GNSS / Space borne & Airborne - National Strategic Plan (20 Years) - National Social & Economic data acquisition (LiDAR, Drones) / Map Services / Open Development Plan (12) - Digital Economic and Social data Development Plan National Geo-information MasterDevelopment Plan (2017- E-Government Plan 2021:- Thailand Draft) 4.0 Strategies Master GeoImprove Human Geo-spatial Amendment of

spatial Data and Capability on GI & Data and Laws / Rules / Services for Promote use and Services for Regulations Government applications to add Public Use Sector Use value on GI Tactics / Action Plans / Projects Advancement in IT&GIT Contact person: Ms, Chuthamart Panklin, Chief of Fundamental Spatial Infrastructure NGIS Portal & Services NCGI Meeting 1/2017 30th March 2017 Meeting resolution on NGIS Portal 1. NGIS Development 2. NGIS Handbook 3. Codes for service provision 4. Promote use of NGIS/Application development GNSS CORS Infrastructure & Data Services NCGI Meeting 1/2017 30th March 2017

Meeting resolution on GNSS CORS Infrastructure 1. A Concept of GNSS Infrastructure 4. A sub-committee on national GNSS infrastructure 2. A National GNSS CORS Data Center 3. Assign GISTDA as GNSS CORS Data Center (for time being)Include finding international - Provide GNSS data services including real time correction services from CORS networks - Define standards for data service - Data & service quality assessment - Data archiving for easy access corporation and support on GNSS Development of National Geo-informatics Infrastructure System (NGIS Portal) NGIS Portal Concepts Data /Service Linkage Maps/ App Platfor m

Search Metadata /Data/ Services/ Maps Analysi s Partne rship Distribution Channels / Services Hard copy Physical delivery Soft copy (File based) Web Map Interface Services (WMS/WMTS/ WFS/WCS) Web Map Applications / Web portal Internet / GIN (Government Information Network) Users Cabinet

National Committee on Geo-information : NCGI Sub-committee on Policy Directive & Evaluation WG on NSDI Action Plan Development NSDI Development and Implementation Action Plan 2011-2015 Committed Secretariat (MOST, GISTDA) Capacity Building/ Outreach Satellite ortho-images Admin. boundary Thematic GIS Aerial ortho-photos Transportation Thematic GIS DEM Hydrology Thematic GIS Geodetic and GPS Urban & Town Base data Government, Social & Citizens

NGIS Portal Thematic GIS Forest NSDI Portal Land use Base data Thailands NSDI Development and Implementation Framework providers/users Topographic map Cadastral GIs Standards Naval Hydrographic FGDS FGDS Agencies Geo-information (GIS) NGIS Map Portal NGIS Portal and its applications Concept NGIS Portal Search/Share: Metadata/Data/Map services/Web map applications Platform: for maps/customized applications/analysis

WMS/WMTS/ Inter net GIN TMS WFS WCS Users: Users: Government Government agencies agencies Interne t / Map GIN services Maps/Web applicationsMap viewers Map publishers Group administrators System Administrator Data / Services from custodians Servi ce/ Data Provi ders Web Map Service

Interface WMS / WMTS / TMS WFS WCS Map Sever FGDS ++ Monitor data/ Near real time / Social / Sensors Data Crowd NGIS Portal Development 2011-2015 Thai SDI (Clearinghouse & Gateway) - Collection of data (FGDS)& metadata - Data metadata stored & map service from ThaiSDI - FGDS - Map viewing - Search data / metadata - Open source software (GeoServer & 2016 NGIS Map Portal Demo (hosted by GISTDA Portal) - Demonstration (GISTDAs system) - Focusing on linking map

services from other organization & provide map services(WMS/WMTS/TM S) - FGDS ++ - Focusing on Found and Use - Searching 2017 NGIS Portal - National system / service - Focusing on linking map services from alliance organizations & provide map services (WMS/WMTS/TMS/WFS/C SW ) & platform for application development - FGDS++ - Focusing on Found and Use (analysis & solution for DSS) Other Major Projects Land Information System & National Land Parcel Information Center Project: DOL Local Geoid Model Development: RTSD GNSS CORS: DOL & RTSD++ Land Information System Development & National Land Parcel Information E - Department of LandsCenter / LandProject Information

National Land Parcel Land Information System Information Center System Development Phase 1: 2013-2014 / Phase 1: 2010-2012 / Phase Phase 2: 2015-2017 2: Deeds 2017-2018 Title & Land Cadastral Map Centr registration information & GIS &Land Mapping Digital Parcels al DB Land registration e-Land Office & Digital Land Parcel & transaction database (texts, Attributes Images of related Scanned Images of Title documents (not all)) deeds/survey DR & Backup site books/cadastral maps Land offices process Land use (panorama enhancement Servicesfrom to land offices, other governmental

entity, public images MMS) Contact person: Mrs. Tuangrat Chantarapradit, Director of Computer System Division, Information High Precision Local Geoid Model for Thailand RTSD & CMU 2015 - 2017 - Col. Chaiwat Promthomg, RTSD - ASST Professor, Puttipol Output Damrongchai, Ph.D., - High precision CMU local geoid model - Accuracy of DTM from the geoid model better than 10 cm (Average) Damrongchai P., Promthong C, 2016 GNSS CORS : Continuous operating Reference Background: Has been installed more than 10 years by at least - The Department ofStations Lands (DOL) : Mapping & :Cadaster surveying, 11 stations (VRS) - The Department of Civil Works and Town Plan (DPT): Mapping, 15 stations

- Royal Thai Survey Department (RTSD): 1 station, Geodetic and terrestrial frame reference - Chulalongkorn University, Department of Survey Engineering: 2 Stations, Research - GISTDA : Research & applications, 3 Stations Coverage: Not well distributed Service : Individually Current GNSS CORS Data Services DOL Data/Service Center Real time / Post process RTSD Data/Service Center Real time / Post process DPT Data/Service Center Real time / Post process HAII Data/Service Center

Real time / Post process GISTDA Data/Service Center Real time / Post process GNSS CORS Networks Users Applications operate CORS in Thailand GNSSand CORS : Continuous operating Reference - The Department of Lands (DOL) : Mapping & :Cadaster Stations surveying, 11 stations +110 stations (VRS), Installation has begun, 50 stations will be installed by 2016, the remaining will be done in 2017 - Royal Thai Survey Department (RTSD): 1 station, Geodetic and terrestrial frame reference + 80 stations, Pending due to procurement process. : Several minor projects - GISTDA, Research & applications, 3 Stations + 2 stations - Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM): 6 stations

- etc. Coverage: Across the whole country (210 stations++) Services of CORS: 1) Observation data of the stations, 2) Real time differential data service Service & Data Center: DOL, and ++TBD Concept of GNSS CORS Data Services Data Service DOL Data/Service Center Users RTSD Data/Service Center DPT Data/Service Center HAII Data/Service Center GISTDA Data/Service Center GNSS CORS Networks Applications

Data/Service Centers National Data/Service Center NCGI (Draft) Roadmap for GNSS CORS Data Services Administration & Management Activities 1. GNSS Data Center Policy 2. Providing Data Service from CORS networks with national standards 3. Promoting usage of GNSS CORS data for driving economic 4. Developing high precision/ accuracy applications from CORS data services to drive economic values Purposes Strateg y 2017

2018 To settle policy on GNSS Data Center and framework for data sharing and data services 1.1 To settle agreements on data sharing and services e.g. service territory for a single provider (governmental sector, public sector, private sector), reference frame for CORS networks 1.2 To define agreements or codes for co-services e.g. fees, user types, data format. 1.1 Promoting & supporting measure on data services campaign 1.2 Planning on codevelopment of GNSS CORS networks To provide accurate, reliable, stable, and efficient data services with accordance to national standard 2.1 To set standards for GNSS CORS data services & CORS installation 2.2 To develop & deploy service system & linkage to all CORS for integrated management 2.3 To fix all CORS coordinates with reference to RTSD control networks 2.4 To introduce service prototype : Real Time & Post processing

To make GNSS CORS Data be accessible & available to all sectors & users for applications development 3.1 To raise awareness on using GNSS CORS data 3.2 To form usage plan on GNSS CORS categorized by application aspects / sectors of users (Government, Public, private, academic sectors) 2.1 Adopt & announce GNSS CORS data service & CORS installation standard 2.2 National standard for GNSS CORS data service & installation is adopted & implemented by all stakeholders 2.3 Main services are in operation both real time corrections & post processing To make GNSS application innovation available for supporting economic development 4.1 Geoid model 4.2 Study & practice on integration GNSS CORS networks . 4.4. GNSS CORS related applications

in surveying, construction, agriculture, and LBS are being used. 3.1 To raise awareness on using GNSS CORS data 3.2. To support human capability enhancement on GNSS research & applications 4.1. Precise GNSS CORS applications are employed in monitor dam movement, track transportations 4.2 Feasibility on indoor positioning 2019 Output/Outcome/Value 1.1 Updating CORS networking to improve linkage efficiency 1.2 Maintenance plan for GNSS CORS 1.3 National reference frame Output: Framework of GNSS CORS data center is adopted Outcome: Clear directions & codes in data services for service providers and protocols for services requests Value: increasing in users and tangible return to CORS owners & service providers 2.1 (Promote) Operation and installation of GNSS CORS & services with with national standard

2.2 Updating geodetic reference frame for GNSS CORS Output: GNSS CORS standards for service and installlations Outcome: Efficiency in data services and sharing and capability to serve spatial management & decision Value: Enable data sharing & interoperating between all stakeholders for more effective and efficiency operations. 4.1 Innovation in commercial products & service related to GNSS CORS services 4.2 Feasibility in autonomous vehicles Custodians 1 : . . : 2 : . . : 3 : . . :

Output: GNSS CORS and their data are utilized & serve all sectors Outcome: Value: Driving economic spatially through Output: Innovative Products & services spatial innovations related to GNSS CORS and services Outcome: Enhance countrys competitiveness through spatial innovations Value: Driving economic value through spatial innovations 4 : . . : Thank You for your attentions !!! Any questions ??

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