Steering Committee Slides - FHWA Operations

Steering Committee Slides - FHWA Operations

The Development and Evolution of the I-95 Corridor Coalition: Think Regionally - Act Locally John Baniak Executive Director, I-95 Corridor Coalition Multi-State/Jurisdictional Transportation Issues Forum June 18 19, 2001 Crystal City, VA The Coalition is. A partnership of transportation agencies from Maine to Virginia A successful model for interagency cooperation and coordination since

the early 1990s Coalition Partners Corridor Boundaries Maine

Vermont New Hampshire Massachusetts Rhode Island Connecticut New York Pennsylvania New Jersey Delaware Maryland District of Columbia Virginia

State and Local Departments of Transportation Transportation Authorities Transit and Rail Agencies Motor Vehicle Agencies State Police/Law Enforcement U.S. Department of Transportation Transportation Industry Associations Vision The transportation network in the corridor will be safe, efficient, seamless, intermodal and will support economic growth in an environmentally responsive manner.

Mission We are working together to improve transportation services and operations in the Northeast Corridor through coordinated implementation of advanced technology. Goals Mobility....Time Safety...Lives Economic Vitality..$$$$ Why Was the Coalition Formed?

The Context 12 State area 6.2 % of the U.S. landmass 25% of the U.S. population 26+ autonomous transportation agencies If the Corridor were California it would be analyzed as a single entity The Customers

Needed travel information Concerned about increasing congestion Traveled across multiple jurisdictions Desired improved services The Partnering Agencies

Recognized the impact of congestion Couldnt solve traffic issues by just building more capacity Took action to improve operations through information & coordination Organizational Structure Executive Board Executive Director/Staff Steering Committee Affiliates Program Track Committees PTC #1: Program Management PTC #2:

Interregional Multimodal Travel Information PTC #3: Coordinated Incident Management PTC #4: Commercial Vehicle Operations PTC #5: Intermodal Transfer of People/Goods

PTC #6: Electronic Payment Services Organization Structure Evolution Expanded Role of Volunteers Executives Guidance Staff Commitment

Consultant Support Organizational Structure Evolution WORKING GROUPS PROGRAM TRACKS Budget & Policy Program Management Highway Operations Coordinated Incident Mgmt Functional Requirements And Technology Inter-regional Multimodal Travel Info

Electronic Payment Services Public/Private Partnerships Intermodal Transfer of People & Goods Commercial Vehicle Ops Commercial Vehicle Ops Program Development Evolution Studies of ITS areas Field tests

Highway operations focus Outcome-based projects Facilitating and adding value Multi-modal and Intermodal Executive Guidance Focus on Goals and Objectives Plan for the Longer Term Consider Intermodal Needs

Consider Information Exchange, Education and Training Needs Identify Opportunities to Work with Other Organizations Assess Performance Corridor Wide Information Challenges: Administrative GOVERNANCE

No By-Laws Use Procedural Guidelines Encourage consensus FUNDING Federal Funds flow to States Agencies administer on behalf of Coalition Challenges: Administrative

CONTRACTING Individual states procure services Assisted by one large team of consultants STAFFING Individual staff on loan from members Member agency reimbursed for costs Challenges: The Future

Organizational Governance Structure Program Development and Funding Facilitate Integrated Deployment Strengthen Intermodal Seamlessness Changing Culture Old New

Independent Modes Intermodal Local Focus Independent Jurisdictions Regional Focus Coalitions/Seamlessness Users Customers Build Manage/Operate The 6 Cs of the I-95 Corridor Coalition

Cooperation Coordination Communication Consensus Credibility

Commitment I-95 Corridor Coalition Commitment THINK REGIONALLY ACT LOCALLY Upcoming Event Regional Workshop on National Operations Initiative Albany, NY - July 26 & 27

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