Strava Metro - Harvard University

STRAVA Spatial Data and Processes: Utilizing GIS and spatial tools to generate new data products from raw GPS cycling tracks on Strava Stravas Big Spatial Data 125+ million activities 300+ billion GPS points 60% international Strava, Inc. 2014 Strava Labs Projects

Strava, Inc. 2014 How did the Geo Pod come to be? Geo Reporting Bad GPS data Segment corrections Geo Team was created

Strava, Inc. 2014 Strava Metro Quick Timeline Data requests in early 2012 Planning, Research, Big Data Raw data No raw data sold or provided to groups Strava Metro was born and first release to Oregon DOT on February 12, 2014

Strava, Inc. 2014 Huge Amounts of Data Needed: What can GEO/GIS fill in?

Restaurant Dev zones Where do cyclist spend Money Difference between men and women cyclists? Bike peer-networks Bike new or used

% restaurant sales by bike How to gather feedback on design elements Perceived dangerous or challenging areas What is the mode share by street segments Where do people ride vs where do the want to ride bike ownership rates by location and demographics Where are bikes stored Bike purchasing after bike share opens Heath insurance for those who work on a bike Bike theft data

Crash data based on cause/mode Bikes on transit Perception of bikes and bicyclists Locations of cycling habitat fragmentation

Perception of safety on various faculties Bike tire and accessory sales data What is the rate of adoption Loner bike for visitors Patterns of usage that suggest better, safer ways of designing streets

Bike share routes vs. bike network Where are bikes parked Health of riders over time Locations of near-misses and close calls Cycling demo- who is riding Cycling lanes not used Lidar of street surface Traffic counters % of journeys on bike lanes Free indoor parking?

Structure, qualitive rating of route or route segment What makes new bike commuters starts? How many people starting or re-starting riding because of bike share Strava, Inc. 2014 Who is Strava? Strava has grown into the leading online cycling and running community

Our members cross all types of demographics Urban area uploads are around 40% commute Who makes up San Francisco Strava?

Athlete ID Count: 23,714 Activity Count: 394,883 Average Distance: 28,904 m Median Distance: 19,409 m Average Time: 6,442 sec Median Time: 4,188 sec Commute Counts: 183,155

Male Count: 18,511 Male Count Under 25: 670 Male Count 25 - 34: 5,826 Male Count 35 - 44: 5,145 Male Count 45 - 54: 3,444 Male Count 55 - 64: 1,129 Male Count 65 - 74: 243 Male Count 75 - 84: 22 Male Count 85 - 94: 19 Male Count No Bday: 2,004

Strava, Inc. 2014

Female Count: 3,705 Female Count Under 25: 123 Female Count 25 - 34: 1,501 Female Count 35 - 44: 841 Female Count 45 - 54: 448 Female Count 55 - 64: 166

Female Count 65 - 74: 30 Female Count 75 - 84: 1 Female Count 85 - 94: 1 Female Count No Bday: 591 Blank Gender Count: 1,498 Locating Commutes Strava, Inc. 2014

Strava Metro is a Custom Built Product Vector GIS polyline Layers Basemap is user dependent (OSM, TomTom, City Provided) AM/PM commute times On and Off Season Polygon tables: Census Blocks, zip codes, wards or custom City Bike & CycleTracks GPS Tracks Integration

Strava, Inc. 2014 Strava, Inc. 2014 Core Strava Metro Files Strava, Inc. 2014 Minute View

Strava, Inc. 2014 Rolled Up View Strava, Inc. 2014 Filtering by Commutes Strava, Inc. 2014

Origin/Destination Matrix Strava, Inc. 2014 Spatial Movement by Zones Strava, Inc. 2014 Node Wait Times

Strava, Inc. 2014 Intersection Based Data Strava, Inc. 2014 Strava Metro: The Big Picture Strava, Inc. 2014

Strava Metro Infrastructure Change Adoption Strava, Inc. 2014 Net Gain & Loss Strava, Inc. 2014 Weekend vs Weekday Use

Strava, Inc. 2014 Peak Riding Times and Days Strava, Inc. 2014 Strava Correlation: Oregon Sample Strava, Inc. 2014

Web Interface: OD and Streets Example Strava, Inc. 2014 Missing Cycling Corridors Strava, Inc. 2014 Final Metro Points Strava is receiving over 3 million uploads a week

and has doubled every year Strava is free to download/use, ad free and available on Iphone and Android phones Stravas apps are translated in 13 languages and the website in 5 Strava GEO is pushing the edge of providing critical cycling data to planning groups Strava, Inc. 2014 Animation Time https:// t=UUdO8l6B6yeRDcsP1snssTPw Strava, Inc. 2014 Strava, Inc. 2014

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