Structures and Bonding - St Edmund Campion Catholic School

Structures and Bonding - St Edmund Campion Catholic School

02/03/20 Chemistry 1 02/03/20 The structure of the atom Describe the structure of an atom 02/03/20 Mass and atomic number

Particle Relative Mass Relative Charge Proton 1 +1 Neutron

1 0 Electron Almost 0 -1 MASS NUMBER SYMBOL

How do you find out the number of Protons? Electrons? Neutrons? PROTON (ATOMIC) NUMBER = Elements, compounds & 02/03/20 mixtures What are Elements?

Compounds? Mixtures? Periodic table Where are the Reactive metals? Transition metals? Non metals? Noble gases? Columns called groups

Rows called periods 02/03/20 Mendelee v He Electron structure Describe how to work out the electron configuration of an

element Nucleus 02/03/20 Covalent bonding Give 4 facts about covalent bonding 02/03/20 Ionic bonding

Na 02/03/20 Give 4 facts about ionic bonding Cl + Na Cl Limestone

Limestone is a sedimentary rock made up of mainly calcium carbonate. Its cheap and easy to obtain by quarrying. What is limestone? How is it obtained? Give 4 uses of limestone 02/03/20 Limestone What are the pros and cons of quarrying?

02/03/20 02/03/20 The Limestone Cycle Calcium Carbonate (CaCO + 3) water calcium hydroxide Ca(OH)2 (slaked lime)

calcium oxide + carbon dioxide CaO (quicklime) + CO2 How is limestone converted into calcium oxide? How is calcium oxide converted into calcium hydroxide? Metal extraction 02/03/20

What are the 3 ways of extracting metals? increasing reactivity Metals can either be found native in the ground (e.g. gold) or are found as metal ores (e.g. iron = haematite, aluminium = bauxite) potassium sodium calcium

magnesiu m aluminium carbon zinc iron lead copper silver gold Reduction

What is reduction? 02/03/20 carbon zinc iron lead copper Electrolysis Give 5 facts about electrolysis

+ + + + Cu2 + Cu2 + -

02/03/20 potassium sodium calcium magnesium aluminium carbon 02/03/20 Bioleaching & phytomining

Describe how these 2 new methods work Recycling metals Give 5 reasons for recycling Properties of metals Give 5 properties of metals 02/03/20 Copper, Aluminium and02/03/20

Titanium For each metal give a property and a corresponding use Alloys 02/03/20 What is an alloy? Why are alloys better than pure metals? Gold mixed

with copper Aluminium mixed with magnesium and copper Aluminiun mixed with chromium Using Iron

02/03/20 How is iron obtained? What are the problems of this iron? How can this iron be improved? Steel with a low Steel with a high carbon content carbon content is easily shaped is strong but brittle Steel with

chromium and nickel is called stainless steel 02/03/20 Crude oil What is crude oil? How is it separated? D e

c r e a s i n g t e m p e

r a t u r e Alkanes What are alkanes? What is the general formula? 02/03/20

Patterns 02/03/20 Increasing length Give 3 properties of an increased chain length Burning Fossil Fuels What are the differences between the 2

types of burning? H H H O C O H



O O O O H H 02/03/20 Sulphur dioxide

What are the problems associated with sulphur dioxide? 02/03/20 Alternative fuels What are the pros and cons of Ethanol Biodiesel Hydrogen gas 02/03/20

Cracking 02/03/20 Gaseous hydrocarbon Long chain hydrocarbo n Heated catalyst

What is cracking? Liquid hydrocarbon How does it occur? Why does cracking need to happen? Alkenes 02/03/20 What are alkenes?

What is the general formula? Why is there no alkene with only 1 C? Testing for alkenes What is the test for alkenes? 02/03/20 Making ethanol What are the 2 ways of making ethanol?

What are the pros and cons for each? 02/03/20 02/03/20 Monomers and Polymers How are polymers made? n C

C C C n Ethene Poly(ethene) Properties & uses of polymers

Give properties of polymers and corresponding uses 02/03/20 Extracting plant oils How are plant oils extracted? 02/03/20 Emulsions What is an emulsion?

What are emulsifiers? 02/03/20 Emulsifiers - HT 02/03/20 How do emulsifiers work? emulsifier water

oil Saturated and unsaturated 02/03/20 oils What is the difference between saturated and unsaturated oils? 02/03/20 Hydrogenating oil- HT How and why is oil hydrogentated?

02/03/20 The Structure of the Earth Describe the structure of the Earth Tectonic plates Describe how tectonic plates are able to move 02/03/20 Tectonic theory

What is tectonic theory? What evidence is there for it? 02/03/20 02/03/20 Movement at boundaries What is the impact of movement between plate boundaries? What type of plate movement causes each? Carbon

dioxide Evolution of the Earths Methane Atmosphere Ammonia Oxygen Nitrogen 02/03/20 Others Describe how and why the Earths atmosphere

has changed 4 Billion years 3 Billion years 2 Billion years 1 Billion years Present day

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