Study Title - DELS Microsite Network

Study Title - DELS Microsite Network

COSA Committee Meeting June 22, 2017 Jennifer Draher Oceanographer Office of Renewable Energy Programs [email protected] Hydrodynamic Modeling and Particle Tracking in the U.S. Mid-Atlantic Bight

BOEM Information Need: To understand the impact of offshore wind construction projects on regional physical and biological oceanographic processes Date Information is Required: FY 2018 Background Relationship with Previous Work/Efforts:

Use of Finite-Volume Modeling and the Northeast Coastal Ocean Forecast System for OSW Planning Relationship with Concurrent/Future Efforts: None. Study Objectives

1. Model the cumulative and site specific regional and local hydrodynamic changes as a result of offshore wind construction processes. 2. Determine how hydrodynamic changes may impact the transport of juvenile fish and larvae and the susceptibility of sediment resuspension. Methods

Use of 3 models: Wind wake Estimate surface wind velocities to account for changes in air flow due to wind facility operations Ocean circulation High resolution capable of resolving small-scale physical processes throughout the water column Particle tracking

Individual based model for tracking larvae at different life phases or suspended sediment particles Methods Models should: Account for changes within the marine surface boundary layer and the benthic boundary layer Assess changes in wind and current speed and direction and their impact on vertical mixing

Be ground in empirical evidence such as current profiles, bathymetry, and surficial sediment Be capable of modeling the build-out of several offshore wind projects throughout the Mid-Atlantic Bight Relationship to Strategic Science Questions

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