Subtitle - Gift Test

Subtitle - Gift Test

Discover Your Strengths Subtitle Learn where you best fit What you would most like to do or have an effect on? Gift WHAT you will do (your strengths) Where do you desire to make a difference? Call WHERE you will make a difference Personality HOW it will look Photo via Pixabay 2016 Dorena DellaVecchio 2

Motivational Gifts Perceiver Teacher Encourager Server Giver Ruler Mercy Speaking gifts Intrinsic motivations or tendencies that make each person unique. Listed in Romans 12 of the Bible.

Doing gifts Photo via Pixabay 2016 Dorena DellaVecchio 3 Motivational Gifts Knowledge of the gifts enables one to: - Discover their strengths - Know what career or jobs best fit their gifts - This contributes to a sense of well-being and allows you to be where you feel most effective, self-motivated, and satisfied. 2016 Dorena DellaVecchio

Photo via Pixabay 4 Motivational Gifts Identifying gifts in others enables one to: - Understand how to motivate different people - Understand the why behind someones likes and dislikes - Results in better interpersonal relationships Photo via Pixabay 2016 Dorena DellaVecchio

5 Gifts vary within your lifetime We each have 2 or 3 gifts called a gift mix or profile During our lifetime, our gift mix varies depending on: Different roles in life Different occupations (career changes) Different relationships (son or daughter versus parent, grandparent) Different times of life (school, work, retirement) 2016 Dorena DellaVecchio 6

Perceiver Ability to reveal information to help others, keen discernment and sense of right and wrong Desire to stand up for what is rightand intense disdain for injustice Tend to see things in black and white with no gray areas. High integrity, values truth. Can become passionate about a principle or cause having the right message but too zealous in their presentation. Perceivers are bold and will confront. Tend to be private individuals due to introspective nature. Can become too critical of themselves. 2016 Dorena DellaVecchio 7

Photo via Pixabay Perceiver Friendships go deep, they are loyal, protective individuals Problem solvers, they can see what is wrong in people and situations. This can make them appear critical or pessimistic of others when their gift is not understood. Enjoys the challenge of solving tough issues/problems Creative, inventive, often entrepreneurial Gifted for advisory roles, advocating, public speaking, legal occupations, and the arts 2016 Dorena DellaVecchio 8

Server Particularly skilled to identify tasks or resources needed and plans ahead to meet needs Motivated by helping someone else Prefer to accomplish tasks without an audience See needs behind the scenes as essential to making things work on the front lines Efficient, keeps things moving Attends to detail, works with excellence, Excels at achieving short term goals Photo via Pixabay 2016 Dorena DellaVecchio 9

Server Completes tasks on time Prefers to assist rather than lead out in the forefront Self starters, organized Cooperative versus competitive Shows loyalty in actions versus words Natural event planners, assistants, retail managers, hotel and food management, nursing, and various supportive roles 2016 Dorena DellaVecchio 10

Teacher Uses sound, rational, instructive reasoning to help others to learn Natural ability to present difficult concepts in ways that are easy to understand Concerned with presenting truth in a logical way Needs to know reasoning behind concepts or ideas, does not take things at face value May appear argumentative when trying to gain further, deeper understanding Consummate debaters Photo via Pixabay 2016 Dorena DellaVecchio 11

Teacher Speaking gift, comfortable speaking/teaching others and usually in front of groups Needs intellectual stimulation, gets bored with routine tasks Motivated by helping others learn and grow in understanding and competency Tends to be skilled researchers Usually avid readers, excellent students Good in think tanks, R&D, teaching professions, curriculum design, educational roles such as guidance counselor, and program directors. 2016 Dorena DellaVecchio 12

Encourager Ability to call forth the best in others through encouragement and motivation Speaking gift, usually an extraverted individual Likes to give practical advice and see people improve and succeed Gregarious personality Large circle of friends and acquaintances Well liked Avoids conflict and confrontation Photo via Pixabay 2016 Dorena DellaVecchio 13

Encourager Tends to have a charismatic personality Usually has influence with many people Often finds themselves in leadership positions by default Optimistic, positive outlook Master communicators Common gifting for leaders, dancers, singers, performers, show hosts, coaches, networking roles, interviewers/journalists, motivational speakers, and salespeople. 2016 Dorena DellaVecchio 14

Giver Characterized by a charitable, generous attitude Donates time, money, energy to assist others in practical ways Motivated by knowing what they gave brought aid or joy to another regardless of whether the recipient knew the source or not. Tends to be frugal, manages their own finances well Usually has a talent to make and save money Industrious Photo via Pixabay 2016 Dorena DellaVecchio 15

Giver Sometimes entrepreneurial in their thinking Effective in positions that require financial or mathematical proficiency such as budgeting, accounting, financial planning, accounts payable, or handling finances for organizations in some way. Their generous attitude often draws them into hospitality and/or customer service roles and enables them to go above and beyond to satisfy customers. When patience and generosity of others runs out, a true givers continue to be gracious. 2016 Dorena DellaVecchio 16

Ruler Motivated to lead others to accomplish a common goal and succeed. Sees the big picture Looks ahead for possibilities, obstacles, and guides others to a successful completion. Take charge, assertive nature. May appear bossy when their gift is not understood. Comfortable being in authority An ability to bring order by setting up structures, systems, methods for others to follow. Photo via Pixabay 2016 Dorena DellaVecchio 17

Ruler Resembles behaviors of the other gifts Like Perceivers, Rulers warn of upcoming possibilities or obstacles Like Teachers, Rulers use sound and rational counsel to convince others of the common goal Like Encouragers, Rulers inspire others to improve and succeed Like Servers, Rulers tend to be task driven Unique to a Ruler is the motivation to be in charge Rulers do well in management positions, not always leadership positions. Effective as managers within a larger organization. Skills work well in consulting and advisory roles. 2016 Dorena DellaVecchio

18 Mercy Motivated to relieve suffering of others, show empathy, and bring comfort Like Perceivers, Mercy gifts are concerned about injustice because of the desire to help the victims of injustice. Enables one to extend patience and grace to others for longer periods of time than other gifts Tender-hearted and people focus versus task focus Needs to be aware of their sensitive nature, feelings hurt easier than other gifts. Avoids conflict and confrontations

Photo via Pixabay 2016 Dorena DellaVecchio 19 Mercy Less likely to become frustrated when people repeatedly come to them with problems, unlike those gifted in other areas. Good fit for human resource departments where employee concerns are addressed. Must understand the need to set personal boundaries so they do not get burned out with problems of others. Often effective in hospitality roles where bringing comfort is

needed. Mercy gifts tend to be gifted in the creative arts Good fit for roles that require compassion such as nursing, working with children, physical therapists, counselors. 2016 Dorena DellaVecchio 20 Learn where you best fit Are you doing what you were created for? Are you using your strengths? Discovering your gifts will enable you to seek out opportunities where you feel the most comfortable, effective, and personally satisfied. 2016 Dorena DellaVecchio 21

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