SUISS via ESU's TLab

SUISS via ESU's TLab

SUISS via ESUs TLab HI! IM Teacher: Writer: HILARY Indian Creek High School: AP Literature & Composition, AP Language & Composition, English 9 Honors, & Creative

MFA in screenwriting from Pepperdine University Young adult literature & comedy screenplays 2 But most importantly, I had the pleasure of attending SUISS this summer in Edinburgh

because of ESUUS Indianapolis! 3 4 SUISS PROGRAM Lectures on Modernism and Scottish Literature Writing Workshops Writing Masterclasses

Edinburgh Cultural Experiences Author & Poet Readings 5 6 Lectures at SUISS MODERNISM:

Imagist poetry The Wasteland, T.S. Eliot Katherine Mansfield short stories Good Morning, Midnight, Jean Rhys SCOTTISH LITERATURE:

Sunset Song, Lewis Grassic Gibbon Black Watch, Gregory Burke Janice Galloway short stories A.L. Kennedy short stories TEACHING EFFECTS: AP Literature: Symbolism using Janice Galloways Jellyfish AP Language: Arguments

by T.S. Eliot & visual rhetoric in Black Watch English 9H: Selections from Sunset Song for making a complex character in their own short stories 7 8 Writing

Workshops at 6SUISS PARTICIPANTS & 1 MENTOR, 4-5 DAYS A WEEK Produced 4 pieces for workshop Produced 4 pieces for 1-1 mentor Discussed fiction, poetry Discovered writing exercises TEACHING:

AP Literature: Lesson on characterization using What We Talk about When We Talk about Love Writing exercises used in English 9H & Creative Writing Club Development of syllabus for Creative Writing

PERSONAL: Developing characters and stories Editing one short story from 1-1 Entered Pitch Wars 9

10 Writing Masterclasses at TWO-HOUR SUISSINTENSIVES: TEACHING: Zoe Strachan (Scottish novelist), Colin Herd (English poet), Rachel McCrum (Irish poet),

Damon Herd (Scottish comic artist), & Russell Jones (Scottish speculative writer) (Planned) Creative Writing: Comic book development English 9H: Using art to generate story ideas

Creative Writing Club: Description exercises 11 12 Writing Exercise: Describe an old man looking at a barn. The old mans son has just died in a war. You cannot mention the son, death, or war. 13

The paint slowing slinking down the side Red like the blood of the fallen Not fresh But dried and stale like a cracker A cracker smashed by the 14

Despite the exterior looking fairly intact, the barn fell out of use long ago. He was reminded of those humid summer days, heavy with the stench of manure, when those hearty horses were still shuffling about in their stables. One by one they went until that barn was as empty as it was the day he first stepped foot in it. The building had lost all purpose, yet here he was

15 16 Author & Poet Readings at SUISS READINGS BY OTHERS: Novelist James Robertson Author Janice Galloway Poets JL Williams & Colin McGuire Poet Patrick Errington PARTICIPANT READINGS:

Open Mics CinePoem Challenge Ceilidh TEACHING: (Planned) Creative Writing: CinePoem Challenge AP Literature: Janice Galloway (Planned) Creative Writing: Poem in the style of P. Errington

17 18 19 Cultural Excursions at SUISS WITH SUISS: Scottish Poetry Library University of Edinburgh library Arthurs Seat

Ian Hamilton Finlays Little Sparta City Art Centre Fruit Market Art Museum Scottish Parliament INDEPENDENTLY (ABRIDGED): Scottish Writers Museum Pentland Hills Holyrood Palace Harry Potter walking tour Isle of Skye

St Andrews Paris & Normandy 20 Thank you, ESU Indianapolis I learned a tremendous amount, had unforgettable adventures, and experienced the most impactful summer of my life. It would not have been possible without you. Thank

you! 21

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