Susan Cooper's The Boggart & CALL - Academics

Susan Cooper's The Boggart & CALL - Academics

Susan Coopers The Boggart & CALL By Barbara Dall & Jana Pedemonte Fall 1998 GSL 520 Description of Class

Language Proficiency: High Intermediate to Advanced Previous Computer Work: Proficiency in word processing, e-mail, web site production Class Make-up: 20 middle school students of mixed language backgrounds Class Goal: Final class project to synthesize year-long language and computer skills

Materials Computer Needs: Computer for each group of students Web production program--Front Page

Internet access Word Processing program Other Classroom Materials: Books on Scotland, castles, Scottish folk tales Scottish music on tapes, CD Pictures, posters, food, clothing of Scotland Objectives

Language Practice creative and factual report writing Synthesize writing, listening, research and discussion skills Produce process and edited written work through e-mail and web page Use process writing (e-mails) to create class book of stories (edited writing)

Computer Reinforce all skills taught throughout the year Procedures for Writing Activities I-III Review e-mail tandem story writing procedures Read directions for the writing activities

Use the buttons to complete the task Use e-mail to complete the activity Procedure for Web Page Creation Review computer research and web creation skills Explore castle sites in small groups Divide tasks within groups

Note information and sites for web pages Build web page Activity I Read pages 62-64 (the scene where the Boggart enters the house and eats the chocolate sauce). With your e-mail partner, write the next chapter of the story.

To listen to the story, click To listen and read the story, click here. To read the story by yourself, click here. For help with vocabulary, click here Click on the loudspeaker to hear the story.

Back to Activity I Activity I continued Write a paragraph and send it to your partner Read what your partner has written and add the next paragraph to continue the story Continue back and forth writing the

paired story until done Activity II Listen to an excerpt from Mendelssohns Fingals Cave The music store salesman tells Emily, See if you can find the words inside it. They say How lovely the sea is! (p. 81)

Do you agree? Write your e-mail partner with your opinion. Activity III Emily writes to Tommy to tell him of the Boggarts antics in Toronto. Tommy makes some suggestions about how to make the Boggart want to come home. (p. 142) To see what a Boggarts home could

look like, visit Torosay Castle or Duart Castle, both on the Isle of Mull. Activity III continued How would you get the Boggart home? Write your e-mail partner with your idea. Will your partners idea work? Why

or why not? Respond to your partner Activity IV Create a castle web page In small groups of 3-4, research information about castles. Use the information to create a web site that highlights a part of Scottish castle

life or history. Your web page should contain factual information in paragraphs and graphics. Some Places to Start

Ians Land of Castles Castles for Kids Castles of Scotland Potential Problems Difficulties in reading the text. Will need to support students in reading the original

text. Computer glitches (have books available for back up) Finding appropriate research sites for age/language proficiency of students Monitor small groups for cooperation and production of all students. Evaluation of Student

Learning Written texts evaluated for Vermont Writing Portfolio criteria Web pages evaluated for appropriate content and graphics Group work evaluated for cooperation, input of each student, and production of final project

Bibliography Cooper, Susan. The Boggart. New York: McElderry Books, 1993. Gravatt, Christopher. Castle. New York: Knopf, 1994. Macaulay, David. Castle. New York: Houghton Mifflin, 1977. ----. Castle. PBS Video, 1983.

Bibliography cont. Mendelssohn, Felix. The Hebrides-Overture (Fingals Cave) Op. 26. Chandos Records LTD, CHAN 8379. Platt, Richard. Stephen Biestys Incredible Cross-Sections. New York: Knopf, 1992. Back to beginning of slideshow

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