Symbols, motifs and themes in - Weebly

Symbols, motifs and themes in - Weebly

Symbols, motifs and themes to kill a mockingbird TKAM - Themes Themes are the Universal Meanings derived from art. They are usually not stated directly. To uncover the theme pay attention to a few things: Characters and what happens to them in the end The title Symbols and figurative language Tone

Imagery Details Phrases that are repeated Themes Some themes that are predominant in the novel:

Prejudice and superstition can lead to injustice Individuals have a responsibility to protect the innocent One persons wrongdoing can release evil into the entire community People often fear what they dont understand Themes

Race Relations Growing up Search for Identity America divided Justice vs. the Law TK AM History vs. the

Present Conformity vs. Individuality Gender Roles Stereotypes Exposed Myths of Childhood

Themes The most important parts of a child's education may take place in the home and the community rather than in the school. Insight, maturity, understanding, and integrity have no necessary relation to age, social position, or formal education Appearances don't always

reflect reality Symbols Lee employs several central symbols in the novel Mockingbird Snowman

Mad dog - Tim Johnson Boo Radley Clothing esp. Scouts clothes Buildings Symbols and Symbolism (6:12mins): Symbols Mockingbirds Praised in songs and poem, the mockingbird mainly resides in the South. It is pale gray and white, about the size of the robin.

While its call is a harsh-sounding tchack, its song is beautiful and characterized by repeated notes and phrases. Its gift for imitation is how it got its name. Mockingbird as a symbol The mockingbird symbolizes Tom Robinson and Boo Radley who are both good people but dont have their own song in the town. Scout and Jem are also

mockingbirds" They are both innocent in the beginning of the book, but as the novel progresses they face prejudice, malice, fear and evil which change them and they become more mature. Names Some of the characters names in the book are symbolic. Scout = a seeker, scouting out

new areas of experience Atticus = the district Attica of ancient Greece in which Athens was located. Atticus is also connected with Stoics because of his way of living and justice, wisdom, courage and temperance The snowman The snowman is a symbol of prejudice. It shows that blacks arent judged on their own merits, but on their relationships with the white folks in town.

Mad Dog - Tim Johnson Tim Johnson represents prejudice, and how, like a rabid dog , it spreads its disease throughout the town. Atticus Finch is seen as a hero for he kills racism and prejudice, not allowing it to spread. Tim Johnsons appearance also symbolizes the unrest and insanity that are upon Maycomb- through Tom Robinson`s trial. Miss Maudie's house Miss Maudies house symbolizes the chaos and uncertainty of what is to come.

The fire itself is symbolic of the upcoming conflicts that Scout and the community will face. Social class Differences in social status are explored largely through the overcomplicated

social ladder of Maycomb. Finches and most of the townspeople beneath them Cunningham Ewells The black community Femininity Throughout the book several female

characters influence Scout's development as a lady. Miss Maudie and Calprunia are the women which become a model for Scout as the novel progreses with their behavior good heart and understanding. Although Mayella Ewell and Mrs Dubose are the most hateful persons for the little girl they help her see the reality. Aunt Alexandra tries to change completely for her good Scout but at

Coexistence of good and evil Coexistence of good and evil is one of the main themes in the novel. We can follow how every character is touched by this topic. For example Scout is changed

but keeps believing in goodness unlike Jem who is completely deprived of faith. Atticus is the balance between these two extremes. He accepts that good and evil exist and thinks that we cannot judge anyone. Bravery Bravery takes many forms in "To Kill a Mockingbird".

The reader sees it in Atticus' defense of Tom Robinson, in his children when they face challenge like Scout`s confrontation with the mob at the jail, or in Mrs. Dubose's fight with the morphine addiction, and, of course, in Boo Radley when he grabs a knife and kills Ewell so that he saves Scout and Jem's lives. Walk in Another Man's Shoes

This theme is represented through Boo Radley, a man surrounded by mystery, gossips and for this reason prejudices. Because of them originally Scout thinks him of a monster but in the end she even comes

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