Synod on the Family - Boston College

Synod on the Family - Boston College

Re-Reading the Roman Tea Leaves: The Francis Effect on the Munus docendi & gubernandi of the Church By Rev. James T. Bretzke, S.J., S.T.D. Marquette U. Wade Chair Spring Semester 2015 Professor: Boston College School of Theology & Ministry

Thesis, Scope & Disclaimers A Work in Progress & Hitting a Moving Target! Reading Tea-leaves is an imprecise art Perennial danger of `""DJ4" (hamartia) missing the mark and the theological vice of $D4H (hubris) pride Can touch only a limited and quite selected range of topics

Setting the Topic & Predicting the Future Trajectories 1st Reading of Roman Tea-Leaves Shifting ecclesial landscape ad intra and ad extra Attitudes toward the World & the Pope Legal vs. Pastoral Paradigms & Deductive vs. Inductive Reading of Truth, leading to new Moral & Pastoral analysis of concrete situations Gradualism of the Law OR Law of Gradualism

Doctrine & Tradition: Continuity & Change Conflict of Duties & Hierarchy of Truths Politics & Primacy of Conscience Sensus Fidelium and the Magisterium Morto un papa, se ne fa un altro? (a pope dies, they just make a new one) 11 February 2013, Vatican City, Consistory of Cardinals Bianca! Bianca!

Annuntio vobis gaudium magnum: Habemus Papam! Pope Benedict XVI 19 April 2005 Pope Francis 13 March 2013 The Francis Effect Thesis Popes JPII & Benedict

XVI Church as the best bulwark of truth in a modern age severely challenged, by secularism, relativism, nihilism, gender ideologies, etc. Antidotes: Fides et Ratio, Veritatis Splendor,

Evangelium vitae, Dominus Jesus Pope Francis Gospel mandate with Church as field hospital Ministering to deeply wounded souls, through the ministrations of a

Church goes out to them and is not afraid of taking on the smell of the sheep The Francis Ecclesiology Fundamental Values & Root Paradigms Fundamental Values express assumptions about the world as a whole, and in particular about human nature

and concomitant appropriate behavior. Values here are subjectivei.e., that which a subject holds dear, rather than intrinsic basic goods These values are incarnated in Root Paradigms, e.g., Justice as Fairness, or The Way of the Cross for Christianity, Both secular and ecclesial cultures have a number of interrelated fundamental values and root paradigms Pray, pay, & obey might be a sort of Root Paradigm related to certain understandings of the fundamental values of the Ecclesia docens & discens

Theological Premises of Ecclesial Paradigms Only God Can Know the Whole of Reality Thus for the rest of us this knowledge is necessarily incomplete and partial, and we tend to understand complex realities according to models and paradigms Can we speak of authentic cultural paradigms for theology, morality and ecclesiology? Necessary Openness to Revision of All

Paradigmsespecially in light of new insights Epideictic Rhetoric 4 Cultures of the West prophetic, academic, rhetorical, performative

Ego vobis Romae propitius ero I will be propitious to you-all in Rome Ignatius & Companions at La Storta, on the way to Rome

3 Munera of the Magisterium Munus Docendi To Teach authoritatively Munus Guberandi To Govern Munus Sanctificandi To Help Sanctify Exemplars of the Munera The 2014 ITC Sensus fidei, vs. the 2009

ITC Natural Law Reform the Roman Curia & New cardinals Appointment of bishops in key diocesan Sees such as Chicago, San Diego and Santa Fe Sex-Abuse Crisis and Episcopal Responsibility Conclusion Visitation of the LCWR The Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy October 2014 Extraordinary Synod &

ITC Sensus Fidei: Quote 1 80. There are occasions, however, when the reception of magisterial teaching by the faithful meets with difficulty and resistance, and appropriate action on both sides is required in such situations. The faithful must reflect on the teaching that has been given, making every effort to understand and accept it. Resistance, as a matter of principle, to the teaching of the magisterium is incompatible with the authentic sensus fidei. The magisterium must likewise reflect on the teaching that

has been given and consider whether it needs clarification or reformulation in order to communicate more effectively the essential message. These mutual efforts in times of difficulty themselves express the communion that is essential to the life of the Church, and likewise a yearning for the grace of the Spirit who guides the Church into all the truth (Jn 16:13). ITC Sensus Fidei: Quote 2 77. The magisterium also judges with authority whether opinions which are present among the people of God, and

which may seem to be the sensus fidelium, actually correspond to the truth of the Tradition received from the Apostles. As Newman said: the gift of discerning, discriminating, defining, promulgating, and enforcing any portion of that tradition resides solely in the Ecclesia docens. Thus, judgement regarding the authenticity of the sensus fidelium belongs ultimately not to the faithful themselves nor to theology but to the magisterium. Nevertheless, as already emphasised, the faith which it serves is the faith of the Church, which lives in all of the faithful, so it is always within the communion life of the Church that the magisterium

exercises its essential ministry of oversight. Reform of the Curia Gang of 9 Cardinals to Advise Regularly Appointment of Cardinal Pell to Economic Czar Gradual Re-alignment of the other Curia officers Secretary of State, Parolin Signatura (Buke out, Mamberti in)

New Heads for Clergy, Religious, Worship, Saints New consultors for Bishops (Burke & Rigali out; Wuerl in) New Cardinal Electors 31 of 120 electors now appointed now by Francis

Cultural change in the cursus honorum tradition February 2015 men from 18 different countries and many diocesan Sees which either had never had a cardinal, or had not had one in centuries (Cape Verde, Tonga, Myanmar [Burma], Michocn [Mexico], etc.) new Ethiopian cardinal Berhaneyesus Souraphiel: to make the hierarchical Church Appointment of Francis Bishops

Blase Cupich, Chicago: civility in political discourse Robert McElroy, San Diego, Catholic social teaching expert John Stowe, OFM, Lexington, KY, JSTB alum John Wester, Santa Fe, who said Listening is key Pushback from Conservatives: Not a word about abortion, contraception, or gay marriage

Indeed, their collective priorities focus more on the common good, economic issues, resistance to the death penalty, a more Christian approach to immigration reform None is on Gammarellis preferred customer mailing list Sex Abuse Wider Accountability Creation of Sexual Abuse Vatican Panel with lay victims as members

Greater frankness on the part of the hierarchy, e.g., Cardinal OMalleys 60 Minutes interview De-Finn-istration of conservative KC Opus Dei prelate, without the usual exit gambit of promoveatur ut amoveatur Reactions, largely positive, but from the usual suspects from the Right Finn Removal Negative Reactions Hated For Being Catholic: The true

reason why Bishop Robert Finn of Kansas City-Saint Joseph was sacked Before It's Over FrancisChurch Will Be So Squeaky Clean There Won't Be a Catholic Left Poor Bishop Robert Finn finally hounded from office Catholic Leagues Wm Donahue: Our prayers are with Bishop Finn, and we thank him for cleaning up the mess he

inherited. It will make his successors job that much easier Francis Effect in Diplomacy Regime change in the Secretariat of State: Bertone out, Parolin in 2014 Prayer Service with Shimon Peres of Israel, & Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority in the Vatican gardens

Being Undiplomatic in Denouncing Armenian Genocide in Turkey Brokering a Breakthrough on US-Cuba Relations Recognition of the Palestinian State Normalization of Liberation Theology What might be next? The Francis Effect & Women Welcoming Lutheran

Archbishop Antje Jackelen of Uppsala, the first woman head of the Church of Sweden Resolution of the LCWR Investigation Francis Effect: Feminist Ethics Innovations in the 2014 Synod Public Questionnaire that Bishops were invited to

share broadly Lineamenta and Instrumentum Laboris that acknowledged frankly areas of difficulty and nonacceptance of Church teaching Frank, and even acrimonious, pre-Synod posturing by members on all points on the ecclesiological spectrum Far greater secular media attention in the secular press given to the run-up, reporting and post-Synod analysis Voting results on each Paragraph in the Final Report Popes Opening Address

Told the prelates they should speak openly, without fear of upsetting him or limiting discussions to things he would want to hear. Using the Greek term (parrhesia-- meaning to speak candidly or boldly, and without fear --"speak with parrhesia and listen with humility." Working in a synod, the pontiff continued, does not mean prelates should say only what Francis wants to hear. "This is not good!" said the pope. "A general condition is this," said the pope. "Speak clearly. Let

no one say: 'This you cannot say.'" "You need to say all that you feel with parrhesia," he continued. "And, at the same time, you should listen with humility and accept with an open heart what your brothers say." Treatment of Gay Family Members? The Pirolas vs. Cardinal Burke The Austrailian Pirolas Synod Presentation on Accepta nce of Gay Children

Friends of ours were planning their Christmas family gathering when their gay son said he wanted to bring his partner home too. They fully believed in the Churchs teachings and they knew their grandchildren would see them welcome the son and his partner into the family. Their response could be summed up in three words, He is our son. Cardinal Burkes Interview afte

r the Pirolas Presentation: If homosexual relations are intrinsically disordered, which indeed they are reason teaches us that and also our faith then, what would it mean to grandchildren to have present at a family gathering a family member who is living [in] a disordered relationship with another person?

Mercy vs. Truth Personalist Approach Doctrinal Approach Mercy in the Papal Triple Munera Misericordiae Vultus #10 Mercy is the very foundation of the

Churchs life. All of her pastoral activity should be caught up in the tenderness she makes present to believers; nothing in her preaching and in her witness to the world can be lacking in mercy. The Churchs very credibility is seen in how she shows merciful and compassionate love (MV #10). Providence RI Bishop Thomas Tobin PostSynod Sound Bytes

In trying to accommodate the needs of the age, as Pope Francis suggests, the Church risks the danger of losing its courageous, counter-cultural, prophetic voice, a voice that the world needs to hear. The concept of having a representative body of the Church voting on doctrinal applications and pastoral solutions strikes me as being rather Protestant. Pope Francis is fond of creating a mess. Mission accomplished.

Relax. Gods still in charge. Rainy Days & Drought for SF Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone "The Next Synod is a Battle between Christ and the Antichrist: - On whose side will you stand?" The Church of the last decades has functioned, or rather malfunctioned, She has been weak to the point of losing blood on the ground of doctrine and morality

unsparing in her repression and negation of every legitimate opinion that has the intent of reaffirming the doctrinal and moral truths, and to give free reign to those whose intent is to destroy her. Alessandro Gnocchi In Rorate Coeli Blog 25 February 2015 Truth Claims as Facts? Truth claims are also grounded in

fundamental values and root paradigms. E.g. as in Rev. Dwight Longeneckers recent National Catholic Register blog: Catholic beliefs are not simply a matter of opinion; they are a matter of fact. Even if we want to, we cant change the essentials of the sacrament of marriage not because we cant change our beliefs, but because we cant change

facts Challenges & Opportunities Cardinal Burke & His Conscience I cannot accept that Communion can be given to a person in an irregular union because it is adultery. On the question of people of the same sex, this has nothing to do with marriage. This is an affliction suffered by some people

whereby they are attracted against nature sexually to people of the same sex. Question: If perchance the pope will persist in this direction, what will you do? Cardinal Burke: I shall resist, I can The Popes Final Synod Discourse Termed the process a camino which could be translated as a

road, process or even a pilgrimage Acknowledged consolations, tensions, and 5 principal temptations faced by everyone present: Hostile rigidity to the letter of the law OR to ideological positions rather than leaving ourselves open to the Spirit Dont seek to do good that puts band-aids on wounds without first treating or healing them Dont transform stones into bread and bread into stones to cast against sinners, the weak, and the sick Dont forsake the Cross in order to adapt to the world

Dont misuse the Depositum fidei either thinking ourselves its owners rather than guardians OR dont use language in such a way as to employ many words while saying nothing much at all Antidotes to Odium theologicum St. Ignatius Presupposition Spir Ex. #22 let it be presupposed that every good Christian is to be more ready to save his neighbor's proposition than to

condemn it. If he cannot save it, let him inquire how he means it; and if he means it badly, let him correct him with charity. St. Augustine: In fide, unitas: in dubiis, libertas; in omnibus, caritas "In faith, unity; in doubt, liberty; in all things, charity." These are both important guides to Christian discernment and living in common: unity in faith is important, but in

cases of doubt a plurality of opinions and practices should be allowed, and the over-riding principle must always be charity towards each other, presupposing the others basic good faith and will.

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