Systems Thinking and Managing Complexity - Temple MIS

Systems Thinking and Managing Complexity - Temple MIS

PLEASE SIT WITH YOUR GROUPS Please submit your Reading Summary MIS 5402 Managing Technology and Systems Week 6 THE PARTY IS OVER. TODAY IS THE LAST CLASS!

Reminder : REFLECTION JOURNAL DUE BY MIDNIGHT FRIDAY Send to [email protected] Enterprise Cloud Computing Computing On

Demand Enterprise Cloud Computing Cloud computing refers to the delivery of computing services over a proprietary network or the Internet. Those services mainly include infrastructure (i.e. servers, storage devices, etc.), development platforms, and software applications. Technology as a utility (pay-as-you-go) Capital Expenditures become Operating Expenditures Enables universal, global, & mobile collaboration

Source: Cloud Computing Benefits Pitfalls Downtime

Less expensive Fewer staff people with greater focus and more time Increased Agility/Scalability Remote access Disaster Recovery

Easier to Use Improved service and performance Device security Data integrity Privacy & confidentiality of data Compliance Big Players in Cloud Computing

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Google Cloud Platform Oracle And many others Cloud Computing Models

IaaS: Infrastructure as a Service PaaS: Platform as a Service SaaS: Software as a Service Various other models exist (XaaS) / hybrid IaaS, PaaS, SaaS Explained IaaS: host you pay for the infrastructure but you are responsible for all application development and deployment and support activities. PaaS: build you pay for the infrastructure and for a

developing platform that supports many areas of deployment so you can just focus on programming your application. SaaS: consume you pay for an entire solution that is fully built, deployed, and distributed over the web for you to consume on demand. You have no infrastructure, development, deployment, or support responsibilities. IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) Online services that abstract user from the detail of infrastructure like physical computing resources, location, data

partitioning, scaling, security, backup, etc. The user is responsible for installing and maintaining the operating system and the application software. Pay for resources allocated and consumed, much like a utility service. IaaS: Amazon Web Services: EC2 The gold standard in IaaS Many services

you use run on AWS Hundreds of success stories Click image to watch demo AWS Case Study: Johnson & Johnson Click image to watch video AWS Case Study: Johnson & Johnson

What we learned from watching the video: What are J&J main product offerings (pharmaceuticals and medical devices) How J&J have achieved global growth (M&A) Forces in the competitive landscape: demand for efficiency, transparency, healthcare reform, emerging markets What AWS did for J&Js technology architecture (hard and soft benefits?) Servers on demand & Virtualization Compliance with FDA, HIPPA, CMS Insights (how does big data create value by providing insights?) BYOD trend

AWS Case Study: Netflix << Click image to watch video Questions based on the video: How has AWS solved Netflixs technology needs? What are virtualization instances? What are the benefits of scalability in architecture? What are some other potential uses for web services? Google Cloud Platform: Compute Engine Built on the same infrastructure as

Google search engine, Gmail, YouTube: Powered by Google Scalable virtualization on demand Pay per consumption, like a utility, cents per hour of usage Each virtual machine instance is equipped with resources like disk, network, firewall, etc. PaaS (Platform as a Service) Build and deploy applications to the web quickly and without the significant capital expenditures and

complexity of investments in infrastructure and support layers Platform includes security layers, databases, operating systems, and developing/execution environments Rapid deployment Automatic Scaling Integration with developing tools Pay for what your application consumes PaaS: Google App Engine (2008) The gold standard in PaaS

Supports Python, Java, PHP, and Go Includes free quotas Pay per application consumption Hundreds of apps built and deployed GCP Case Study: Snapchat << Click image to watch video

Snapchat has been valued at ~$15 Billion All it offers is an app to share temporary, fleeting images Why is scalability so important? How might demand surge during events like Superbowl, Academy Awards, Elections, etc.?

PaaS: AWS Elastic Beanstalk (2011) Launched 3 years after (and in response to) Google App Engine Supports more programming languages than Google Uses similar quotas and pay per consumption model Click image to watch demo SaaS (Software as a Service)

Cloud based software Central, multi-tenant or virtualization architecture supports scalability Distributed via web browsers; available anywhere with an internet connection Compatible with multiple operating systems and devices Easy to use, collaborate, update, and sync Revenue model is subscription based Examples of SaaS

SalesForce CRM tool NetSuite CRM and ERP combined service Constant Contact Marketing automation tool GoToMeeting Conferencing solution

Google Docs Collaboration tool DropBox Storage solution Adobe Creative Cloud Suite of creative solution Microsoft 365 Suite of creative solutions

SaaS Subscription Types Monthly billing Term billing Freemium: limited version free forever (usually very low conversion rate) Free Trial: full version free for a period (conversion rates should be higher) Paywall: similar to free trial, content blocked by quota Freemium

Breakout Session + Discussion : PT1 VOLKSWAGEN OF AMERICA MANAGING IT PRIORITIES VOLKSWAGEN OF AMERICA In groups, discuss the following questions: ?

- Describe the problems with the way Volkswagen had been managing IT projects at the start of the case. - How did the new management system change their prioritization processes? - How is it possible that under this new system a critical project (the global supply chain system) was underfunded? Breakout Session + Discussion : PT2 VOLKSWAGEN OF AMERICA

MANAGING IT PRIORITIES VOLKSWAGEN OF AMERICA Each group will discuss and prepare to present an EVIDENCE-BASED response to the following issue: ? Groups 1, 2, 3 and 4: - What did Volkswagen get RIGHT regarding its method of prioritizing IT projects? - How does it enable innovation?

Groups 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9: - What did Volkswagen get WRONG regarding its method of prioritizing IT projects? - How does it hamper innovation? You may use relevant additional information outside of the case material. THE END. THANK YOU!

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