T&I / Lpss Update Summer 2014

T&I / Lpss Update Summer 2014

DRIVE-IN WORKSHOP 2014 AG / T&I / LPSS K U RT D I L LO N / P E G G Y TORRENS APPROVED PATHWAYS BY CLUSTER 2014-15 Agriculture 356 Architecture & Construction 299 Arts, AV, Comm. 267 Business Ent & Management 102 Education & Training 79

Business Finance 181 Govt. & Public Admin. 11 Health Science--62 Hospitality & Tourism 108 Human Services - 348 Information Tech. 214 Law, Public Safety 25 Manufacturing 105 Marketing - 91 STEM 135 Transportation - 49

Total - 2471 (+176 from 2013-14) AG APPROVED PATHWAYS 14-15 Agribusiness Systems 3 Power, Structural & Technical Systems 164 Food Products & Processing Systems 1 Animal Science 8 Plant Systems 43 Agriculture Science 168 Natural Resources & Environmental Systems 2 Biotechnology in Agriculture - 2

T&I / LPSS APPROVED PATHWAYS 14-15 Construction 180 Design & Pre-Construction 119 Production 104 Maintenance 1 Mobile Equipment Maintenance 49 Corrections, Security, Law 16 Emergency & Fire Management - 9 15-16 PATHWAY APPLICATION UPDATES New Pathway Improvement Plan format

2. No advisory committee meeting minutes (keep on file locally) 3. District-level Pathway application option 4. Change, No Change button on each section except for Section 2b 5. 8th grade course that earns high school credit will count towards 3.0 credit minimum requirement for pathway 6. Drop down menu of certifications in addition to the open text box will provide more options 7. Email address for advisory committee members will not be required 1.

STATEWIDE ARTICULATION AGREEMENTS Currently have statewide agreements with 12 postsecondary institutions 91 total statewide agreements 29 Pathways have statewide agreements Considerations: *Make sure your local sequence meets terms of the agreement *Choose agreements that your students may actually use *Advertise ALL appropriate agreements to your students, even if only listing one on pathway application *May list multiple agreements (local & statewide) on

application, but must create separate POS for each SENATE BILL 155 Phase Out: Must be earned by Dec. 2014 NCCER Construction Laborer NCCER Cement Masons Phase Out: Must be earned by Dec. 2015 CDL - Ag. & Truck/Tractor Operator ASE Auto Body Repair I-CAR Auto Body Repair SENATE BILL 155 New Certifications: National Fire Fighter I Fire Fighter

SUCCESS OF SENATE BILL 155 2011 HS Headcount College Credit Hours # Credentials (Public&Private) $ Incentives for Credentials # Districts Participating

2012 3,475 3,870 28,00 28,16 0 1 2013 2014 6,101 44,087

8,208 60,799 711 1,419 (694 Public) (17 Private) (1,409 Public) (10 Private)

$694,167. $1,419,000 50 108 160 ADDITIONS TO THE PATHWAY CHANGES FACT SHEET FOR 15-16 The following courses have new Course Codes Old Code Title

New Code 22250 Career & Community Connections 45250 12108 Advanced Accounting

33108 12168 Marketing Communication 35168 18506 Environmental Resources & Wildlife Science 37506

21111 GIS Technology 21058 OSHA CERTIFICATION COURSES OSHA 10 Hr. General Safety - $25 (21 Modules) Can use on Pathway Application OSHA 10 Hr. Construction Safety - $25 (17 Modules) Can use on Pathway Application OSHA 10 Hr. General Safety (Agriculture) - $25 NEW!! (23 Modules) Can use on Pathway Applications

CareerSafe Safety Awareness Training - $12 Fall Prevention, PPE, Bloodborne Pathogens, Electrocution Hazards, Workplace Violence Prevention, etc. (10 Modules) Cyber Safety Awareness - $5 (3 Modules: Social Media, Cyberbullying, Sexting) CareerSafe Professional Development Program Free for instructors once you complete the 10 Hr. course. Gets you 25 hrs. of PD points www.careersafeonline.com PERKINS RESERVE GRANTS Looking at ideas for 14-15

This year we did: 3-D Printer Grants Welding & Electrical Workshops Teacher Certification for Security Training Paid for K-ACTE Conference Officer A&C CLUSTER REVIEW Committee Review Spring 2014 Changes approved by KACCTE- June 2014 Changes go into effect for the 15-16 school

year (Application date: March 2015) One Pathway with Two Strands New Title: Construction & Design Need 3 credits in one strand before adding courses from the other strand See Fact Sheet of Pathway Changes for Details MANUFACTURING CLUSTER REVIEW Fall 2014 Need Committee Members: H.S. Instructors (6-8) Postsecondary Instructors (3-4) Business/Industry Reps (3-4)

Facilitator (1) Two Face-To-Face Meetings (Wichita?) Welding, Machining, Drafting, Mass Production, Skilled Mechanical Trades Need Instructors from all sizes of School Districts & all areas of the State CPASS UPDATE General CTE - operational Comprehensive Agriculture operational Power, Structural & Technical Systems operational Animal Science pilot Plant Systems pilot Manufacturing pilot

Testing window will open on October 1st, 2014.

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