Team 5 3D Braille Display - Michigan State University

Team 5 3D Braille Display - Michigan State University

TEAM 5 3D BRAILLE DISPLAY Sponsor: MSU Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities & Dr. Satish Udpa Facilitator: Dr. Tongtong Li Steven Chao Kodai Ishikawa Daniel Olbrys Terry Pharaon Michael Wang

Background Braille printers, 3D printed Braille, Braille displays Currently, there are no refreshable 3D displays for the blind Lack of resources for blind students

Some uses: 3D waveforms and curves, maps, pictures, etc. Problem Statement Develop a system able to: Receive image files Process said

images Output results via pin matrix display Design Specifications Understanding design parameters Providing explicit information about the requirements of the products Why the design is built this way Importance of design specification based on usage

Most important to lease important design specification Design Specifications Design Considerations: Pin Movement Push Up: Initially set down (reset down) During pin setting, must maintain set height Must be locked into place during use Pull Down: Initially set/reset up using springs

Pulled down by attached wires Will maintain set height, provides resistance to touch, fast refresh rate Difficult to coordinate individual rod control, very complex, not very robust Design Considerations: Pin Type Smooth Rods Must maintain set height, and needs a locking mechanism for use Easier to design and manufacture, variable pin height

Difficult to hold in place Notched Rods Notches will allow easier locking, with the downside of quantifying pin heights More difficult to design, but more effective with locking mechanism Design Considerations: Locking Mechanism Sliding Plate Easier to implement, but necessitates uniform locking

of pins More uniform distribution of locking resistance to each pin External Compression Series of panels with pins interspaced Hard to implement, but allows a row-by-row locking of the pins

Design Refreshable Display Z Axis pin mechanism X-Y Axes controlled by step motors, gears move pin mechanism into place to raise pin Smooth pins Pins held in place via friction Max height of one inch Controlled by Arduino

Receives processed image over USB and begins pin setting routine Current Progress Small array 4 x 4 Test different pin characteristics Material Shape

Single Pin actuator Step Motors End Semester Goals Large Array 64 x 64 pins Big enough for entire hand Parallel Operation Multiple Pin Actuators Increase speed of image creation More countable height levels Higher resolution More advanced images

Software 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Convert image to grayscale Resize image

Normalize image Convert pixel intensity into a corresponding height Send data to Arduino through serial USB Budget 3D Printed Components - $150 Step Motors - $100 Gears/Track - $40 Arduino Uno R3 - $30 Metal Pins - $30

Approximate Total: $350 Questions? Thank you for your time.

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