TESS & LEADS Update from

TESS & LEADS Update from

TESS & LEADS Update from ADE Educator Support 7 1 0 2 f

o 5 9 2 Act TOPICS Act 295 Overview: Vocabulary & Practices

2018 End-of-Year EdReflect Data Educator Support Today & Tomorrow ESEA Flexibility to . . . . Arkansas ESSA & Act 295

ACT 295 OF 2017 1)Provides statewide flexibility & allows local decision-making in implementing TESS & LEADS. 2) Supports professional learning opportunities, which are personalized & competency-based.

Educator Effectiveness Unit is now. . . Educator Support & Development Unit

TESS & LEADS REMAIN. . . 1) Consistent and statewide; 2) Focused on Effective Practice; 3) Focused on Impacting Student Growth; 4) The PGP is the living guide for learning & development for every educator; 5) Promoting continuous improvement.

TESS & LEADS elements . . . 1) ALL educators in public & charter schools will use TESS & LEADS by position. 2) Student Growth becomes embedded in the evidence of the rubrics. 3) Artifacts are not restricted, but local decisions. 3) Observation & Rating practices are locally defined.

TESS Rubric. . . is based on Charlotte Danielsons Framework for Teaching. The LEADS Rubric transitions from

ISLLC to. . . PSEL & School Turnaround Framework The New LEADS Rubric. . . Will be finalized for statewide use in the 2019-2020 school year.

Will be piloted during the 2018-2019 school year. Definitions we improved. . . . Novice Teacher is a teacher who has completed less than three (3) school years of public school classroom teaching experience (also called Early Educator). Beginning Administrator is a building- or

district-level leader who has completed less than three (3) school years as a building- or district-level leader. Definitions we improved. . . . Formative Year is a year other than a summative evaluation year in which the educators growth is supported collaboratively & is aligned with the

educators Professional Growth Plan. TESS Tracks and LEADS Categories are now. . . Rating Rotations

Observation Evidence expands to. . . Multiple Measures Definitions we use. . . . Direct Observation the observer is

physically present or using technology to observe the teacher or leader performing job functions. Indirect Observation Evidence as a result of observing systems that operate as a result of an educators planning & implementation in the classroom or in a work-related environment.

Definitions we use. . . . Artifacts & Data documentation unique to the educator Section 6 of the Educator Support & Development Rules: Summative Evaluations notes that district policy may allow evidence from peer observations, student feedback, or work done since the last summative such as National Board components, etc.

TESS Track 2A and LEADS Summative Year are now. . . Career Summative Educators

CHANGES IN THE END-OF-YEAR DATA COLLECTION From a statewide perspective: No longer every educator will be required to have an end-ofyear rating to be collected, only Career Summative educators. However, districts may continue this practice. 1) To clean-up the data on teacher performance

2) To permit more support and less judgment for educators in phases of professional growth ORG ADMIN ASSIGNS Only Career Summative Educators will appear on the End-of-Year task

tab for Observers. ORG ADMIN CONTINUES Non-summative educators will have a message on the Learner Home Page.

OBSERVERS SCHEDULE Educators will no longer have End-ofYear Summative Meetings, but a PGP Review/Update Meeting will be held where End-of-Year Snapshots may be created.

EDREFLECT END-OF-YEAR TIMELINE Observers complete end-of-year rating by June 15, 2018 in EdReflect. Data is collected by BloomBoard in July, 2018.

DETAILED ASSISTANCE Search EOY Webinars for AR 2018 on EdReflect Help page to view the videos. Use Support Chat on pages of EdReflect (bottomright) or call 888-418-1595. Contact Becky Gibson, ADE: 501-683-3160 or [email protected] OFFICE HOURS Thursday, April 5, 2018

Thursday, April 12, 2018 4:30 to 5:30 pm Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/5713956365 ADE COMMISSIONERS MEMO # LIC 18-026 for link or Call 501-683-3160 EDUCATOR SUPPORT & DEVELOPMENT UNIT

Early Educator Mentoring Beginning Administrator Mentoring Teacher Recruitment & Retention APPEL Non-traditional Opportunity Culture Schools Equity Labs Micro-Credentialing for Professional Learning ADE Division of Educator Effectiveness &

Licensure Dr. Jeremy Owoh, Assistant Commissioner [email protected] Sandra Hurst, Division Director [email protected]

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