Test Administrator Training

Test Administrator Training

Hawaii Statewide Assessment Program Test Administrator Training (pt. 2) FOR TC, AND TA TA Site Navigation Modules Recommended for TAs Test Administrators (Planning for before, during, and after) pt. 1 Test Administrators (TA site navigation) pt. 2 TA Interface Training Module 2018-2018

Test Security Objectives After viewing this presentation, you should be able to: Know Roles and Responsibilities Log in to TIDE System Use the TA Interface to start and run a test session View student test settings and accessibility resources Monitor the testing process Pause and stop a test session Print test session information

Exit and log out of the TA Interface 3 STUDENT PARTICIPATION Participation in Required in Spring Assessments English Language Arts Grades 3 8, & 11: Smarter Balanced or Extended Assessments Mathematics Grades 3 8, & 11: Smarter Balanced or Extended Assessment

HSA Science Grades 5, 8, & 11: Online Science Assessment EOC Exams: Biology I (Optional): Alg I & II STUDENT PARTICIPATION Planning that Impacts Participation Know how many opportunities are available for the test youll be administering

Know when your school is administering each test so your students take the right test at the right time Know what test settings your students need before testing begins Check IEPs and 504 Plans what supports are identified Check TIDE to see what settings are assigned ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES TA Roles and Responsibilities

Before testing: Provide students with an opportunity to take the practice test Review with SSC and TC student IEPs or education plans to identify appropriate test formats and accessibility supports Make arrangements for students who are not testing During testing: Ensure that students receive the appropriate test

Enforce test environment requirements and test security After testing: Check participation reports to ensure all eligible students have completed testing Test Environment Ensures validity of student results and that no students have an unfair advantage or disadvantage during testing.

TEST ENVIRONMENT Requirements Supervision at all times by a trained TA Quiet environment void of distractions Cell phones and other electronic devices put away Only accessibility supports listed in Accessibility Manual made available to students Limited interaction with students Read student directions Administer accessibility supports appropriately

No coaching TIDE Portal The web based system that is used for testing, test settings, and progress monitoring reports. Accessing the TIDE Portal TIDE Portal URL: alohahsap.org Register to receive alerts when announcements or resources are posted on the portal

TA user account provides access to: TIDE (view and edit student test settings) TA Interface (used to administer tests) Online Reporting System (view participation and performance reports) Accessing the TIDE Portal Test Administration

Training and Practice Tests can be taken as a guest or in a testing session set up in the Training Site by any Teacher. Actual Assessments can only be administered by a trained certified test administrator using the TA Live Site and with students using the HI Secure Browser. For SY 2018 2019

The TA Live Site is very similar to SY 2017-2018. Reminder: Mathematics Performance Task (PT) will no longer appear for the Summative Assessments. TAs will: Select Smarter Balance Summative Choose Content Area (ELA/L or Math) For ELA/L only, TAs will select Type of Test (CAT or PT) After selecting PT, selecting the appropriate grade level will launch all ELA/L PTs for that grade. 12

Overview of Test Delivery System TA Interface Administer online tests, track progress, and manage students testing in your session Adjust test settings for individual students before they are approved to start the test Approve and submit print requests from students Student Interface Secure online test that must be accessed via a secure browser General Education Student Interface

Braille Interface Create a Test Session 14 TA Interface: Overview, cont. 15 TA Interface at a Glance

Used to create and manage test sessions and approve students All information is visible on one screen Test Session ID Students needing approval to start testing Students with tests in progress

Print requests TA User Guide TA Interface (cont.) Create and Manage Test Sessions

List of available tests automatically displays upon logging in Click Expand All to see more detail Select the tests for inclusion in the session and click [Start Session] System generates a Session ID that students will use to log in Test sessions automatically expire upon TA logout Sessions cannot be resumed Students may resume a paused test in any new test session that includes the applicable test subject and grade Example: TA creates a test session for students on Tuesday. To resume

testing on Wednesday, the TA will need to create another test session for students to resume testing Trying Out a Practice Test w/ TA Remember the Training Test allows students to become familiar with the assessment software, tools, etc., while the Practice Test includes about 30 items at each grade level and provides access to the designated supports and accommodations if administered using the

secure browser. Both tests can be conducted in a testing session administered by a Test Administrator using the TA Practice Site and secure browser or in a guest session using any browser from any location. Today well do a Practice Test with some of you acting as TA! 1 Student Log-in 1. Log in using First Name, SSID, Session ID

2 2. Confirm identity Is This You? screen First Name (same as in SSID upload), Enrolled Grade, DOB, School, SSID 3

3. Select Test Student will see available tests by subject 4. TA Approval required to start test 5. Confirm test -- Is this your test? screen TA User Guide 4 5

Approving Student Entry 20 Student Lookup 21 Student Lookup, cont.

22 Denying Student Entry Deny entry to a test session in these circumstances: The student is not supposed to enter this session. The students demographic information is incorrect. The students required accommodations are incorrect. 23

Monitoring Student Status 24 Printing Test Session Information 25 Pausing and Stopping Sessions 26

Paused Test Information 27 Logging Out of the TA Interface 28 Troubleshooting Description

What to Do What should I do if a session ends? Log in and start a new session. Provide the students with a new session ID. What should I do if a student gets logged out of a test while a session is still active?

If a students test session is interrupted, the student should log back in and rejoin the session. What should I do if forbidden applications are running? The secure browser will not allow the student to begin testing if forbidden applications are running. You will see messages advising you

which applications must be closed before testing can begin. What should I do if a students test freezes? Force quit the secure browser and log back in. For instructions, refer to the Test Administration Manual. 29

Thank You! Further Information Visit alohahsap.org www.smarterbalanced.org Call, fax, or email the American Institutes for Research HSAP Help Desk

Hours: 7:30 am to 4:00 p.m. HST, Monday-Friday (except holidays) Phone: 1-866-648-3712 Fax: 1-877-231-7813 Email: [email protected] 30

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