Texas 4-H Recordkeeping

Texas 4-H Recordkeeping

Texas 4-H Recordkeeping, 2016-17 4-H Record Books Information provided by: Darlene Locke Extension Specialist 4-H Youth Development www.4hreports.com the online system is no longer available please use Word forms Record Books 201617 no significant changes Books submitted for judging

in 2016-17 will be prepared using the Word files 2016-2017 Briefs Three member categories Junior (grades 3-5) Intermediate (grades 6-8) Senior (grades 9-12) Age appropriate forms are progressive in nature (build upon one another) 2016-2017 Briefs

Recordbooks are to be printed and turned in (hardcopy) for judging Reference to recordbook objectives in report not required Photo captions not required Resume for seniors not required 2016-2017 Briefs Clarification on reporting of learning experiences. Activities that occur in non-4-H settings such as other community or youth organizations, or in a selfdirected project may be reported in the Junior Diary, Intermediate Personal Journal or Senior Section I as learning experiences.

Competitive events outside of 4-H are to be reported as non-4-H 2016-2017 Briefs Report Forms Juniors submit current year only Intermediates submit current and immediate past year. Both are reviewed to evaluate growth. Seniors submit current and three past years. All are reviewed to evaluate growth. 2016-2017 Briefs

Livestock Judging can be reported as a stand-alone 4-H Project. Other judging contest activities such as Horse, Soils, etc. are to be reported within the 4-H Project it supports. Whereas Horse Judging directly supports the Horse Project; Livestock Judging involves multiple species, therefore it is to be reported as Livestock Judging. 2016-2017 Briefs 4-H members earning first place recognition are allowed to enter the same Record Book category again 4-H members placing first in each of the 29 categories

are invited to participate in the Texas 4-H Leadership Conference trip to Washington, DC held annually during the Thanksgiving holidays. The trip is partially sponsored, but the member is responsible for a registration fee. That fee averages $1,500 - $2,000. 2016-2017 Briefs 4hreports.com NO LONGER accessible However, there is an online recordkeeping system available Claire Godwin, Williamson County 4-H member has created forms within Google Drive that allow a member to record their activities either on a desktop or laptop computer or through a phone app. This is a tool, NOT an online book!

See Family Guide to Texas 4-H Record Books for instructions Other online recordkeeping apps available to keep livestock project records Record Book Categories 29 categories available 4-H member may enter a category even after winning first place at the State levels Agricultural Sciences Beef

Citizenship & Civic Education Clothing & Textiles Communication & Expressive Arts Companion Animal Consumer Education

Entomology Family Life Food & Nutrition Gardening & Horticulture Goat Health

Horse Leadership Natural Resources Personal Development Photography

Plant & Soil Science Poultry Public Speaking Rabbit Recreation Science, Engineering & Technology

Sheep Shooting Sports Swine Veterinary Science Wildlife & Fisheries JUNIOR Recordbook (Grades 3-5)

Junior Report Form Junior Report Form includes: 4-H Goals Complete at start of 4-H Year or start of project Diary of 4-H Events - includes project work/activities, leadership, community service Complete as activities happen throughout the year My 4-H Story small text blocks to address 6 questions/statements. Use complete sentences

you are telling a story! Complete at end of 4-H year or completion of project Age Appropriate Practices for Juniors: Setting Goals Establishing positive habits through routines (Diary of 4-H Events) Self-expression through story telling INTERMEDIATE Recordbook (Grades 6-8) Focus on 1 main project for current 4-H year Other project areas, if any, can be included in Personal Journal, Summary of Activities and Story/Photos Required documents:

Personal Information Page Intermediate Report Form 4-H Story & Photo Portfolio Judging: Turn in required documents with current year information followed by previous year report form (included to enable the evaluation of growth) Intermediate Report Form Intermediate Report Form includes: 4-H Project Plans and Goals

Complete at start of 4-H Year or start of project Personal Journal - includes project work/activities, leadership, community service, and non-4-H activities Complete as activities happen throughout the year Summary of Activities & Accomplishments, Recognition & Awards, Community Service, Leadership, Project Summary Complete at end of 4-H year or completion of project Age Appropriate Practices for Intermediates: Planning & decision making (project plans and goals) Recording & reflecting on personal experiences (Journaling)

Achievement motivation (Summary of significant accomplishments) SENIOR Recordbook (Grades 9-12) Senior Report Form Senior Report Form includes (current year info only): Sec I: 4-H Project Experiences What is your project? How did it change or grow? What have you done? What have you learned? (Combined first two sections of old report form) ; 3 pages

Sec II: 4-H Leadership Experiences chart format; 2 pages Sec III: 4-H Community Service chart format; 2 pages Sec IV: Other 4-H Projects - 1 page Section V: 4-H Recognition & Awards - chart format; 1 page Section VI: Non 4-H Activities 1 page Section VII: College/Career Exploration chart format; 1 page Age Appropriate Practices for Seniors:

Personal power (creating a recordkeeping system to meet their needs) Critical thinking (reflecting and summarizing experiences) Constructive use of time (can see bigger picture and purpose for recordkeeping) Story & Photos Juniors: Story is part of report form Include up to 3 pages of photos behind report form Intermediates & Seniors: Story & Photo Portfolio separate document

from report forms Up to 10 pages of text and photos (captions not required on photos) Transitioning Between Age Divisions & Judging Each year a member will add their new report forms and other required documents on top of old report forms. For Judging: All Ages Updated Personal Information page will be completed each year Juniors Only current year report forms will be judged Intermediates - 2 most current years report forms will be

judged Seniors 4 most current years report forms will be judged Intermediates & Seniors New Story & Photo Portfolio will be completed every year Judging of Recordbooks Rubric/chart format to allow judges to check a box that best describes their assessment of each section of the book Still allows space for written comments (next to each section and on back of scoresheet) Member should be able to tell what areas need improvement based on check marks and

comments Personal Information page will NOT be scored Questions? General recordbook or content questions: Contact Your local County Extension Agent Clarification on guidelines or technical issues: Contact Darlene Locke [email protected]

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