The ABC's of Fourth Grade -

The ABC's of Fourth Grade -

The ABCs of Fourth Grade Mrs. Manuel A ATTENDANCE is very important in fourth grade. Please try to have your child here everyday. If your child happens to miss some days due to illness, please make sure you provide a note explaining their absence. We are required by law to report 5 unexcused absences to the office during one month. ARRIVAL is at 8:45 and Departure is at 3:00. Please

sign your child in at the office if your child will be late to school. Please also send in a note if you are picking up your child earlier than 3:00. Students must also be picked up and signed out at the office before B Book Orders: This year, I will be sending home from time to time book club forms from Scholastic. If you order from these clubs, please make all checks payable to Scholastic Book Clubs. Bussing : Any special bussing requests need to be forwarded to the office for approval.

Birthday Invitations are not permitted to be distributed in school as per our schools policy. (even if you have one for the entire class) C Communication : There are several ways to communicate with me this year. You may e-mail me, call the school at 2823251 or send in a note with your child. An excellent way to keep in contact would be through your childs agenda. Canteen: There will be canteen services for grade 4 students on Mondays.

D Differentiation: It is my philosophy that every child is unique and learns in different ways. Each child needs to be challenged at their own level. I differentiate my lessons to fit the needs of all students. Groupings change frequently, as students' levels increase. It is important to know that your child may have different work than another child, but rest assured that everyone is learning the same concept, just in a way that is best for them.

E E-MAIL If you would prefer to be contacted by e-mail, please be sure to let me know at anytime throughout the year. Feel free to contact me at my e-mail address as well: [email protected] EATING : Make sure your child eats a healthy breakfast each morning! This gets them energized for school to help them do their best! Please be aware of the many food allergies we have in our school. ELECTRONICS: All forms of electronics are not permitted in school (i.e. cell phone, I-Pod, DS, etc) EXPLORATORIES: This year, we will be having three exploratory blocks of three sessions each. Students will explore different sports,

activities, crafts, baking, etc. There may or may not be a fee depending on the activity. F FOLLOW PBS (POSITIVE BEHAVIOUR SUPPORTS) MATRIX FIELD TRIPS Fourth Graders usually go to the Fire Station during Fire Prevention Week. If anything else comes up, information will be provided. G

Grade 4 is a huge adjustment for many reasons. Not only has your child entered a new school but the length of their school day has also increased as they now must stay in for lunch. Expectations with regards to their work are higher, more studying is required as well as more challenging concepts covered. With Grade 4 comes more freedom and therefore more responsibility. We encourage you to remind your child often about making good choices. H

HOMEWORK is necessary for practicing skills that have been learned for enriching the classroom experience. Typical grade four homework includes studying the multiplication facts, completing weekly word activities, studying for unit tests or simply reading. Please note that anytime you see items starting with "Finish in your childs agenda, this indicates that sufficient class time was provided for the completion of the task. HOURS OF OPERATION school doors open at 8:45 am and busses leave the school at

I INDEPENDENT READING - Students will have the opportunity to silent read every day. Reading at home is also encouraged on a regular basis. INTRAMURALS Our school has an intramurals program that usually runs at lunchtime. Remind your child to listen carefully to the announcements for their turn. Each student must remember their house shirt on these days as they cannot call home if it is forgotten. There are late busses that are available on these days.

J JOURNALS - We have a writer's journal and a math journal in our class that we will work on regularly. Our writer's journal is where we work on the writing process, this mostly consists of Demand Writing. The math journal is mainly for problem solving strategies. K KINDNESS - Being kind to one another is

very important in our classroom. We need to treat each other the way we want to be treated. When someone is found not being kind, their behaviour will be corrected. L LIBRARY - Our school has a library where students will visit once in every 7 day cycle. Students will be allowed to check out a book that is meant for independent reading at home. Books are to be returned

the following Library class in order to check out another book. Our librarian this year is Ms. Peddle. M Midday Munchies Our schools lunch program has started this week. A menu is sent home at the end of each month for the next months selection. If your child needs an extra menu, they are able to get one at the office. It is very important that your child return their menu at least one day in advance of when they would

like to eat. N Note that our 5 Core Subjects include: Math : Number Patterns and Relations Shape and Space Statistics and Probability Science : Rocks and Minerals Sound

Light Habitats ELA : Book Club / Read Aloud Guided Reading Social Studies : 4 units on Exploring Poetry What Does it Mean to Explore? Demand Writing How Does Exploration Shape Our World? Writing & Grammar Exercises

What Does Exploring Teach Us? Fiction and Non-Fiction What Makes Canada Special? Informational and Visual Texts Reading Comprehension Franais : Similar to the ELA program with the exception of emphasis on the appreciation for the French Language and culture. O OFFICE- Please check in at the office every

time you enter the building. ORGANIZATION It is very important that your child be ready with everything they need when they arrive in the morning. OUTDOORS Please be sure that your child is dressed appropriately to go outdoors during the second half of lunch. The cut-off for going outside is -20 . P PARKING

Please use the parking lot behind the school on the RC Church side. Kindly note that the front of the school is reserved for a fire lane and busses. PHONE MESSAGES Please have your childs lunch and after school arrangements made prior to them coming to school. These requests cannot be made over the phone. If your childs regular schedule will be different on a particular day, please send a note from home in advance. PICKING UP YOUR CHILD Please wait near the main office area when picking up your child, unless they are signing out in which case you must

come to the main office to get them. PAY IT FORWARD Every Friday we ask students to bring in a loonie that goes to Q QUESTIONS If at any time you have any questions about your child or his/her progress, feel free to contact me. R

REPORT CARDS Your child will receive three report cards this year. First Term report cards will be distributed November 18th. Please take note that our reports are graded using a 1-4 Rating Scale, not to be confused with a Rubric which would be used for marking a CRT. A Rubric is used for one piece of work as a holistic assessment whereas a rating scale is used for a whole subject area. There are three reporting periods, and two parent teacher interview sessions for the year. As we are part of a new school board, the report card has changed.

S SUPPLIES All extra supplies that you sent in with your child in September have been placed in individual plastic baggies with their name on it. When they need a new pencil, for example, I get one from their bag. Whatever has not been used will be sent home in June. T TESTS Our 5 Core subjects will be assessed with more

formal evaluations. Sufficient notice is always given prior to a test being given. Be sure to always check your childs agenda and the teachers website to see for upcoming tests. Be sure to encourage nightly review! TIME Please remind your child of making good use of class time as this can significantly reduce the amount of work that needs to be finished at home. TEACHERS Gym : Mr. Barry Music : Ms. McCarthy Library : Ms. Peddle Guidance : Mr. Loder

French : Ms. Baker U UNIQUE - It is important to remember that all children are unique. Something that works for one child in our classroom might not work for another. V VISITORS PASS All parents and caregivers are required to obtain a visitors pass to enter the hallways of our school.

This pass will be issued when you check in at the office. VOLUNTEERS If you are interested in volunteering in our classroom, please let me know after the meeting. W WEBSITE Our class website can be found at our schools website at From there, go to Teacher Pages and find Mrs. Manuels website. The website will have homework assignments and upcoming

events for our class. WRITING We will be writing many different pieces throughout this year. We will become experts at the writing process this year! X XXII: We have 20 students in our class. Please keep this in mind when sending in snacks/treats and other items throughout the year.

Y YOUR SUPPORT Your support helps the children realize that they are special. Your involvement shows the child that you support their education. Your understanding brings children to the realization that everyone has strengths and weaknesses, but we strive to be better people by learning from our mistakes. Z Zzzzzz!

Make sure that your child gets plenty of rest. Setting and keeping a bedtime is a sure way to help your child be alert and ready to learn each day.

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