The Amazing Influence of the Bible

The Amazing Influence of the Bible

The Amazing Influence of the Bible Pastor John Fong September 21, 2014 Berkeley Crossroads Baptist Church

Book of All Books Its the number one best seller! It has influenced people from all walks of life!

Examples of Biblical Influence: Science Arts

Literature Every Day Life Reference: What If the Bible Had Never Been Written? D. James Kennedy

SCIENCE Blaise Pascal (Mathematician) Jesus Christ is the only proof of the

living God. We only know God through Jesus Christ. Sir Isaac Newton (Math and Physics)

I have a foundational belief in the Bible as the Word of God, written by men who were inspired. I study the Bible daily.


JOSEPH LISTER Father of Antiseptic Survey GREGOR MENDEL

Father of Genetics LORD KELVIN Father of Laws of Thermodynamics

SIR ISAAC NEWTON Father of Universal Law of Gravitation

JOHANNES KEPLER Father of Physical Astronomy ROBERT BOYLE

Father of Modern Chemistry CHARLES BABBAGE Father of Computer Science

MICHAEL FARADAY Father of Electromagnetics

MATTHEW MAURY Father of Oceanography ARTS

Cynthia Pearl Maus More poems have been written, more stories told, more pictures painted,

and more songs sung about Christ than any other person in human story

Music Martin Luther Johann Sebastian Bach

George Friedric Handel Isaac Watts

Fine Arts Albrecht Durer

Michelangelo Raphael

Leonardo da Vinci Literature William Shakespeare

John Bunyan Charles Dickens

Hans Christian Andersen The Tinder Box The Princess and the Pea

Thumbelina The Little Mermaid The Emperor's New Clothes His stories discuss God, angels, faith, the Bible, the

afterlife, and sin. Clive Staples Lewis

John Ronald Reuel Tolkien Fellowship of the Rings

Every Day Life - Food Dr. Harvey Kellogg Thomas Welch, M.D.

Pretzels Candy Canes

Rev. Sylvester Graham Calendar

Seven Day Weeks Saturday to Sunday Worship Modern Calendar Dionysius Exiguus

Language and Sayings Etymology of Bye Holiday

Christian names Common Sayings in the beginning

my brothers keeper an eye for an eye the promised land they shall beat their swords into

plowshares in the lions den man does not live by bread alone

turn the other cheek go the second mile dont cast your pearls before swine wolves in sheeps clothing

a house divided against itself cannot stand render unto Caesar things which are

Caesars love your neighbor as yourself the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak

prodigal son the love of money is the root of all evil valley of the shadow of death

CONCLUSION The Bible has influenced the world more than we know!

Let us share it with others!

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