The Amazing Plant Race - Hannah's Biology 11 H

The Amazing Plant Race - Hannah's Biology 11 H

THE AMAZING PLANT RACE HANNAH AHRENDT THE CONTESTANTS 1. Carla Cornstalk Angiosperm! 2. Hal Hornwort Bryophyte! 3. Marly Moss

Bryophyte! 4. Paula Pine-Tree Gymnosperm! 5. Garth Gingko Gymnosperm! 6. Homer Horsetail

Pteridophyte! 7. Fern Pteridophyte! 8. Lily Pad Angiosperm! FARMERS FIELD, SASKATCHEWAN Lily Pad is eliminated in this

round! Lily Pad requires large amounts of water to survive. A farmers field does not have the amount of water that is necessary for Lily Pad to live. There are no predators, prey or pollinators that impacted the survival of Lily Pad. PEAT BOG, SCOTLAND Carla Cornstalk is eliminated! The peat bog has a lot of water, but unfortunately, this was to

Carlas detriment. Carla Cornstalk is not able to survive in the large amount of water and she drowned. XINGJIANG SEMI DESERT, CHINA Hal Hornwort is eliminated! Unfortunately for Hal, he is a bryophyte, meaning that he does not have vascular tissue or roots. To survive, he would need to be in an environment with more water. A semi desert simply does not have the water

necessary for his survival. AFRICAN SAVANNAH DOUBLE ELIMINATION!! In this special round, two contestants are eliminated! Both Homer Horsetail and Garth Gingko are eliminated. Homer Horsetail is a pteridophyte, meaning that while he does have vascular tissue, it is primitive and not present in his hyphae or fronds. As such, Homer dried out and did not survive. Garth, on the other hand, requires better soil and more water. Garth Ginkgo provided a lot of shade and the other contestants were quick

to take advantage of that. They crowded underneath him and took most of the water and nutrients that Garth would have needed to survive. Poor Garth! AMAZON RAINFOREST, BRAZIL Paula Pine tree is eliminated! Paula prefers drier, sandier soil. There are few pine tree varieties that can tolerate wet soils and Paula is not one of them! She is out!

HONOLULU, HAWAII And the winner is Fern! Fern, despite being a pteridophyte, is able to live in many extreme environments. Surviving a desert with primitive vascular tissue and no true roots? Easy as pie! Marly Moss lost because all this time, Marly was surviving off of Paula Pine-Tree. When Paula was eliminated, Marly Moss found that she could not survive.

POST-RACE ANALYSIS 1. Yes. I might have chosen a different winner if the locations were reversed because at each time, different plants would be competing. Plants that didnt make it past the first few rounds (such as lily pad) may have survived in some of the later environments (like Honolulu). 2. No. I would expect that we would all have different answers. Each one of us went through a different process and took into consideration different characteristics of the plants and environments when deciding who to eliminate. 3. The rose of Jericho (Selaginella lepidophylla). It is able to survive almost complete desiccation. It curls its stems into a tight ball and only reopens when it comes into contact with moisture. It essentially resurrects itself.

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