The Assembler for the PC

The Assembler for the PC

Homework Reading Professional Assembly Language, pp 73-106 Also, study website references: Using gas and gas i386 Assembly Language Guide Machine Projects Turn in mp1 tonight Get mp2warmup/Do it for practice (no turn-in) Start looking at mp2 Labs Continue with labs in your assigned section 1

C versus Assembly Language C is called a portable assembly language Allows low level operations on bits and bytes Allows access to memory via use of pointers Integrates well with assembly language functions Advantages over assembly code Easier to read and understand source code Requires fewer lines of code for same function Doesnt require knowledge of the hardware 2 C versus Assembly Language Good reasons for learning assembly language It is a good way to learn how a processor works

In time-critical sections of code, it is possible to improve performance with assembly language In writing a new operating system or in porting an existing system to a new machine, there are sections of code which must be written in assembly language such as the cpuid example in this lecture 3 Best of Both Worlds Integrating C and assembly code Convenient to let C do most of the work and integrate with assembly code where needed Make our gas routines callable from C Use C compiler conventions for function calls Preserve registers that C compiler expects saved

Use C compiler convention for passing return value 4 Instruction Four Field Format Label: Can be referred to as a representation of the address Usual practice is to place these on a line by themselves Mnemonic to specify the instruction and size Makes it unnecessary to remember instruction code values Operand(s) on which the instruction operates (if any) Zero, one, or two operands depending on the instruction Comment contains documentation

It begins with a # anywhere and goes to the end of the line It is very important to comment assembly code well!! 5 Assembly Framework for a Function General form for a function in assembly is: .globl .text _mycode _mycode: . . . ret .data

# comments mydata: .long .end 17 # comment 6 Assembler Directives Defining a label for external reference (call) .globl

_mycode Defining the code section of program (ROM) .text Defining the static data section of program (RAM) .data End of the Assembly Language .end 7 Assembler Directives for Sections These directives designate sections where we want our assembler output placed into memory .text places the assembler output into program memory space (e.g. where PROM will be located)

.data places the assembler output into a static initialized memory space (e.g. where RAM will be located) .bss allows assembler to set labels for uninitialized memory space (we wont be using this section) .section ignore/omit this directive with our assembler In builds, ld is given addresses for the sections 8 Assembler Directives Defining / initializing static storage locations: label1: .long 0x12345678 label2: .word 0x1234

label3: .byte 0x12 # 32 bits # 16 bits # 8 bits 9 Assembler Directives Defining / initializing a string label1: .ascii Hello World\n\0 label2:

.asciz Hello World\n 10 Defining Constant Values Constant definitions follow C conventions: $123 $0x123 $a $\n # # # #

decimal constant hex constant character constant character escape sequence With the following exception: $\0 # assembles as 0 instead of 0 # just use $0 to avoid problem Symbolic Constant Names Allow use of symbols for numeric values Perform same function as C preprocessor #define Unfortunately not the same format as used in C preprocessor so cant just include .h files to define

symbols across combination of C/assembly code Format is: SYMBOL = value Example: NCASES = 8 movl $NCASES, %eax 12 Addressing Memory Direct addressing for memory Gas allows use of hard coded memory addresses Not recommended except for HW based addresses Examples: .text movb %al, 0x1234 movb 0x1234, %dl

. . . 13 Addressing Memory Direct addressing for memory Gas allows use of a label for memory address Examples: .text movb %al, total movb total, %dl . . . .data total: .byte 0 14

Addressing Memory Indirect - like *pointer in C Defined as using a register as the address of the memory location to access in an instruction movl $0x1234, %ebp movb (%ebp), %al Memory %ebp 0x00001234 One byte %al

15 Addressing Memory Indirect with Offset - like *(pointer+4) in C May also be done with a fixed offset, e.g. 4 movl $0x1234, %ebp movb 4(%ebp), %al Memory %ebp 0x00001234 +4 %al

One byte 16 Through the Looking Glass, by Lewis Carroll "The name of the song is called 'Haddocks' Eyes. "Oh, that's the name of the song, is it?" Alice said trying to feel interested. "No, you don't understand," the Knight said, looking a little vexed. "That's what the name is called. The name really is 'The Aged Aged Man.'" "Then I ought to have said 'That's what the song is called'?" Alice corrected herself. "No, you oughtn't: that's quite another thing! The song is called 'Ways and Means': but that's only what it's called, you know!" "Well, what is the song, then?" said Alice, who was by this time completely bewildered.

"I was coming to that," the Knight said. "The song really is A-sitting On A Gate': and the tune's my own invention. 17 Through the Looking Glass Lewis Carroll in C code Defining an array and initializing a pointer to it: char WaysandMeans[100]; // At address TheAgedAgedMan strcpy (WaysandMeans, A Sitting on a Gate); char *HaddocksEyes = WaysandMeans; // TheAgedAgedMan WaysandMeans (@TheAgedAgedMan) A Sitting on a Gate HaddocksEyes (@SomeAddress) Dereferencing the pointer:

TheAgedAgedMan which is the &WaysandMeans printf(%s\n, HaddocksEyes); Prints what? 18 Through the Looking Glass Lewis Carroll in i386 Assembly Defining an array and initializing a pointer to it: .data WaysandMeans: .asciz A Sitting on A Gate HaddocksEyes: .long 0 # pointer to WayandMeans

.text movl $WaysandMeans, HaddocksEyes WaysandMeans (@TheAgedAgedMan) A Sitting on a Gate HaddocksEyes (@SomeAddress) Dereferencing the pointer: pushl HaddocksEyes call _printf # Prints what? TheAgedAgedMan which is the &WaysandMeans 19

Addressing Memory Memory-memory addressing restrictions Why cant we write instructions such as these? movl first, second # direct movl (%eax), (%ebx) # indirect Intel instruction set does not support instructions to move a value from memory to memory! Must always use a register as an intermediate location for the value being moved, e.g. movl first, %eax movl %eax, second

# direct from mem # direct to mem 20 Introduction to MP2 In mp2, you will write four assembly language functions in their respective source files (*.s) I have provided C driver code for testing (*c.c) and a makefile for doing a combined build to produce an executable file (*.lnx) for Tutor 21

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