The definition and scope of applied linguistics

The definition and scope of applied linguistics

THE DEFINITION AND SCOPE OF APPLIED LINGUISTICS History of the field: Focus on language pedagogy Traditional Latin and Greek through grammar translation How to learn to speak a L2 fast Audiolingualism - the Army method

Pronunciation and conversation drills Focus on speech No explanation and translation How to best teach a language:

Psychology and linguistics Behaviourism and Bloomfieldian Linguistics Tabula rasa Imitation, practice

(Pavlov, Skinner) Discrete items (Bloomfield) Contrastive analysis (Lado) Why cant kids imitate Cognitivism and Generative Grammar

Child language research (Berko) Cognitive development (Piaget) LAD (Chomsky) Deep structure surface structure Competence performance What goes on in the human mind:

Neurolingusitics and psycholinguistics The neurological basis of language learning and use How to define language knowledge Council of Europe Language Project

Notions and functions for Threshold Levels Rigorous linguistic study intellectual basis for the development of ELT Communicative Competence n rfg kicsi nmet



FORMULAIC COMPETENCE Why dont we say what we mean: Pragmatics Gricean Maxims manner quality quantity

relevance Speech Acts (Austin, Searle) - Locution Illocution Perlocution Contrastive rhetoric

1. Ez egy nagyon finom vrsbor, lltlag Liszt Ferencnek is ez volt a kedvence, remlem, nnek is megnyeri a tetszst. 2. This is a bottle of red wine, which is claimed to be a good one 3. Amari oishii kono dewa nai keredomo, o-kuchi ni awanai kamoshiremasenga. (This red wine is not very good, Im afraid you wont like it.) (Hidasi, 2004) Cultural thought patterns in writing

(R. Kaplan) English Semitic Oriental Romance Russian The narrow definition of AL: the showpiece of linguistics Language teaching theory, language pedagogy

Testing ground for linguistics The broad definition of AL: the basket of many goodies Theoretical orientation: sociolinguistics psycholinguistics

pragmatics L1 and L2 acquisition discourse analysis o Practical orientation L1 and L2 teaching translation discourse and conversation analysis

language planning LSP neurolinguistics computational linguistics What is applied? The methods and findings of various disciplines New definitions of linguistics (Strevens)

Formal linguistics A current best theory of language exists based on linguistics Task of the scholar: contribute to the development of theory Theory determines what research is needed Practice should be restricted to the

validated results of that theory Communicative linguistics Problem driven Empirically grounded Multi-disciplinary Contextualised view of language Functionalist approach

What is linguistics about it? AL investigates language in use Linguistic descriptions of language and methods of linguistic enquiry

Aim is NOT to contribute to descriptions of language, but to solve practical problems

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