The Fortune is in the Follow Up - Isagenix

The Fortune is in the Follow Up - Isagenix

Follow Up Building A Team Creating Leaders Create the Urgency (24 - 48 hours) The time is NOW oclock Be enthusiastic NOW

Recap Follow up with every prospect until they: Become a customer Become a business partner Tell you there is no interest Be Confident The Power is in Your Presence!

Ask enough questions and they will open the door Be Prepared Compliment People Keep control of the conversation by asking questions Focus on your Strengths

Use your gifts? What are your strengths? Build Your Team Do My Personal Analysis Create excellent product experience Isa Diary Set up their Support System Check in on their progress

Practice with Partner Develop Business Partners New Associate Interview As soon as possible - Help them make their list Help them establish income goal for: First 90 days

First 12 months How many hours per week can you commit? WHY do you want to be successful? 10 Name Quick Start Identify top ten (10) people Sponsor / upline leader helps make initial presentation Use the Tools Let them know you have system for success Ask Interested in Health System or Wealth System ?

Help them enroll (2) new Associates Create Consultants Keep going when you find the motivated people Build 4 Levels Deep Create Duplication Create Leaders Get people paid $$$ In Homes

Trainings Events Create a schedule Get into action SDD Simple Daily Discipline Follow-up with daily connections Have an active list of 30 names in your pipeline Welcome letter New Associates Communication with your team

Newsletter Telephone Planning Building rapport The 3 Ps Prepare Practice Patience

Isagenix Advantage Timing - Four Stages of Growth Formulation Concentration (Growth to $4 Million a Month) Critical Mass Momentum Stability

You Are At The Right Place At The Right Time Top 10 Checklist 1. Be Product of Product 2. Educate yourself - Back office tutorials - Isa U online 3.

Make your list 4. Commit 3 daily connections 5. Use tools help you build your business

6. Schedule in Homes 7. Attend Events 8.

Commit to Personal Development 9. Ask myself What am I doing to build my business? 10. Have fun

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