The Hajii -

The Hajii -

The Hajji Ahmed Essop (Author) Narrator Omniscient 3rd person- we know what Hajji is thinking and the story is told from his point of view. Setting

Newtown, Johannesburg during the Apartheid Era. His brother, Karim, is from Hillbrow. How does the setting create the atmosphere for the plot? We are aware of the segregation of the people of SA We are told of his brothers choice to be

classified as a white man. By the action happening in Newtown, we understand the anger Hajji is feeling. What is the subject of the story? The Hajjis brother, Karim, is dying. Ten years earlier, Karim had chosen to be white as per the classification laws of the country, and lives with a white woman.

Karim wants to come home to die as a Muslim. Hajji cannot forgive and hardens his heart. Tone & Style A sad, sombre tone. The reader gets the feeling that the story is not going to end well. The style is serious. The Hajji has conflicting emotions but his pride prevents him from

doing what he knows is right. Plot- exposition The story begins when Hajji, receives a call from his brothers girlfriend, who informs him of his brothers illness and wish to die as a Muslim. Development

Hajji goes with Catherine to see his brother, to decide whether he will allow his brother to come home. When he sees his brother, the memories of their childhood convinces Hajji to let his brother come home. He changes his mind, however, when he gets into the lift with the white boys and the memory of Karims betrayal comes back with full force. He is angry and tells Catherine no.

Development contd... His wife calls Mr Mia for advice. It is decided that Karim can come home and stay at the mosque. He is brought by ambulance, and Hajji refuses to see him. Mr Mia tries to convince him to forgive, but he is too stubborn. His brother dies and Hajji leaves before funeral arrangements are made.

He goes for a walk in Joburg and mourns his brother and their memories. Climax Hajji has a moment of clarity and decides to return to his brother. He wanted to embrace his brother in a final act of love.

Denouement He hurries home as fast as he can. He trips and falls, but he is determined to see his brother one last time. Nothing could stop him. Conclusion A green, Muslim hearse drives past Hajji. It was too late.

Characters Hajji Hassen Proud, stubborn man, unforgiving Does not change his mind for fear of what people will think of him. Does not appreciate his wife. He only realises his forgiveness and love for his brother when its too late.

Characters contd.. Salima Hajjis wife Supports her husband and comforts Catherine Karim Hassen Chose to be classified as white 10 yrs ago to stay with Catherine Abandoned his brother Wants to return home and die a Muslim

Characters contd... Catherine Karims girlfriend and reason for Karim leaving his brother Goes to Hajji for help. Mr Mia Brings Karim back to the community tries to convince Hajji to forgive.

Protagonist & Antagonist Protagonist: Hajji- worries about peoples opinions of him, thus he doesnt change his mind about his brother. Only forgives when its too late Antagonist Karim Hassen- left his brother to be part of a white community.

His actions 10 yrs ago are the root of his brothers inability to forgive. Answer the Following Questions 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

6. Where did the Hajji just come back from? What is his wifes name? Explain who Catherine is to the Hajji. How did Karim come to live in a white area? Describe Catherine. For what reason does Karim want to see Hajji?

Questions 7. What changes Hajjis mind about letting Karim come and stay with him? 8. Who allows Karim to come back into the Muslim community? 9. In 8-10 lines, write what the Hajji does after he hears that his brother has died. 10.Who was inside the hearse that drove past

him? Answers 1) Mecca, he was on Pilgrimage 2) Salima 3) She is the white girlfriend of the Hajjis brother Karim. She is also the reason he left his brother 10 years ago. 4) He was classified as a white man during the Apartheid era. He chose to live as a white person as he

has grey eyes and fair skin. 5) Her face was almost boyish, small woman with firm fleshy legs. Her auburn hair was cut short. Green-grey eyes. Answers 6) He wants to come home and die amongst the Muslim people. He needs his brothers permission.

7) He meets 3 white boys in the lift and they mock him for being Indian. He realises that these are the people Karim chose to live with instead of him, and this makes him angry and he changes his mind. 8) Mr Mia and the members of the mosque. 9) See page (117-118) 10) His brother, Karim.

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