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Theatre History The White Hart Inn (Typical Inn Yard) Talented groups of actors began to gain popularity and they were often able to take their performances

to inn yards. when the Globe was being constructed, there were a number of other theatres in existence, including the Rose, the Swan, and the Curtain. Theatre Red Bull

Curtain Fortune Boars Head Cockpit Bulls Inn

Pauls Cross Keys Inn Salisbury BelSavage Inn Blackfriars Bell Inn Hope Red Lion

Rose Swan Globe Many Inns where used as playhouses until the theatres began to be built in London from 1576 - 1629 Elizabethan Theatres

Originally, drama in England took place anywhere- in inns, barns, etc. However, as drama and plays became more popular in English, more room was needed and consequently, theatres were built Interior of the Swan, c1596 Ancient Greek Amphitheater

Traveling Pagent Wagon Medieval Theatre Traveling theatre used by the church as a teaching tool Most people were illiterate so they learned by watching: -miracle plays

-mystery plays -morality plays The Theatre as a Bu siness From The Theatre to the Globe In 1598, the lease for The Theatre was running out and Giles Allen refused to renegotiate

Over the Christmas holiday, Burbage, Shakespeare and a group of friends dismantled The Theatre board-by-board and took the lumber south across the river Thames where they rebuilt it as The Globe in 1599 The Theatre Built in 1576 by James Burbage on land leased from

Giles Allen 1599 the opening of The Globe Theatre Virtual Tour se/movies/index2.html

The song you are listening to is Prosperos Speech from The Tempest performed by Loreena McKennitt - The Mask and Mirror album, 1994. Loreena McKennitt has a long musical association with Shakespeare

Common misconceptions about the Globe: Shakespeare was not the owner of the Globe, he was a part owner with his acting troupe, The Lord Chamberlains Men

James and Richard Burbage John Heminge Augustine Phillips Thomas Pope Will Kempe

Globe Trivia Up to 3000 people would flock to the theatre and its grounds There were no actresses. Female characters had to be played by young boys with high pitched voices and no facial hair. The acting profession was not a credible one and it was unthinkable that any

woman would appear in a play. A crest displaying Hercules bearing the globe on his shoulders together with the motto : "Totus mundus agit histrionem" ( the whole world is a playhouse)was displayed a top

the theatre This phrase was slightly re-worded in the William Shakespeare play As You Like It "All the worlds a stage" which was performed at the Globe Theater. Globe Theatres Stage The stage was build on 3 levels: a) A platform with a trap-door for the main action b) A second level for windows and balconies as part of the

scenery c) A third level for representing heaven They did not have elaborate scenery or special lighting effects, but they did have very elaborate costumes Plays took place at 2:00 p.m. because they had no artificial lighting

Elizabethan Audiences

Shakespeares plays drew in all types of people from the rich aristocracy of London to the working-class men to the unemployed to Queen Elizabeth The Elizabethan general public (the Commoners) referred to as groundlings would pay 1 penny to stand in the 'Pit' of the Globe Theater. They were known to be a rowdy group that would feel no shame in throwing vegetables and garbage at the stage and actors if they play did not hold their interest. The pit could hold up to 600 people jammed in.

Citizens with more money (students, merchants and noblity) would pay to sit on benches and balconies. Rich nobles could watch the play from a chair set on the side of the Globe stage itself Elizabethan Audiences Elizabethan audiences were temperamental and demanding of the play. They wanted a rapid pace of action, and they were

superstitious, and as such, often demanded this type of action on the stage They also enjoyed Shakespearean comedies as they provided an escape from their own lives. (Similar to the reasons we watch soap operas, sitcoms, movies, and reality TV. Shakespeare performed many

of his plays at The Globe Theatre including: Julius Caesar (1599) Hamlet (1600-1601), Twelfth Night (1601), Richard II (February 7th 1601) Troilus and Cressida (1601-1602),

Alls Well That Ends Well (circa 1602), Timon of Athens (c1604), King Lear (1605), Macbeth (1606), Pericles, Prince of Tyre (1607) and Henry VIII in 1613. In 1613, the Globe Theatre caught fire during the production of Henry VIII and burned to the ground Rebuilt in 1614, it was closed by the

Puritans in 1642, and demolished in 1644. Shakespeare's Globe Theatre reopened in 1997. Globe Theatre fire The canon used for special effects, such as heralding great entrances, was loaded with gunpowder and wadding. The thatched roof caught on fire and the Globe

Theatre burned to the ground. The Puritans ended the Globe Theatre. In 1642 the Puritan Parliament issued an ordinance suppressing all stage plays. The Puritans demolish the Globe Theatre in 1644 Puritanism Discontented with the Church of England and worked toward religious, moral, societal

reform Rejected the worldliness of society, esp. drama, frills in decoration (dress & building), and certain types of entertainment & literature Believed in hard work & strict adherence to the Bible The New Globe Theatre

Sam Wanamaker The New Globe Theatre was the lifes work of Sam Wanamaker. He designed a replica a reconstruction, in London, of the old Shakespearean Theatre Actor/director founded the Shakespeare Globe Trust to rebuild the Globe Theatre in London, England realized his dream of completing this amazing project

Although he died in 1993, he lived to see the first two sections of the Globe unveiled in 1992 The project was complete June 1997 The Globe undergoing construction The Heavens View from the Stage

Performance Bibliography Art and Photos Opening slide rendering: Bear baiting: Virtual tour: Slide shows: New Globe:

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