The History of Unions in the US Class 1: Origins

The History of Unions in the US Class 1: Origins

The Lincoln Assassination: Facts, Fiction and Frankly Craziness Class 4: The Lincoln Assassination in Culture Jim Dunphy [email protected] 1 This class 1. Books fiction and non fiction 2. Movies/TV shows

3. Comic books (?) 2 Books Make sure you picked up the bibliography available as a handout 3 Books fiction

4 Hanging Mary Fictional account of Mary Surratt, told through the eyes of a fictional boarder Come away with the idea that the Surratt boarding house was the HQ of the plot, but Marys guilt is a little

more problematic If there is a villain in the piece, it is her son John for abandoning her. 5 The Impeachment of Abraham Lincoln What if book in which Lincoln survives the assassination attempt

His let em up easy philosophy comes into conflict with the Radical Republicans (in a way like Andrew Johnsons) As a result, he ends up being impeached, and the result is. (I guess youll have to read the book) 6

Henry and Clara Story of MAJ Rathbone and Clara Harris through their childhood and married life, with emphasis on the events of April 14 Mallon makes the case that Rathbone was suffering from a 19th century version of PTSD, both from the war and the

assassination To a large extent, their lives were stranger than fiction so the novel reads like a novel, even when true 7 Books non fiction 8

Manhunt Probably the best single volume on the assassination While mainly concerned with the escape and pursuit, does go into the assassination itself. Very easy read as compared to other books which tend to

be academic 9 The Lincoln Assassination Encyclopedia The one book to have next to you while you are reading any of the other assassination books Copiously illustrated, all of the major (and a lot of the

minor) characters in the story are here Only drawback very limited before and after information about the people discussed Of course, if there were, the book might have reach a thousand pages. 10

Lincoln Murder Conspiracies Effectively debunks all of the nonsense we discussed in Class 3, particularly the Stanton conspiracy Well organized and an easy read Although over 30 years old, remains

the final word on the subject 11 American Brutus Kauffman is one of the leading scholars of the assassination (and who I met while he was leading a Surratt Society Booth escape tour) Not many new

revelations in this book, but deep in color and background Kauffman sees Booth as a master manipulator which does not exonerate the other conspirators 12 Fortunes Fool

Alford is a Professor of History at NVCC His biography is probably the last word on a person who only lived to be 26 In depth review of his acting career, which often gets short shrift in studies of the assassination Winner and finalist for a

number of book awards 13 The Assassins Accomplice Used as the basis for the movie The Conspirator (more about that later) Looks at the assassination through the lens of Mary Surratt

Conclusion is that Mary Surratt was actively involved in the plot But it is less definitive that she deserved execution 14 Alias Paine Ownsbey has created, in the absence of any

other biography, what will probably be the last word on Lewis Powell While she does have a good deal of documentation, she does have to resort to conjecture on someone who, but for his part in the assassination, would have been long forgotten about.

15 His Name is Still Mudd Edward Steers, one of the foremost Lincoln assassination writers (see below) clearly refutes the innocent doctor

theory 16 His Name is Still Mudd Steers concludes that Mudd Knew Booth and was involved in the kidnap plot Could not have failed to recognize him on the

night of April 14-15 While might not have known of the assassination at that time, clearly did before Booth left and then lied to authorities to give Booth a head start Thus, Steers finds that Mudds conviction was appropriate. 17

Chasing Lincolns Killer Young adult version of Manhunt Good first book on the Lincoln Assassination for tweens

18 The Day Lincoln Was Shot By far the oldest book on the list originally published in 1955 Bishop was a newspaper reporter, and literally goes hour by hour on

April 14, 1865 More what and when than how and why. 19 Blood on the Moon Steers, along with Swanson and Kauffman, are probably the leading contemporary writers on the Lincoln

assassination Written before Manhunt and American Brutus, debunks some of the more out there conspiracy theories. Good on Mudd and the Confederate activity in MD 20 Come

Retribution This volume revives the Confederate grand conspiracy It does prove that Booth was working with the

Confederate Secret Service in Canada on the kidnap plot While there were interactions after the kidnap plot collapsed, the connection between the Confederates and the assassination still falls in the not proven category. 21

Backstage at the Lincoln Assassination An excellent introduction to the general world of theater in the mid 19th century and the events at Fords All of the principal characters Keene, Hawk, Spangler are here, along

with the Ford brothers and countless others One finishes the book with an excellent understanding of how theater worked, and why Booth plotted the assassination for a theater. 22 The Lincoln Assassination

Riddle A series of essays about different aspects of the assassination, manhunt and trial Presupposes a basic knowledge of the assassination Most of the materials on the limitations of the defendants to testify in their trial came from

here. 23 Assassination Vacation Last of the legitimate books put here for a reason Plot is the author (along with her sister and nephew) visit sites from, among others, the Lincoln, Garfield,

McKinley and Kennedy assassinations If you were going to bring one Lincoln assassination book to the beach, this would be the one Vowell has written a number of other books about American History which are all recommended. 24

The Lincoln Conspiracy The last book in this presentation and in actual historical usefulness As noted in Class 3, tried to revive the Stanton theory, only to put a final stake in its heart

Useful reading only to show what bad history looks like. 25 For the digitally inclined In this day and age, books are not the only source of information There are a gazillion websites out there with information about

the Lincoln Assassination Lets look at the best of the best 26 Boothie Barn Run by a local husband/wife team Dave Taylor is a local elementary school teacher and tour guide His wife Kate is a

docent at the Mudd House (where they had their reception!) Can be reached at 27 Roger J Norton There are two site Norton runs the first is a more traditional historical research one There is a general Lincoln and one

specifically on the assassination Reached at http:// 28 Roger J Norton The second is a discussion forum Again, there are general Lincoln forums and one specifically on the assassination

Reached at http:// Symposium/forum-5.html 29 Movies/TV 30 Birth of a Nation (1915) One of the earliest

depiction of the assassination in film Check out how Booth is portrayed Typical of silent movies, the scenery chewing is astonishing Of course, Birth is better known for its virulent racism than for its portrayal of the assassination

31 Birth of a Nation Assassination https:// v=JOe_s-zoMkE 32 Birth of a Nation

(1915) Not surprisingly, given Griffiths background in theater, the action on stage is historically accurate Lord Dundreary is correctly portrayed with his whiskers The action on stage is correct Asa

Trenchard saying.. 33 The Conspirator (2010) We will be showing two extended scenes from this movie First, the assassination Second, the hanging of the

conspirators These scenes, helped by among others, the Surratt Society, are probably the most realistic and historically accurate examples of the events . 34 The Conspirator The Assassination

https:// OFtM 35 The Conspirator The Executions https:// 1wEo

36 Dr. Mudd Movies Shark Island There are also a number of movies on Dr. Mudd, all of which are sympathetic (and I would argue wrong) on the history The first was the 1936 film The Prisoner of Shark Island, starring Warner

Baxter as Dr. Mudd Not surprising the slant of the movie, since it was based on The Life of Dr. Mudd, by Nettie Mudd Monroe, the Dr.s daughter 37 Dr. Mudd Movies Shark Island

Starring Warner Baxter and Dr. Mudd and Gloria Stuart as his wife (what 1997 role would she be most remembered for?) The title card, to the tune of Maryland, My Maryland stated As a nation we must acknowledge the injustice visited on one of the most unselfish and courageous men in American history And signed by George Radcliffe, US Senator from MD

38 Dr. Mudd Movies Shark Island The origin of the movie was when Darryl Zanuck read an article about the restoration of Ft. Jefferson, and asked writer Nunnally Johnson (r) if there was a picture there

Johnson read Lloyd Lewis Myths after Lincoln, and fixed on the Dr. Mudd story 39 Dr. Mudd Movies Shark Island Johnson would later state: It was 50/50 whether Mudd was innocent or guilty, so I went with

innocent Speaking as a screenwriter, and not a historian! 40 Dr. Mudd Movies Shark Island In 1938, two years after the movie came out, it was turned into a radio play

Starring Gary Cooper as Dr. Mudd and Fay Wray (yes, that Fay Wray) as Mrs. Mudd 41 Dr. Mudd Movies Shark Island Since it was live radio, mistakes could not be corrected

So when Coop referred to Booth as Lincolns assistant not assassin that is what the radio audience heard. 42 Dr. Mudd Movies Laramie In 1962, on the TV program Laramie, Dr. Mudd made

another appearance Played by Lew Ayres, the plot was Dr. Mudd moves west to start a new life (nope) and ends up treating a ranchers son, amputating an arm to save his life (nope again) 43 Dr. Mudd Movies Laramie

In a coincidence only possible in TV, the father is the Union officer who arrested Mudd He and his cronies are about to hang Mudd when the good guys arrive The saved Mudd plans to move on to SF (nope, nope and nope!) 44

Dr. Mudd Movies 40+ years later, in 1980, Dennis Weaver starred in The Ordeal of Dr. Mudd (and you can guess from the title the slant of the movie) The plot is that Dr. Mudd was only a simple country doctor doing his duty to an unknown patient, and was then railroaded into prison The title card states What you are about to see is a true story.

NOT! 45 Television 46 Twilight Zone Season 2 Back There Peter Corrigan, a college professor, gets into a discussion about whether

events could be changed if time travel were possible He soon finds himself in DC on April 14, 1865 Trying to warn people of the attempt on Lincolns life, he is arrested as a drunk He is bailed out by a Mr. Wellington, who as he leaves Corrigan, drops a handkerchief with the

initials JWB And then. 47 Twilight Zone Season 2 Back There After his time travel, where then does Professor Corrigan (aka Russell Johnson) travel? 48

Timeless Season 1 The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln The time travelers return to April 1865

to find the bad guy Only to find the bad guy has teamed up with John Wilkes Booth They cant stop the assassination but do they change history anyhow? 49

Comics 50 Comics Comics have provided both a illustrated version of the assassination And a fantastical version with superheroes from both DC and Marvel involved with the assassination So we have facts, fiction and (very much) frankly craziness

51 Graphic Library The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln 52 A Treasury of Victorian Murder The Murder of Abraham Lincoln 53

With Malice Towards One Detailed graphic novel 54 Treasure Chest of Fun and Fact JFK/Lincoln parallels 55 Treasure Chest of Fun and Fact

This was a magazine that was put out by the Catholic Bishops of America In a later issue, they told the story of the Catholic Dr. Mudd Any guesses as to their take on Dr. Mudds guilt or innocence? 56 Biography of JW Booth obviously leading up to the assassination

57 To Transition First, as we enter the world of fiction, HORROR! 58 The why of the assassination JW Booth born with a crimson claw!

59 And now. We leave the realm of facts (well, at least mostly facts) and end up in the realm of SUPERHEROES! 60 How Lincoln won the

Battle of Gettysburg 61 Jimmy Olsen goes back in time and sleeps through the assassination 62 Superman saves Lincoln (but only in a parallel universe!)

63 Superman tries again! 64 An actor (playing the wrong role) goes back in time 65 The Flash finds out Lincoln has been

assassinated (in 2971) 66 Scalphunter prevents the assassination and thwarts Stanton! 67 Well, maybe the assassination was justified https:// 68 And as the grand finale Batman (with an assist from Lincoln himself) thwart Booth https:// 69

Dont forget! Save the date: May 10, 2019 OLLI Lincoln Assassination Field Trip Head to Fords Theater House where Lincoln died/Center for Education and Leadership Lunch at Lincolns favorite burger joint, the Hard Rock caf 70

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