The Kelvin Scale -

The Kelvin Scale -

Gases The Nature of Gases Gases expand to fill their containers Gases are fluid they flow Gases have low density 1/1000 the density of the equivalent liquid or solid Gases are compressible Gases effuse and diffuse Ideal Gases Ideal gases are imaginary gases that

perfectly fit all of the assumptions of the kinetic molecular Gases theory. consist of tiny particles that are far apart relativegas to their size.and betw Collisions between particles particles and the walls of the container ar elastic collisions No kinetic energy is lost in elastic

collisions Ideal Gases (continued) Gas particles are in constant, rapid motion. They therefore possess kinetic energy, the energy of motion There are no forces of attraction between gas particles The average kinetic energy of gas particles depends on temperature, not on the identity of the particle. Pressure

Pressure is the force created by the collisions of molecules with the walls of a container Unit Pascal Symbo Definition/Relationship l Pa SI pressure unit 1 Pa = 1 newton/meter2 Millimeter of mercury

mm Hg Atmosphere atm Torr torr Pressure that supports a 1 mm column of mercury in a barometer Average atmospheric pressure at sea level and 0 C 1 torr = 1 mm Hg

Standard Pressure 1 standard atmosphere (atm) 101.3 kPa (kilopascals) 14.7 lbs/in2 760 mm Hg (millimeters of mercury) 760 torr Measuring Pressure The first device for measuring atmospheric pressure was developed by Evangelista Torricelli during the 17th century.

The device was called a barometer Baro = weight Meter = measure An Early Barometer The normal pressure due to the atmosphere at sea level can support a column of mercury that is 760 mm high. The Kelvin Scale Either

Either of of these: these: 273 273 Kelvin Kelvin (273 (273 K) K) 0 0 C C And And any any one

one of of these: these: 11 atm atm 101.3 101.3 kPa kPa 22 lbs/in 14.7 14.7 lbs/in (psi) (psi)

760 760 mm mm Hg Hg 760 760 torr torr Standard Temperature and Pressure STP

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