The MEP Recruiter - FL

The MEP Recruiter - FL

The MEP Recruiter Basic Recruiter Responsibilities Module 2 Level 1 Materials

Module 2 Level 1 Outline Handouts, as needed Pen or pencil Highlighters Post-its

Level 1: Basic Recruiter Responsibilities Goal The recruiter will know his or her basic responsibilities. Objectives Participants will be able to:

Describe the recruiters role in the MEP. Outline the recruiters basic responsibilities. Identify the characteristics and skills of a successful recruiter. Agenda: Level 1 Characteristics: Migrant Workers and

their Families Characteristics: Recruiters Roles of the Recruiter What am I Responsible For? How Prepared are you to Recruit? Assessment One for You, One for Me Characteristics

Migrant Workers and their Families Cause Characteristic Debrief Work with your group to

complete the table provided. Characteristics What makes a successful recruiter? Recruiter Characteristics

Characteristics What if you need to grow in a particular area? Role of the Recruiter

Points to consider as you define and shape your role in the MEP Consider The recruiter represents the MEP to the family, so he or she should present the best possible image of both the recruiter and the MEP.

Consider The recruiter may be the migrant familys first link to the school and the larger community. The recruiter should take every opportunity to present the school and community in a positive light and provide guidance where possible.

Consider The recruiters first contact with each family is very important. This is when the recruiter determines whether the child or children are eligible for the MEP. This is also when the recruiter sets the tone for the home-school relationship.

Consider The recruiter should try to be helpful without letting the family become dependent on him/her. With this in mind What other roles might you have as a recruiter? Interviewer

Advocate Community Liaison Outreach Worker School Liaison

What am I responsible for? Work with a partner. Read each Recruiter Responsibility Card. Group the 12 responsibilities on chart paper. Record any missing responsibility on a blank card.

What am I responsible for? Determine a label for each group; record on a Post-it. What am I responsible for?

Grab a few Post its. Stand up with your partner. Visit each chart paper. Reflect/respond to the grouping arrangements/ additional responsibilities: Glad you thought about Never considered

Not sure I understand Make sure to leave Post-it with comment How prepared are you to recruit? Re-visit Characteristics Recruiter Characteristics

Level 1 Assessment Please complete the assessment independently. When all participants are done, discuss answers with a partner; revise answers if needed. We will review as a whole group

and you will grade your own. One for Me, One for You Please respond to at least one sentence starter in your Module 2 Level 1 Outline. Write one of your statements on a Post-it, and leave it on the door as you exit. No names are necessary.

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