The New Jersey Department of Human Services Division of ...

The New Jersey Department of Human Services Division of ...

The New Jersey Department of Human Services Division of Developmental Disabilities 1 DDD Housing Vouchers: What Support Coordinators Need to Know February 12, 2016 Agenda 2 Background How the Housing Voucher Works Support Coordinator Role Housing Voucher Process

Resources Next Steps Q&A Background 3 Approximately 200 housing vouchers are available through the Supportive Housing Connection (SHC) for individuals who qualify for DDD services, are not on the Community Care Waiver (CCW), and are currently experiencing housing instability SHC issues rental subsidies in partnership with the Division of

Developmental Disabilities and the Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services DDD has identified potential recipients of these vouchers This webinar will provide an overview of the voucher process and explain the role of the Support Coordinator within that process How the Voucher Works 4 The voucher provides a subsidy to the qualifying individuals rent The individual pays 30% of their adjusted gross income

directly to the landlord; DDD and the SHC reviews the individuals income annually If the individual pays utilities separately, an additional deduction of $70 is applied to their rent contribution The SHC pays the rest of the rent up to the Fair Market Rate (FMR) for the county, by direct deposit directly to the landlord on behalf of DDD Voucher: Example 5 Individual income

$1000/month Individual pays 30% of income $300/month Utilities not included -$70/month subsidy Rent paid by individual $230/month Subsidy Start Date 6 Rental subsidy can begin on the 1st of the month only if all information is received by the SHC by the 23rd of the prior month Rental subsidy can begin on the 15th of the month only if all information is received by the SHC by the 9th of the prior month

The Housing Voucher Process 7 Individual Requirements 8 Individuals identified by DDD must meet the overall Supports Program criteria in order to qualify for the housing voucher Completed NJ CAT Medicaid eligible

Individuals must also have a Support Coordinator prior to receiving services If the individual does not have an SC at the time of identification, the individual may select one or DDD will assign one according to the usual process Individuals using a housing voucher must also monitor Section 8 vouchers in their county, and must apply, even if there is a waiting list; may require SC assistance Housing Requirements 9

Apartments must be one bedroom Rent must not exceed Fair Market Rate (FMR) Apartments must meet HUD Housing Quality Standards SHC will determine that FMR and Housing Quality Standards are met, once an apartment has been identified Process Overview: Three Phases 10 PHASE 1: Identify & Notify Individuals

PHASE 2: Secure Voucher PHASE 3: Utilize Voucher Phase 1: Identifying & Notifying Individuals (SC Role in Blue) 11 DDD identifies individual based on housing instability DDD tells the SC (if one is assigned), or the Division Case Manager (if no SC is assigned), that the individual qualifies for the voucher and confirms that requirements are met The SC/DCM notifies the individual, and the individual determines whether

or not they want the voucher If the individual wants the voucher and no SC is assigned, DDD assigns an SC If they want the voucher, the SC works with individual to determine whether natural supports exist or if individual support staff is required to work with the individual to secure housing Phase 2: Securing the Voucher (SC Role in Blue) 12 If individual wants voucher and once ISP is approved, the SC completes the appropriate housing voucher form and submits to DDD Mentor: Attachment A if individual is moving into new apartment Attachment B if individual is already living in apartment

Form is reviewed and approved by DDD and SHC Individual receives Welcome Package from SHC (Welcome Letter, Landlord agreement, Fair Market Rate (FMR) sheet, Direct Deposit and W-9 request, Rental Subsidy Agreement, and Unit Identification Form Phase 3: Two Paths 13 There are two paths by which individuals can access the voucher, depending on their current housing status

One path for individuals who are already living in an apartment One path for individuals who will be moving into new apartments Phase 3: For Individuals Already Living in Apartment (SC Role in Blue) 14 Individual or contact person completes forms in Welcome Package and returns completed forms to SHC within 10 working days (may require SC support). SHC reviews forms SHC inspects and approves apartment, notifies tenant and landlord of amount of money tenant will pay landlord and subsidy amount SHC will pay directly to landlord

Individual monitors Section 8 vouchers in their county and applies if/when available, with SC support as needed Phase 3: For Individuals Moving into New Apartment (SC Role in Blue) 15 SC assists individual in identifying and using supports needed to locate an apartment. If no natural supports are available, an individual support service will be added to the ISP to assist Individual searches for apartment, with agreed-upon and approved supports; apartment identified Individual submits Unit Identification form from Welcome Package to SHC, with support as needed SHC inspects and approves apartment, determines individuals portion of

payment, and notifies individual and landlord of payment/subsidy SC assists individual with locating services and supports related to one-time moving expenses (furniture, etc). Individual moves in Start-Up Resources for Individuals Moving Into New Apartments 16 SC will assist the individual in identifying community resources for free/low-cost furniture, other items

Family Friends Goodwill Donations Faith communities If gaps still exist after other resources are exhausted, alert your DDD Mentor; assistance will be determined on a case-by-case basis Review: SC Role in Housing Voucher Process 17 Notify individual of housing voucher opportunity, if identified

by DDD/SHC Identify natural supports and/or need for individual supports, and update ISP accordingly Complete Attachment A or B, depending on whether individual is living in apartment or moving into new apartment Assist with applying for and monitoring Section 8 lists in the individuals county Facilitate access to housing options and one-time items needed for move-in (furniture, etc.), as needed In Summary: Support Coordinator Role 18 Support Coordinators will participate in the housing process in

the same way they participate in other services today, supporting the individual throughout the process and helping to identify supports Support Coordinators are not responsible for: Finding apartments for individuals Evaluating appropriateness of apartments Negotiating rent for individuals Providing transportation for individuals Resources 19

The NJHRC offers a database to assist individuals and service providers looking for affordable housing The site offers a searchable interactive online database of affordable and accessible units in NJ Managed by Social Serve, a non-profit that provides housing locator tools to states and localities throughout the country 30 general and advanced search fields, many related to accessibility features Spanish and English Toll-Free Call Center Individuals can also contact one of the various housing authorities operating in New Jersey to find out about available resources specific to the areas they cover. Links to housing authorities are

below Other resources: Social Serve - Craigslist - Regardless of where the apartment is listed, always confirm that the rent does not exceed the appropriate countys Fair Market Rate (FMR)

Next Steps 20 Individuals will begin to be identified in February If you have an individual who is identified for a voucher, you will be notified by your DDD Mentor If you have an individual who you believe needs a housing voucher, please notify your DDD Mentor of the situation/person Q&A 21 T H A N K YO U !

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