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The Obama Presidency 2008 - 2016 The Election One of the hardest fought election in U.S. History It began before the financial crisis got to severe Former First Lady Hilary Clinton was seen as the early Democratic frontrunner because of her popularity with women A young Senator from Illinois, Barack Obama, emerged as the Democratic Nominee after one of

the closest primary contests in history The Republican Party nominated John McCain, a candidate with a distinguished war record and a former POW in Vietnam The Election Continued Obamas campaign received a tremendous boost when Oprah Winfrey, one of the worlds wealthiest women and highest paid entertainer in the world, publicly endorsed him over Hilary Clinton In the campaign, Obama criticized the decision to go to war in Iraq

He promised Health Care Reform His candidacy especially appealed to young people, African-Americans, and opponents of the Iraq War. He called for the closing of Guantanamo Bay. The Election Continued Promised millions of undocumented aliens a path to citizenship Spoke against tax cuts for the wealthy, but promised no tax increases on middle class Americans John McCain chose a woman, Sarah Palin, as his V.P.

running mate Importance of the 2008 Election The son of a Kenyan Farmer and a white American mother Barack Obama was the first African-American to be elected President 135 years after the Emancipation Proclamation (Abraham Lincoln) 45 years after Dr. Kings I Have a Dream Speech

Campaigned on a promise of change Longest and Most costly Presidential campaign in U.S. History Remarkable for his rapid rise in American Politics Obama used the internet to gather supporters and to raise campaign contributions Obama Responds to the Crisis Sought to prevent a depression like the 1930s His objective was to stimulate the economy by creating

jobs, rebuilding roads, schools, bridges and tunnels April 2009: American Recovery And Reinvestment Act to jumpstart the economy More than $700 billion was spent by the federal government in a bailout package (create new jobs, save existing ones, spur economic growth, and invest in long-term infrastructure development) Part of the money would be spend directly by the federal government Other funds would be supplied to state governments Passed legislation to regulate credit cards, lending and

other banking practices Took steps to save the U.S. auto industry Passed Health Care Reform - most controversial Supreme Court Appointments Sonia Sotomayer. President Clinton nominated her to the U.S. Court of Appeals. In 2009, Obama nominated her to the U.S. Supreme Court. Making her the first Hispanic Justice

The 3rd woman to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court. Elena Kagan. Former Harvard Law School Dean 4th woman to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court Foreign Policy Like President Carter, Obama, sought to exercise moral leadership. Pakistan

Iran Encouraged Pakistan to take a more aggressive stance in fighting terrorism Despite increased economic and political sanctions, nuclear weapons

were still being developed U.S. troops, entered Pakistan, where they were able to track down and kill al-Qaeda terrorist Osama bin Laden World leaders fear this will tip the

balance of power in the Middle East Iran sponsors terrorist groups and have openly Navy Seals -Whoop! The Arab Spring Iraq

Gradually withdrew Discouraged U.S. troops (which dictators from using were replaced by force to suppress Iraqi security democracy forces). movements (Tunisia, Yemen, Situation remains

Syria, and Egypt) challenging as acts of terrorism In Libya, airstrikes continue against were authorized to the Iraqi defend rebels Government (leading to Gaddafis downfall

Afghanistan Increased the level of U.S. troops in an effort to stabilize the country and revitalize its development Israel Seeks to work with Israelis and Palestinians to

achieve a 2-state nation A Jewish State A Palestinian State Living Side-By-Side in peace Europe Maintained close ties with Europe China

Continues to export a large number of goods to Americans The European Investors buy a Union has great deal of U.S. experienced its own Treasury notes, financial crisis supporting the

(similar to that large American faced by the United Debt States)

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