The Odyssey - Mrs. Todd's Literature Courses

The Odyssey - Mrs. Todd's Literature Courses

The Odyssey A long voyage by Homer Odysseus The model Epic Hero

An Epic Hero A larger than life figure who embodies traits that the culture values Physical strength Bravery High birth Fame

Effective skills as a leader and in battle Odysseus' Strengths Courageous Witty "Deep heart"

Odysseus' Weaknesses Curiosity Cocky Odysseus' Background

Laertes' son From the island of Ithaca - off the coast of Greece Famous for his guile (craftiness) Sailing from

Troy Ten Years Later Sailing from Troy - a summary Alcinous, ruler of Phaeacia, provides a ship to Odysseus in return for the story of his adventures. Odysseus' men looted, enslaved women, drank, and

slaughtered cattle and sheep. His men were rebellious and did not listen to Odysseus when he ordered then to return to the ship. The Cicone Army came on horseback and killed 6 rows of men per ship and the Greeks mourned greatly for the death of their men.

The Lotus Eaters Storms lasting three days Ten days drifting at sea They arrive at the coastline of the Lotus Eaters

The Lotus Eaters - a summary Zeus sent a vicious storm upon Odysseus' ships Almost home, and near Melea, a gale drove them to the Land of the Lotus-Eaters. Odysseus sent two men and a messenger to

learn about the natives. The three men ate from the lotus flower and then no longer cared to return to their homeland. Odysseus forced the men back to the ship The Cyclopes

Odysseus meets Polyphemus - son of Poseidon. The Cyclops - a summary Odysseus is clever enough to see through his

opponent's trickery and outwit him in return Odysseus' curiosity leads him to disregard his mens' good advice Odysseus and his men get trapped by the Cyclopes and he must come up with a strategy to escape. Odysseus shows great cleverness and courage by blinding the Cyclopes with a spear made from an

Olive tree. Odysseus gets cocky at the end and taunts the Cyclopes as they escape. The Cyclops Continued The Cyclops, Polyphemus, prays to his father, Poseidon and curses Odysseus

Odysseus displays curiosity and boastfulness - as weaknesses Odysseus displays cleverness, leadership, and bravery - as strengths Greeks Value

An ordered society Hospitality The gods The Land of the Dead Odysseus must confront

the blind prophet, Tiresias The Sacrifice Odysseus performs the sacrifice he was told to do by Circe - to reach the blind

prophet, Tiresias. Tiresias was to tell Odysseus his future. First - The Spirit of Elpenor Elpenor's spirit asks Odysseus to burn Elpenor's body and build a memorial for

him on the shore of Aegean Island. Elpenor asks Odysseus to put his personal oar on top of the heap of stones. - This suggests that his spirit will be able to find peace once he has a proper burial. Odysseus weeps and promises he will honor his request

Second - The Spirit of Anticlea Odysseus meets the spirit of his dead mother - who was still alive when he took ship for holy Troy Odysseus weeps.

Third - The spirit of Tiresias Tiresias indicates that Odysseus can overcome Posidon's wrath if Odysseus focuses on his task and disciplines both himself and his crew.

Odysseus can return home only if he practices self-restraint. Tiresias specifically tells him to avoid Helio's cattle - if he doesn't he will face destruction for his ship, loss of men, trouble at home.

The Sirens Sailors are lured in by their singing and then left to die at sea. Loyal companions (crew) see them through this

danger. Odysseus knew his lack of selfcontrol so he asks his crew to tie him to the mast of the ship Odysseus put wax in his men's ears so they could not hear the Sirens. The men peacefully and respectfully

ignore Odysseus' request to 'Untie me!' and show great loyalty to their leader. Scylla and Charybdis Scylla appears as a seamonster opposite the

whirlpool, Charybdis Odysseus as seen as a leader who gives clear orders Odysseus loses 6 of his men to the Scylla Odysseus shows great care and

compassion for the loss of men The Cattle of the Sun God "The Cattle of the Sun God". Storyboardthat.

Clever Prototypes. 2017. Web. 1 February 2017 "The Sirens". Storyboardthat. Clever Prototypes. 2017. Web. 1 February 2017.

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