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The Psychodynamic Approach - Stmaryspsyweb's Weblog

The Psychodynamic Approach Gender Identity Intro The psychodynamic approach emphasises the importance of change and development in behaviours. It believes that this development is mainly driven by

unconscious forces. The most famous psychodynamic explanation is that of Freuds psychoanalytic theory and this can be used to explain Gender Development. Key Points Psychosexual stages The first 2 stages are concerned with

pleasure, gender is said to be flexible and there are no clear differences between boys and girls at all. In the phallic stage the child becomes aware of the physical differences between male and female. The complexes that happen at this stage spark Gender Identity. Oedipus Complex (BOYS)

Mother is the first love object. Therefore wish to possess their mother for themselves. These lustful feelings lead the boy to view their father as a rival. Boys also fear their father and the punishment he may bestow. Castration Anxiety

Electra Complex (GIRLS) The same desire as boys is reversed in girls. Father is the love object, however the resentment for mother is said to lie with penis envy. A girl feels cheated that she has no penis, like the male of the species. They substitute the desire for a penis with

a desire for a baby. Comparison While boys fear aggression from their father, girls fear losing the love of their mother. Identification The children resolve this conflict with the defence mechanism of identification with

the same sex parent. This is where the super-ego is developed. Read the handout Make notes on the process of identification. Read the Little Hans Case study. Highlight the + and negative evaluation points in two different colours.

Answer The Summary Questions This will aide your revision

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