The "Magic F.I.T."

The "Magic F.I.T."

The Master F.I.T. How to Avoid Being a Square Peg in a Round Hole! Presented by: Trish Dervin, CCMC Career Conversions, LLC Career Coach Academy 1 Why People Stay in a Bad FIT Fear of Change Financial Concerns

Unaware of Un-fit Signs/Lack of Knowledge Career Coach Academy 2 Master F.I.T. - External Function Industry/Interests Things That Matter

Insight is the best vision. ~Malcolm Forbes Career Coach Academy 3 Function = Job Tasks Knowing what you dislike is a key to discovering what you do like! What tasks/jobs do you Procrastinate Cringe Avoid on!

over! like the plague! Career Coach Academy 4 Function: Walking Magnet! Career Coach Academy 5 Career "Master F.I.T." External F.I.T. Internal F.I.T. (the easily observable F.I.T.)

(the less observable, but equally important F.I.T.) Function Fulfillment Industry/Interest Identity Things That Matter Type Options: Best Next Steps: Career Coach Academy 6

Function: The What What tasks/jobs are you drawn to? What do people come to you for, or compliment you on? What have you always wanted to learn more about? In what tasks do you get engrossed or lose track of time?

Career Coach Academy 7 Industry/Interests: The Where Where [in what company, team, dept, division] do you want to use your function/what" skills? Where do your interests, knowledge, or experiences lie? What industries/companies/products do these interests represent?

Career Coach Academy 8 Things that Matter: The Which Which are the most important priorities to you in terms of Financial work/lifestyle social environmental intellectual emotional spiritual From Autonomy and Achievement to Travel and Variety, there are many motivators

How do these match up with your current job description? Career Coach Academy 9 Internal F.I.T. Less Observable, but Equally Important! Fulfillment Identity Type

Career Coach Academy 10 Fulfillment: The Why Why do you work (beyond putting bread on the table!)? What is your purpose cause destiny calling? How would you describe your living legacy?

How is it aligned with your employers goals? Career Coach Academy 11 Identity: The Who Who are you? Who are you becoming and who do you need to become to be more successful? Whos the future you? How do you want others to perceive you?

Who are your role models and key supporters? Career Coach Academy 12 Personality Type: The How How do you prefer to Get re-energized? [energy] Take Make in information? [perception] decisions? [judgment]

Orient their environment? [orientation] How do you learn best? Career Coach Academy 13 Putting It All Together The Sweet Spot: a position where all elements of the F.I.T. overlap. Find the non-negotiable(s) item on your F.I.T. form.

Prioritize the thoughts/ideas captured in the F.I.T. form. Brainstorm options that combine Function & Industry/Interests Dialogue with people who are doing work you admire ask their opinions/ideas for how they might combine key elements of the F.I.T. Review opportunities within the org ask your manager or HR how does this complement each of my F.I.T. priorities? Career Coach Academy

14 Zinger Questions to Move Forward In the next 7 days, what action steps CAN you take to move forward? What action steps WILL you take? To whom will you be accountable for these steps? It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.

~Eleanor Roosevelt Career Coach Academy 15 The Master F.I.T. Every calling is great when greatly pursued. ~Oliver Wendell Holmes Career Coach Academy 16

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