The Real Food Movement is Here

September 9, 2013 | 4 pm EDT Using GoToMeeting Type any questions into chat box; they will be addressed at end of the call Type your name and where youre from in the chat box to practice! During Q&A, you may also press the Raise Hand icon on your dashboard, and you will be unmuted to speak The webinar will be recorded and sent to registrants

within the week Overview Food Day campaign update Real Food Challenge #TheRealFoodMovementIsHer e Recruitment & leadership development

Panelists & event ideas starting now Next steps Q&A Food Day Campaign Update Jack Johnson advocating for Food Day on tour

Food Education campaign in hundreds of school districts Photo Credit: Cedric Angeles NYC Big Apple Crunch World record: Most Participants in an AppleCrunching Event. 1 million crunchers 12 pm on October 24th

Planned by NY state and GrowNYC https://bigapplecrunch13.squarespace. com Daley Plaza in Downtown Chicago 8 am 4 pm Massachusetts Department of Agriculture aiming for 1,000 events this year

2013: At least 3,200 events in all 50 states Looking Ahead Make note of funding resources for next year Community foundations

Academic departments SGA Pairing up with other student organizations or departments Real Food Challenge Campaign: 20% by 2020 (~$1 billion) Network: Making connections and gaining valuable skills

Catalyze transformation of larger food system Food policy change 17 schools >$50 million RFC + Food Day partnering to

bring Food Day to campuses Oberlin College (OH) commits to 40% real food in March 2013. The Real Food Movement Is Here Conventional agribusiness still dominating the conversation Opportunity to reclaim the narrative Showcase impact of

campus work Full guide: #TheRealFoodMovementIsHere at UVM, where a working group of students & administrators are working to implement a real food purchasing policy. Base-building tips Table on the day of the Food Day event Petition

Email sign-up Sign-in sheet at event with contact information Follow-up! Invite to next meeting or event Leadership Development Tips Build a relationship: learn about skills & interests

Decide together on meaningful tasks Ensure appropriate supporting materials or coaches Accountability through weekly meetings Paige Kelly Member of FH King & Slow Food at The University of Wisconsin,

Madison Food Week at The University of Wisconsin, Madison Monday 10/21: Family Dinner Night & Panel Discussion Tuesday 10/22: Screening of Food Patriots Wednesday 10/23: Slow Food Caf

Thursday 10/24: Big petitioning and tabling day Friday 10/25: Garden Party Throughout: Open lecture series UW Madison Events Starting now! Open Lecture Series Petitioning

Tabling Panel Discussion Event Ideas, Starting Now! Put photo action photos & story on display Recruit for a big campaign meeting Whats That Veggie? cooking

demo, sampling, & recipe card Big petitioning and tabling day Real Food Roundtable Premiere a switch to a real food item in the dining hall Host a film screening Next Steps

Register event by September 10th for Food Day materials Brainstorm photo action ideas Call/visit restaurants & businesses for donations Begin attendance recruitment

Confirm space & speakers Draft press release Q&A Paige Kelly, Slow Food at The University of Wisconsin, Madison Nicole McCann, Food Day Project Coordinator

Kate Klein, National Campus Food Day Coordinator Relevant Links [email protected]

@FoodDay2013 | @RealFoodNow

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