The Rise of the Kingdom - Quia

The Rise of the Kingdom - Quia

The Rise of the Kingdom Chapter 9 Joshua - 1 Samuel 16 A nation set apart: summary Moses has recently died at age of 120 Joshua takes over leadership of Israel Israel will want to be governed like every other nation Israel would fail to conquer Canaan because of their

sinfulness and the temptation Canaan offers 1 Jericho, their first conquest It was strategically important to conquer Jericho to hurt the Canaanites They are about to cross the river Jordan into Canaan Joshua sends two spies Joshua 2:9 Rahab says I know the Lord has given you

the landall the inhabitants are afraid of you 2 Rahab hides the spies She hid the spies What did she ask for in exchange for hiding the spies? How would they know which house not to destroy? 3

Jericho March Jos 3:5 sanctify yourselves for tomorrow the Lord will perform wonders among you The Levites will carry the ark of the covenant Jos 3:8 command the priests carrying the ark of the covenant to come to a halt in the Jordan when they reach the edge of the waters

4 Jericho March What happened as soon as the Levites hit the edge of the water? Jos 3:13 when the soles of the feet of the priests carrying the ark of the Lord touch the water, it will cease to flow

5 Jericho March Israel walked through the water on dry land This is a type of Baptism Israel, Gods chosen people, passed through water to the Promised Land We too, as Gods chosen people, pass through the waters of

Baptism to the Promised Land, Heaven. 6 Jericho March: Joshua 6 What were the Israelites supposed to do? March for 6 days in a row silently while the priests blew trumpets On day 7, march 7 times After, they gave a loud shout and the walls

came tumbling down 7 Jericho March Once the walls fell the army marched into the city and destroyed it Rahab and her family were saved Rahab becomes an earthly ancestor of King David and ultimately Jesus Christ She is mentioned in Christs

Geneology in Matthew 1 8 Joshua Renews Covenant Israel was faithful during his leadership and conquer much of Canaan Joshua reminds them of their covenant with God He also warns them it will be difficult Jos 24:19 you will not be able to serve the Lord

Israel takes the challenge Jos 24: 21 We will still serve the Lord Joshua is 110 when he dies 9 Judges Judges Soldier-prophets Rescued Israel from their enemies Israel followed them, but when they

died, Israel would stray from God all over again Israel failed to drive out the Canaanites which led them to continually fall away from God Israel had many judges over time 10 Judges Canaanites

Lived sophisticated lives Built stone temples Brick houses Were city dwellers Impressive idol worship This lifestyle was attractive to the Israelites 11

Judges Despite all the work of the Judges Israel was still falling apart They fell into serious civil war This made them easy prey for other nations to conquer them God allowed them victories over their enemies He also allowed them to fall into enemy hands as punishment for idolatry or unfaithfulness 12 The Call of Samuel Hannah, Samuel mother was

barren for many years She dedicated him to God A lesson from Samuel We often dont recognize Gods voice He is calling us We must be willing to answer as Samuel did Speak, for your servant is listening 13 Samuel the King-maker

Judges 21:25 every man did what was right in his own eyes Israel was in anarchy Levites were corrupt Samuel was the last of the judges Samuel had already appointed his sons to judge after him His sons were corrupted also Israel instead called upon God for a King 14

Samuel Israel does not want to be a nation set apart They want to be like every other nation, with a King Samuel is offended by this request God tells them to prepare them for what they can expect with a king: taxes, military service and oppression Samuel agreed to find them a king 15 Saul is chosen king

Saul was from the tribe of Benjamin 1 Samuel 9:2 There was no other Israelite handsomer than Saul; he stood head and shoulders above the people. God pointed out Saul as the one whom Samuel was to anoint as king 16 Saul is anointed king

1 Sam 10:1 Samuel poured the oil on Sauls head.. You are to govern the Lords people Israel, and to save them from the grasp of their enemies Saul was anointed Anoint means to consecrate or set something apart 17

Saul is anointed as King Saul was the anointed one Messiah means anointed one in Hebrew Christ means anointed one in Greek This is someone who is chosen to be a leader and savior of Gods people Saul is 1st non-priest anointed 18 Sauls 1st mistake

Saul is victorious over the Ammonites He becomes proud and wants to lead without Gods help He is about to enter into war with the Philistines Philistines had troops like the sand on the seashore (1 Sam 13:5) In fear he prays to God who gives him a command through Samuel 19

Sauls 1st mistake He only had 600 soldiers to fight the battle so he asked for Gods help What was Saul supposed to do? Wait for 7 days for Samuel to come and offer sacrifice As he waited his soldiers started to wander away 20 Sauls 1st mistake

Saul grew impatient and decided to offer sacrifice on his own How does Samuel respond when he finds this out? He is extremely angry Why? Because he offered sacrifice to get something out of it instead of out of love 21

Sauls 1st mistake What is a result of Sauls action? He will remain king but his sons will not be king after him He will not found a dynasty 22 Sauls 2nd mistake Saul is told to destroy the Amalekites completely.

All people and all animals They were an evil people Saul gave his soldiers orders to keep the best of the animals they refused to carry out the doom on anything that was worthwhile (1 Sam 15:9) 23 Samuel confronts him What excuse does he

use? He saved the animals for sacrifice Sauls disobedience is getting him into trouble again! He is rejected as king How does Saul react? Pleads for forgiveness 24

Saul will be replaced What happens when Saul pleads with Samuel? His mantle tore What is this symbolic of? The Lord has torn the kingdom of Israel from you this day Saul loses the kingdom Samuel is to anoint another king to replace Saul

25 To Find a New King After Sauls mistakes as king, God told Samuel to anoint a new king Samuel was told to go to the house of ____________ and anoint one of his sons Which tribe is he from? 26 Samuel Sent to Bethlehem 1 Sam 16

Samuel sent to the house of Jesse to anoint one of his sons V. 7: Do not judge from his appearance or from his lofty stature, because I have rejected him. Not as man sees does God see, because man sees the appearance but the Lord looks into the heart 27 Samuel picks the King

Jesse presented all his sons except one David, the youngest was out tending the sheep He is a shepherd, and this makes him a type of Christ 28 Saul is tormented Once David was anointed by Samuel the spirit left Saul and came upon David Saul was tormented by an evil spirit

David was a musician and was summoned by Sauls ministers to play the harp to soothe him This is also a type of 29

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