The Secret Life of Bees Reading Guide Answers

The Secret Life of Bees Reading Guide Answers

The Secret Life of Bees Reading Guide Answers Vocabulary Study Page #s Chapter 1 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. The setting is in Sylvan, SC, in the summer of 1964. He is Lilys father and a peach farmer. She woke up to bees swarming (flying around) in her room. She remembers the day she died and her scent. She is a stand-in mother. She has a picture of her mother leaning against a truck, a pair of white cotton gloves, and a Black Mary picture/label (on the back is inscribed

Tiburon, SC) 7. She remembers the gun going off. 8. She asks for a silver charm bracelet. 9. He makes her kneel on them. 10.She stole two fans. Brother Gerald is surprised to see her there and becomes agitated (doesnt know what to do about a Black woman being in a white church). 11.She wrote her name on the mens shoes with the spit from her jug. Vocabulary: Chapter 1 Presumptous-pg. 2 Insomniac pg. 3

Cowlick pg. 9 Carousing pg. 12 Oblivious pg. 21 Sashaying pg. 32 Recoil pg. 32 Chapters 2 & 3 12. They did not want anyone to see them beat Rosaleen. 13. She wanted to escape T-Rays abuse and save Rosaleen. 14. She had been taken to the hospital to get stitches. 15. She told them there was an emergency at the police station and that the cops were needed. 16. Her mother had been there and people there had cared about her (Deborah).

17. The spent the night under a bridge by a creek. 18. She saw a honey jar with the Black Mary picture on it. 19. It came from August Boatwright. 20. She stole it. Vocabulary Chapters 2, 3 & 4

Brazen (pg. 38) Pious (pg. 44) Blaspheme (pg. 44) Speculating (pg. 63) Consternation (pg. 64) Corrugated (pg. 71) Meander (pg. 80) Chapter 5 Consolation (pg. 82) Ambrosia (pg. 84)

Bona Fide (pg. 85) Bristled (pg. 86) Righteous (pg. 87) Indignation (pg. 87) Immunity (pg. 92) Chapters 4 & 5 21.It was the color of Pepto Bismol. 22.Her sisters May and June lived with her. 23.It is a garage next to the house which held the honey making machines. 24.She discovers a stone wall with pieces of paper stuffed in its crevices (cracks). 25.She hums Oh, Susannah! 26.She hits it off (gets along) with May. 27.June wasnt friendly; she was suspicious of them/their story. 28.The Wailing Wall was the stone wall in the back yard; May would write down her troubles on pieces of paper and stuff them into the wall August and June got the idea from the Jews and the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.

29.April was Mays twin sister. She (April) took her own life. Chapters 6 & 7 30.Broke them 31.Touch its chest or heart 32.It fills their hearts with fearlessness. 33.Touch the Lady of Chainss heart 34.Become a lawyer 35.When the weather turns hot, the flowers dry up and the bees suck juice from the elderberries 36.Marriage 37.Zach 38.A notebook (journal) green w/rosebuds Vocabulary Chapters 6, 7, & 8

Ingenious pg. 104 Deliverance pg. 107 Solace pg. 109 Incessantly pg. 120 Consignment pg. 125 High-caliber pg. 137 Kamikaze pg. 151 Vocabulary Chapters 9 & 10

Magnitude pg. 172 Cunning pg. 173 Crevice pg. 176 Vigil - pg. 200 Induction pg. 206 Catacombs pg. 206 Taffeta pg. 211 Chapters 11 & 14 Dillydallying pg. 214 Sauntered pg. 224

Taunting pg. 239 Demoralized pg. 286 Melancholy -pg. 287 Resolve pg. 298 Perpetually pg. 301 Chapters 8 & 9 39. Excused them from house chores, let them eat all their favorite foods and stay up 1 hr. later 40. Peanuts in their Cokes 41. She was a housekeeper and then teaching history 42. May picked it out 43. What does the H in Jesus H. Christ stand for? 44. T-Ray 45. Do you know what my favorite color is? 46. Lily hosed June with the sprinkler.

47. Creates a highway of graham crackers and marshmallows 48. Her mother did the same thing 49. She (Deborah) had been there before 50. He got arrested 51. It would be too much for her 52. Zachs mother; Zach was in jail 53. The wall Chapters 10 & 11 54.She went to the stream/creek; she drowned herself. 55.If she looks good, maybe we ought to put her on display in the drive by window at the funeral home. 56.Think about how happy she is; she was tired of her illness. 57.She decides to marry Neil.

58.Williams 59.The sound from Mays mouth a long bubbling sigh 60.The charges were dropped after the girl at the theater finally told the police which one of the boys threw the bottle. 61.Feast of Assumption Mary visiting up to heaven Chapters 12-14 62. Mary being presented with a lily by the angel Gabriel. 63. She was her nanny. 64. Deborahs imaginary friend when she was a child. 65. She was pregnant. 66. She left her behind when she came to Tiburon. 67. Honey 68. Some of Deborahs belongings: pocket mirror, hairbrush, whale pin, black book (journal) and picture of Lily and her mom

69. She drew into herself and went to the stream/creek alone. 70. To register to vote 71. To the white high school 72. It is a whale 73. T-Ray 74. The cluster of beehives 75.The worker bees will lay drone eggs 76.Our lady is not some magical being; she is something inside of you 77.He traces the collect phonecall Lily made from Mr. Claytons office 78.He shook his head and looked around. 79.Lily yells and calls him Daddy. 80.She was staying with August.

81.The daughters of Mary 82.Lily 83.Gold and brown; tall; it outdid every hat shed ever made 84.Mr. Claytons daughter 85.Nigger lovers because they sat with Zach 86.The mothers that she now has are like moons shining over her.

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